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Tonight Luida and I went to Subway to try one of their sandwiches. Subway three weeks ago opened their second outlet in Dominica,the first being at Ross University. Guess we Dominicans are alike all, the idea of driving all the way to Portsmouth for an overprice sandwich…is not so cool 🙁 So the only option was to open an outlet in the capital city Roseau.

Night View

Subway Dlca Outside View

What makes Subway so great I’m not sure! Maybe because everything is made fresh, unlike KFC and McDonald’s process foods. I guess tonight is the night to find out.

Waiting Line

Subway inside view

The waiting area is not that big nor is the whole restaurant, for the few minutes I stood in the line I could observe the line stretching way back. On a busy day the restaurant could get fill very easy, that’s why most customers order their sandwiches to go.

Place your Order

Place your order

Couldn’t decide my order; so many subs to choose from…should I go ahead the Subway Melt which has Turkey breast, Ham, Bacon, cheese and standard veggie. Or the Italian B.M.T Sub.This menu is a bit intimidating.

Italian B.M.T

Italian B.M.T Subway Sandwich

Finally, I went with the Italian B.M.T Sandwich, comes with Pepperoni, Genoa Salami and Ham.

Pay there

Subway Cashier

All in all the Italian B.M.T is a great tasting sandwich, but the bread is a bit to soft for my liking, and a little too pricey for my part. The B.M.T will set you back EC$21.50 for a foot-long or EC$10.75 for the 6 inch size. Next time maybe I will try the Subway Melt – which comes with turkey beast, Ham and Bacon. And only set you back Ec$19.00 or Ec12.50 for the 6 inch or there always the popular Tuscan Chicken sandwich. On a price stand point, its a bit to expensive and takes out the meaning of value meal. For example the foot-long sub cost on an average $20.00ecd plus drinks $7.00ecd. On average you will send $27.00(US$10.00) I was still hungry after sharing the sandwich with liuda.

Subway is located on the corner of Kennedy Avenue and Independence street, on the same street with Perkys Pizza coming into town. So if you’re in Roseau …try a sub …besides the high prices it’s much healthy than eating KFC. 🙂

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