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Simple Sentences in Creole
What is your name? Sa ki non’w?
My name is Paul Nom mwen se` Paul
What is your age? Sa ki laj ou?
I am twenty years old. Mwen ni ven nannè
Good Day, Sir Bonn apwé midi
Good night Paul Bon Swé, Paul
What is your nationality? Ou sé moun hód ki péyi?
I’m a Dominican Mon sé yon sent Dominican
What do you want? Ki sa ou vié?
I want a drink. Mon vié yon bwé.
I am thirsty. Mon Swéf.
Give me some water, please. Ba mon tibwen glo souplé
I am hungry. Mon fen.
I am not hungry Mon pa fen.
I am going to eat my food Mon ka alé manjé manjé mon.
Where are you going? Wéla ou ka alé?
I am going to the market. Mon ka alé an laplas-la.
Where can I find a church Wela mon sa tape yon légliz?
Today is a beautiful day. Jódi sé yon bél jou.
It is raining Lapli ka tonbé.
It is very hot today. I byen cho jódi.
How much is it? Kouma pou sa?
I have no money Mon pa ni lajan.
Good day Bon Jou
Where is the toilet? Oti pwivi la
Thank you Mes
Goodbye Ovwa
How are you? Sa ka fete?
Months of the Year in Creole
January Janvyé
February Fevwiyé
March Mas
April avwi
May mé
June jen
July jwiyé
August awou
September sèptanm
October òktòb
November novanm
December désanm

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