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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

brandy manor guest house in Dominica

Brandy Manor is a family owned Guesthouse, not just a restaurant, which caters to nature lovers, and especially horse lovers. Travelbarefoot dot Com website, which houses information about Brandy Manor Vacation packages directs you to horseback riding “nearby” but now Jasmine the owner has her own horses at Brandy Manor.

Brandy Manor is close to Portsmouth, on the road leading to Melville Hall Airport. It isn’t easy to find. Look for a very steep cement drive descending on the right side of the road before you reach the “S” curve lined by royal palms. Head down that drive and cross the concrete bridge over a creek at the bottom and then just keep going down the dirt track, which gets rough just before you reach Brandy Manor on the left. It has an iron gate and a sign.

The ambiance is lovely, boosted by Jasmine’s gardening. When you go, ask to wash your hands – the bathroom is done up in shells and quite a sight to see. You’ll enjoy the sound of the Brandy River, unless you’re there at night where the sound of the generator drowns it out. Jasmine has a CD collection that helps overcome the generator noise. There are also a few musical instruments around and if you bring yours you may be able to strike up an impromptu jam session.

The food at Brandy Manor is quite good, but in this writer’s experience, not worth the price. Prices are high at Brandy Manor. They appear low on the web site, but they are per person, so double them for a couple.

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