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The possible influence that Hugh Chavez (president of Venezuela), might have on the outcome of the next general election should be something every that Dominicans should be concern about.

The same way Mr. Chavez allegedly did in Argentina and in some of the other Latin American countries; he will inject funds into the election to influence the outcome in the best interest of the ‘Petro Caribe Agreement.’

What many Dominican don’t realize that from this Petro Caribe deal, by the time our children and grand children become adults they will owe Chavez billions of dollars.


Look around Dominica…look carefully, the government is yet to invest in any type business venture. A large majority of the money they’ve received has gone only in community projects around Dominica.

Now, I’m not saying that these community projects are not needed. What’s going to happen when it’s time to payback to Venezuela its 2% interest; when we’ve invested a large sum of the money in community projects and not small businesses?

At that time Chavez can dictate to Skerrit and the other Caribbean leaders as much as America has been accused of doing.

But Chavez is not the only political broker in the business of influencing the outcome of Dominica’s political future. In the coming months, as the date of the elections draws near, China, and Taiwan are forfeiting their positions for they’re called upon for help.

As I mention my post ‘Money and Its Influence on the Next General Election‘ – in our permissive Dominican society most people will see nothing wrong with accepting political contributions from these political Brokers, who’s only interested is their personal agendas.

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After thirty years of Diplomatic relations between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Dominica, many Dominicans are still unsure of the true nature of the alliance.

That uneasiness was made more acute, after the nation listen to President Chavez speech during his last visit to Dominica – Chavez repeated many time that Dominicans and Venezuelans are one people, one nation, and that Africa and Europe are no longer the motherland – Venezuela is the Motherland.

Regardless of Chavez’s agenda, his overtures have to be viewed in the current context of rising prices of commodities , such as food and oil, and economic reality of the region. Nevertheless, few persons doubt that Chavez is using the oil wealth of Venezuela in other to establish closer relations with the Caribbean.

In my opinion, the difficulty with this situation is that many Dominicans have focused narrowly on the lavish developmental aid of Chavez than focusing on the fundamental issue at hand: do we support Chavez’s ideology and his vision of the motherhood of Latin American and the Caribbean.

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mugabe cartoonImage

Editor’s note:This is a guest post from Danielle Edwards – a Literature and History student and an aspiring Journalist.

What an uncanny coincidence that this week’s posts have all been laced with political themes! Perhaps it’s the inadvertent consequence of the omnipresent political influence of our global leaders. We just can’t seem to get away from their decisions on the type of food we eat, our energy sources, matters of education and even our domestic lifestyle.

You must have noticed that politicians- from France to Latin America – all seem to share common characteristics. In fact it is cliché that: ‘all politicians are the same’. If you ever attempt to defend a politician, I dare say you would be ‘putting your hands in fire’.

There are 5 things you should know about all politicians. I’m no astrologer, so expect exceptions. But don’t be surprised if there are none.

1.‘Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason’. ~Author Unknown

The name Robert Mugabe comes to mind. He liberated Zimbabwe in the name of freedom- once dominated by racist and oppressive White people. Through his leadership, it became the ‘bread basket of Africa’. Today, he’s still in control, uniting with thugs to persecute the opposition- and one U.S. dollar is worth $ 54217199510 Zimbabwe Dollars.

After all, diapers- unlike pampers- can be used after washing. In other words, I’m not suggesting that we do away with any politician for good- but leaders certainly need to be made aware of the fact that they can and should be replaced from time to time- something they often forget.

2.Politicians don’t believe in loyalty- but they can only survive with yours.

Don’t be surprised if the most principled politicians you’ve ever met switch party allegiance to suit their means. They may proclaim to be the most ethical, decent and god-like creatures you’ll ever meet. But when power hits the palate, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Power isn’t like a drug. It IS a drug. And it’s addictive. Some people will do anything for drugs, and a politician will consider doing almost anything for power. So next time you dare to put your TRUST in a politician, think twice. Some of us can’t trust our girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters, parents, in-laws, classmates we’ve known for 10 years or even our children. So why are we so willing to trust politicians?

Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party. ~Winston Churchill

Churchill knew what he was talking about. He was a politician too.

3.A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation. ~James Freeman Clarke, Sermon

Whether he’s doing good or bad, a politician is always thinking of the next election. Bill and Hillary Clinton have shown the world just how much foresight lies within our politicians. Even when they can’t run for the next general election, they’re paving the way for their wives and political cronies to win. That way, the well never runs dry.

So next time you’re about to believe a politician who promises to fix all your country’s problems during his next term in office, remember that it’s in his interest to fix none of those problems when elected. If there are no problems left to be fixed, there will be no need for any more politicians.

4.In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant. ~Charles de Gaulle

Somehow, I’ve always had this ridiculous notion that a good politician should be a servant to his people- not a ‘head’ or ‘master’ or ‘chief’ or ‘lord’. And maybe if more people felt the way I do- and didn’t lionize and idolize politicians, or clap for every single thing they said, or praise and adore them, or request that they fulfill their ‘visions’ and ‘dreams’ and do us favours and miracles, instead of jobs- they would probably act the part of a humble servant too.

I firmly believe that if we don’t treat politicians like they are any ‘greater than us’, they will inevitably have difficulty acting like they are. We have, I fear, confused power with greatness. ~Stewart Udall

5.Politicians are supposed to pull the wool over our eyes.

Have you ever wondered how Germans living 65 years ago could declare that they were oblivious to the fact that over 6 million of their neighbours were being forced into concentrations camps and crushed in gas chambers overnight? Or why politicians are always so opposed to the media?

They’re supposed to trick us. It can be mathematically explained:

Knowledge = Power

Politicians + All the Knowledge = Politicians with All the Power

But luckily, God gave us eyes to see through politicians, ears to hear the lies, noses to smell a rat, tongues to taste the sweetness of democracy and bitterness of oppression, a brain to think for ourselves… and hands to vote.


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