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Dominica weekly is a personal weblog about the nature island of Dominica.

scenes from Dominica hike fest 2010

Hike Fest in May, a series of events for hikers and outdoors fanatics from around the world can come discover why Dominica is referred to as the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean

Hikefest is also part of Dominica’s Tourism Awareness Month, organized by Discover Dominica Authority, Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association and the Ministry of Tourism.

This year’s festival highlights the upcoming Waitukubuli National Trail, which upon completion will be the first walking trail to traverse the entire Caribbean island.

What a better way to start Hikefest 2010 than with a moderate hike through the Carib Territory – Salybia to Pagua Bay. A distance of 15km.

This gentle hike offers an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of Carib culture and history by taking ancient trail. Some of the attractions along the way include, Carib Territory, Kalinago Barana Aute (Carib Model Village) and Horseback Ridge.

photo of Carib house in Dominica

There are also numerous breathtaking views, and intriguing Kalinago Myths throughout this varied terrain. Our Kalinago guide Prosper Paris was very knowledgeable, which added a bit of authenticity and humor.

collage with images of Dominica east coast

The hike lasted about four hours, afterwards we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Royal Hatton in the elegant and historic Silks Luxury Hotel, where they served up delicious lunches and cold Kubuli beers. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Beautiful hike, wonderful people, nice sunny (a bit humid at times) day. Just couldn’t be better.


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view of soufriere village in Dominica

Unlike the first hike of Hikefest 2009 – the Chemin Letang trail, where it rained for 3 hours straight, the Morne Vert Loop from Soufriere and ended at Soufriere Sulphur Springs was definitely one of the better hikes I’ve been on for quiet awhile.

The weather conditions on the day was ideal for hiking; not too hot but still clear enough to catch some spectacular views.

Morne Vert is located near the south coast of the island and the Soufriere Sulphur Springs.The area has an abundance of geological, as well as cultural history. A perfect example is the Bois Cotellete plantation is one of the oldest estates on the island, which dates back to 1700’s.The ruins are still there. Also apart of trail is the Palmiste Estate – an ancient track which was used by Kalinago Indians.

From the summit of Morne vert the trail continues down into the village of Tete Morne where there are breathtaking views down to Soufriere village. From the opposite side, you can see much of the south coast of Dominica- for example Grand Bay, etc

Hikers Note: Morne Vert Loop trail has been designated an intermediate level of difficulty hike.The terrain varies at time and can be quite steep in certain areas. Climate can be very hot and dry in this location and the smell of sulphur can be strong at times in some areas on trail.

Will I trek Morne Vert Loop Again?

To be honest, I will do this hike again any day of the week – that’s how much I’ve fallen in love with the trail and the southern part of the island.

So whether you’re an avid hiker or someone who is just starting out, the Morne Vert Loop trial has something interesting for every outdoor lover.

Here are images and short video from the trial, enjoy!

historic mill in Dominica

hikers on the morne vert loop trail

Dominica hikers

bois cotellete plantation


 view of grandbay village

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