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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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There’s a spiral of comments circulating around the internet about how former President Bill Clinton travel to North Korea and was able to convince the North Korean President Kim Jong-il to release the two US Journalists who were sentenced to 12 years of hard labour.

This reminds me of a similar situation some years ago, when three Dominican students studying in Cuba were sentenced to lengthy prison terms on drug related charges.

And with proper communication, dialogue, and diplomacy Prime Minister Skerrit was able to convinced the Cuban President to pardon the students and send them home.

Can you believe that there are some Americans who are asking: Should he have gone at all? Is this a first step to diplomacy with a new Pyongyang or did Mr Clinton’s visit only reward North Korea’s bad behaviour?

===========My Opinion===========

I personally don’t see how this could be a bad. Clinton rescued two innocent US citizens and opened dialogue with North Korea. Communication, dialogue, and diplomacy is always preferable to war, isn’t it? Hats off to Mr. Bill Clinton, a true Diplomatic HERO.

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