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The Grand Soufriere Sulphur Springs gets hundreds of visitors every month from all over the world. Most of the people who visit the Sulphur Springs is there only to take advantage of the healing properties of the Sulphur deposit in the newly structured bathing pools at the bottom of the Soufriere valley. A lot them are unaware of the Grand Soufriere Sulphur Spring Trail.




This attractive walk takes you between the villages of Tete Morne and Gallion via a large area of Sulphur Springs, 2.5 mile east of the village of Soufriere. Visitors can also start the trail by driving to Grand Bay (east side of the island), and then go up a hill to the viewpoint at the top of Tete Morne from which a small but easy path descends in the Soufriere bay.

Just like most of the visitors, Lydia and I was only interested in getting a view of the Soufriere Valley and Sulfur Springs. If you’re up to the challenge and would love to see the spectacular view from the heights of Soufriere, be ready to climb a very long narrow path up the mountain. The hike is a winding trail that has hundreds of stairs made from tree husks. It’s a very long and because hot deposits everywhere, it’s hot and humid, you work up a sweat right away.

When we finally get to the top of the mountain, the only thing I wanted to do was to sit down, relax and enjoy the spectacular view of the Soufriere Valley and the Caribbean Sea. (Damn, it’s beautiful up there) 🙂




On our way back down from the mountain, we discovered this incredible natural hot spring pool flowing with warm sugar water. The water so comforting, I could just sit there for hours while warm water just runs over my body, but unfortunately we had to leave because it was beginning to get dark and it’s difficult to walk the trail then.

If you’re planning to visit the Soufriere Sulphur spring soon, bathing in the hot spring is definitely a must do, but until you do… here are some photos for your enjoyment.



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