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Dominica weekly is a personal weblog about the nature island of Dominica.

Oscar Winning Documentary the cove

At the 2010 Academy Awards held in the United States on Sunday Night, a very important event occurred which directly involves Dominica.

The movie which captured the Best Feature Documentary called “THE COVE” – which follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, shining a light on a dark and deadly secret.

THE COVE featured Dominica as an island with special interest in protecting the world’s oceans and all species within.

The Nature Island image of Dominica was brought to the forefront due to this film whose reach has impacted as far as Japan.

Environmentalist, Atherton Martin believes this film which will be shown for the first time in Dominica on Thursday March 11th from 7 pm at the Harlem Plaza, comes at an opportune time as Dominica will again be called to vote for or against matters of preservation and conservation.

THE COVE will be shown free of charge, and everyone is invited to an open viewing of this critically acclaimed film.

THE COVE Trailer

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Take a look at this wonderful production created and directed by Pierre Deschamps of Zoom Film Company. The short film showcases the life of a Dominican Rasta man and natural simplicity of his life.

Nom tèw means Man of the soil in Créole and this is precisely who the main character of this 7 1/2 minutes short film is.

Jerry Makawest is a rastaman living in harmony with mother nature, Working hard to make his living.

This humble man knows everything about nature, the soil, the rivers and the sea and use it every day with respect. He takes from the soil and gives back in return.

This man would be a good ambassador and advisor for our government in this time of environment trouble. Enjoy!

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Update: Since I last posted this information about the different Eco-Escape Resorts and Adventure Tours in Dominica. Many Travel and Adventure publications have reviewed Dominica in their magazines and different Eco travel website. Dominica is slowly becoming one the top eco-tourism destination in the world. So are you in need of abit adventure, come discover Dominica and defy the everyday.

Here are some of the Eco-Resorts and Adventure Tours I strongly recommend that everyone should experience on the island.

Jungle Bay Resort & Spa

Since opening in March of 2005 Jungle Bay has attracted travel writers from many leading publications such as Healing Lifestyles & Spas Magazine, Outside Magazine and Men’s Journal.

The project’s overall concept, architectural design & planning, construction techniques and operating philosophy were the brainchild of Samuel (Sam) Raphael. Jungle is base on a principle of fostering social and economic development in a developing rural economy while preserving and enhancing the culture and the natural environment. Jungle Bay site was purchased in 1997 and entails 55 acres of beautiful scenery. The architectural design, permitting and project financing phase lasted until August 2000 when physical construction began. Jungle Bay is truly an Eco traveler’s paradise and an Exotic getaway. Not only to tourist, but also Dominican nationals as well. For this reason Dominica weekly gives Jungle Bay four thumbs up. On site/ Off Site Activities -Yoga – Spa Treatments – Mountain Biking – Snorkeling – Sea Kayaking – Hiking Wedding Escape and Honeymoon Escape packages are available.

There are some other great Eco Resorts and Adventure Tours in Dominica.

Papillote wilderness Retreat

Description:A small secluded Inn perched at the head of a sun-filled valley on a verdant mountain slope in the heart of Dominica’s rainforest wilderness

Location: Trafalgar – Near the Trafalgar Falls
Tel: 767 448 2287
Email: [email protected]

3 Rivers Eco Lodge

3 Rivers is a small Green Globe certified eco lodge set in a lush rainforest valley, surrounded by pristine rivers, in unspoiled eastern Dominica.

Location: Newfoundland Estates, Rosalie
Tel: 767 446 1886
Email: [email protected]

Habitation Chabert- Now known as the Silks Hotel

An authentic 17th century mansion tucked away in Tropical grounds with luxuriant and well tended vegetation, lulled by the murmurings of the Pagua River and the Pagua Bay, rustling of the travelers’ trees, the river and the pool provides a haven of peace and coolness.

Location: Hatton Garden, Marigot
Tel: 767 445 8846
Email: [email protected]

Adventure Tours

Rain Forest Aerial Trams

Eco-adventure Tours, Birding, Eco –Learning, Aerials Tram Rides

Office: #4 castle Street, 1st floor, Roseau, Dominica
Tel: 767 448 8775
Email: [email protected]

Wacky Rollers – Wave

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Office: #8 Fort Lane, Roseau, Dominica
Tel: 767 440 4386
Email: [email protected]

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