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In light of three gruesome murders last week, as well an unmistakable increase in violent, drug-related crimes, we in Dominica must be aware of not reaching that tipping point where crime would outstrips the capacity of the police and the lives of law-abiding citizens are change dramatically.

Unfortunately, evidence is emerging that there is a growing culture of violence in Dominica that appears to be directly linked to the illegal drugs trade. No one needs to be told what lies further down this road; the uncontrollable state of crime in certain Caribbean nations is well known. Fortunately for us here in Dominica, there is still time to reverse this growing tend if the government, the police force and all other stakeholders take meaningful action now.

The Dominica Police Force has served the island well, up to this point. I have every reason to believe that the lawmen are well aware that in order to fight against the drugs trade and associated evils worldwide, But in order for us to successfully cut down on the amount of illicit drugs on the island there must be a change in the area of intelligence gathering and surveillance by our policemen.

It is extremely encouraging to see that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is fully aware of the importance of the against the illicit drugs trade and has taken steps to strengthen the police force with experienced law enforcement professional form the Diaspora.

If these lawmen can resist the drug trade so forceful that it drives up drug dealer’s risks and costs; just maybe these drug dealers will shift their operators to places where it is easier and cheaper for them to do business.

But will this prevent Dominica from reaching the tipping point with regard to violent crime on the island?

Let’s hear your opinion in the comments below.

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