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Dominica weekly is a personal weblog about the nature island of Dominica.


Today is Monday, December 17. Tomorrow we depart from our home in Massachusetts at 4:00AM to catch the first leg of flights that will land us at Melville Hall Airport about 11 hours later. Because we love the Nature Island and the many, many warm people and wonderful friends we’ve made in Dominica, we’re always glad to make the trip. But especially in this time of the year, when we also can enjoy a respite from New England’s harsh winter.

The temperature outside this morning is 14ºF and the snow is piled up. Here’s the walk from our house to the street.We had a 10” snowstorm last Thursday, and another one last night, as you can see from this yardstick measurement:


At the end of last night’s storm, we had accumulating mist, which at sub-freezing temperatures, created a rock-hard coating of ice. Ice makes it impossible to get our car up the driveway even after a snow-blower has cleared the driveway unless we first coat the driveway with ashes or sand for traction (using salt would kill our gardens in the spring melt). I’m reminded of the children’s nursery rhyme line “ashes, ashes, or we’ll all fall down”. Our driveway looks like this:


As a matter of fact, I needed to use special grip devices called “Yak Trax” on my shoes in order to be able to stand on the driveway ice and spread the ashes. Without them I would have slid down the driveway and might have fallen and hurt myself. Yak Trax are steel springs over stretchable rubber straps.


In summer the trees would have leaves and bushes would too, and you would not be able to see to the white area in the woods. That area is snow on top of ice on the lake.This trip is our final vacation in Dominica, for a 4-week stay. The next time we arrive later in 2008 it will be to live in Calibishie in retirement. Dominica, here we come!

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