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Not only is Middleham Falls a marvelous work of nature, cascading off a rainforest ridge and falling perhaps 150 to 200 feet into a tranquil blue swimmable pool, but also Dominica has done itself proud by making a nice, clean, comfortable trail-head facility and a remarkably well-made and well-maintained trail into the falls that made the hike reasonable even for this 70-year-old.

It is access, after all, that makes the nature most enjoyable, and Dominica can be justifiably proud of the job it has done with its presentation of Middleham Falls. The pathway was graveled and its steps were all in place.

There were solid bridges and railings where necessary, and we saw signs of trail markings repainted so recently that some paint drops were still on plant leaves. Great job!

middleham falls in Dominica

To get to the trail entrance we used (there are others) follow the road from Roseau to Laudat. Before reaching Laudat you’ll see a large prominent sign on your left. The trailhead facility, with rain shelter, large sign maps giving clear directions (and the trail is well signposted too, and has rest benches) is about ¼ mile down the drivable track. Go, and enjoy Middleham Falls.

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