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Forbes list of richest people showed that even the rich are affected by the current financial state. 793 people made the list compared to last years 1,125 billionaires. 355 people fell off the list due to their fortunes loss,and 18 people died.

The last time the list had more people drop off than be added was in 2003. The average net worth of the billionaires also fell 23% down to $3 billion. Bill Gates beat Warren Buffet this year to take back the number 1 spot, after losing $18 billion.

The person who lost the most was Anil Ambani who lost 76% of his net worth which was in Reliance Communications, Reliance Power, and Reliance Capital. 29 other Indian’s lost their status due to India’s stock market.

Can someone clarify this to me? Explain to me like I was a 4-year-old, because I just can’t figure it out.

If the world’s richest people are losing their money, where is it all going? I’d figure that would lead to a more even spread of money between poorer people around the world, but that’s not the case. So again, what happens to all that money? I’m listening!

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