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It’s not often that you will find me writing an article about any particular product; but I was so impressed by this product I felt that everyone should learn about it.

The product I’m referring to is Exquisite Treasures Natural Soaps. I’m really happy to have tried Exquisite Treasures Gloricida (Gliricida-Kakawate) soap after our six-month-old son developed some type of skin rash on his arms, and I can’t say enough about this soap – it really works for him.

Exquisite Treasures soaps (Gloricida or Aloe) are our favorite soaps to put in our son’s bath, and they’ve become our favorite soaps too. They contain lye, aloe vera, herbal extracts, and oils. It really does make his skin feel soft and smell so clean and fresh!

Exquisite Treasures Natural soaps

Many people don’t realize this but natural soaps doesn’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils which means your skin is left feeling softer and smoother compared to dry and itchy when using commercial bars of soap. We also learned that using natural soaps do not contain animal fats so they cut down on the soap scum you will find in your shower and bath if you are using commercial soaps.

The pros are obvious. It is better for the environment, better for your skin, better for your clothes, and it’s made right here in Dominica; so I don’t mind paying that extra three dollars for a lifetime of benefits. What about you?

For more information about Exquisite Treasures Soaps, call 1(767) 446 4571 / 278 0868, or email [email protected]

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While checking-out the different booths at Creole in the park – Wednesday, I came across this very talented artist. Virginia Peter who owns a small start-up art company called Art Natur-el, which specializes in unique botanical art – Inspired by nature, crafted with elegance. Get this…all the art are hand-made utilizing materials provided by Mother Nature. Virginia uses actual plant parts and other naturally occurring materials in their natural colors. Art Natur-El caters for a wide range of artistic tastes, from minimalist to very detailed.



Art Natur-El: Framed Art

Art Natur-El elegant framed art is ideal for enhancing ambiance, and is great for any living or work space including homes, office, boardroom, and consultation room, among others. And it’s definitely a great gift idea for any occasion – for wedding anniversaries or moving to a new home. In keep with Art Natur-El look, each piece is finished with a wooden frame which complements the natural tones and materials used.


Art Natur-El: Art-on-a-Bookmark

Virginia has also created Art-on-a-Bookmark, where she designed unique pieces of art that’s fully functional and durable as regular bookmark. A great gift suitable for any type relationship or occasion, and also a fantastic memento of time spent in Dominica. Sorry I don’t have photos to show.

You’re maybe asking – how can I get my hands on one these pieces, and what’s the cost? Well, presently the company website ( is under construction and will be launching the site live near the end of 2008. If you can’t wait till launch of the site and need to get more information about Art Natur-El, you can send your emails [email protected] attn: Virginia Peter or call 1(767) 615 7202. As for the cost, the framed Art you might set you back between EC$150.00 – 500.00 depending on the level of detail in the piece. The Art-in-a-Bookmark goes for EC$ 26.00 or US$10.00.

Art Natur-El pieces are truly refreshing, and create an exotic union of nature and elegance.

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