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Today mosquitoes have gotten a lot scarier. Travelers should be more aware of all the mosquito-borne diseases that they could catch right now.

There are the ones you can get immunized against (like Yellow Fever), and like with Malaria you can get prescribe medication to prevent it. Yet, there are lots that you can’t generally avert with medications – like dengue fever, West Nile infection, Chikungunya, and now Zika infection.

Zika can bring about microcephaly in children whose moms gets infected, and it can likewise be sexually-transmitted. Which makes it that much more alarming.

So how would you abstain from something that is found in such a variety of parts of the world? In the case were you’re pregnant or attempting to get pregnant, you should stay -away locations where Zika infection is known not found.

There is only one way to prevent getting Zika or any mosquito-borne diseases – is don’t get feast upon by mosquitoes. The next two best options are: 1. get the immunizations you can (i.e. Yellow Fever), and 2. invest in some preventive items that will make it hard for mosquitoes to get to you.

Below are a list of some simple things you could use to avoid mosquito bites:

  • Mosquito repellentsLike DEET-based repellent (DEET is seemingly the best in repulsing mosquitoes). There’s also some Natural insect repellent that utilizes lemon and eucalyptus oils, and it doesn’t contain any dreadful chemicals. Try Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent.
  • Non-spray bug repellents – like mosquito-repellent cream, wristbands, and repellent wipes.
  • Bug-repellent clothing – ExOfficio Bugsaway Damselfly mosquito-repellent Jacket and pants. And if you’re looking for more protection, you might as well get the Mosquito head net.
  • Lastly, a buy you own Mosquito net.
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    In my last post I talked about why boys don’t read, and how girls are more likely to put a book and read.

    One of the problems I believe that’s plaguing many boys around the Caribbean, is a lack of attention-span. Boys tend to have very short attention span compare to girls, which makes it difficult for them to enjoy reading.

    The video below talks about how anyone can develop a super memory, and likewise increase their attention-span.

    Tony Buzan is a leading expert on the brain and learning, and was founder of the World Memory Championships. In this video he talks about overcoming the common problems that people have with memory, and using your memory power to its full potential.

    Step 1.Analyse the problems you have with memory

    Think about the kind of situations where you often forget. Analyse what’s going wrong, and set goals for how you want to improve your memory.

    Step 2.Use associations to help you remember

    When trying to remember something, link it to something you will remember easily. The brain remembers better when using association and links.

    Step 3.Use images to help you remember

    Your brain is more likely to remember things if you link them to something visual. The memory works more effectively when it uses images.

    Exams: How To Develop A Super Memory

    I’m curious – what are some other ways to boost brain power and develop a super memory? Tell us in the comments.

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