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So Who do I love, and what are you doing about it?

When someone dies (I just found out few days ago that a friend of mine who was in Brazil working on a new set for the reality TV Show Survivor drown after he and some friends went swimming in a lake, so I’ve been thinking about this a lot), you realize that you never know how much time you have with the people you love. They can go at any time — as can you. And so you must make the most of this time.

Here is some advice – I pray that you give it some serious thought.

If you aren’t spending time with the people you love, change that. If you are holding a chip on your shoulder against a family member, let it go and reconcile. If you’ve done something to hurt a loved one, ask for forgiveness – it does make you less of a man or woman. Drop the pride, and make up. If you haven’t seen someone in awhile, call them now to set up a date and find out how they’re doing.

I won’t try to tell you what to do before you die … but in the next few days I will suggest some questions to figure out how to live … right now. Each and every day. Because you never know how much time you have left, and trying to cram a list of things into that unknown time can be pointless. Instead, live every day to the fullest. Get the most out of life.

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