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Firstly, I would like to thank Simone Senhouse over at CaiVideos for giving me the heads up on the first ever Dominica International Conference which was held in New York on April 25.

The conference drew hundreds of participants with thousands following the proceedings, which was carried live by Q95 FM over the internet via audio and video.

Organized under the progress and unity banner, participants heard from a group of distinguished panelists from the Diaspora including Shirley Allan, Dr. Sam Christian, Gabriel Christian, Thomson Fontaine, Ken Vital, Hendrix Pierre and Lennox Linton. With regards to economic development the conference focused on the need to harness Dominica’s renewable and natural resources including geothermal energy, water resources and fertile agricultural land for the advancement of the Dominican people.

Here are some video highlights from the first ever Dominica International Conference:

Mr. Gabrielle Christian – Speaking on how we can each play a part in making Dominica Successful.

Dr. Thomson Fontaine – Speaking on what we have to offer as Dominicans at home and in the Diaspora.

Mr. Lennox Linton – Speaking on the right to Free Press in Dominica.

Find more videos like this on

The conference was organized under the banner of Unity and Progress for Development. Persons are encouraged to visit to register their support and to be a part of continuing to work towards Dominica’s development.

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Over at BBC, is an ongoing discussion on the issue of Tax Havens in the Caribbean and the new financial systems proposed by the G20 countries.

The world’s leading economies – the G20 – have offshore financial centres in their sights as one of the agenda items at their Thursday Summit.

Britain’s Gordon Brown and Australia’s Kevin Rudd are proposing a new global financial system in the bid to tackle the global financial downturn. Both prime ministers have suggested that the new system should be based on the moral values of hard work, honesty and fairness.

Offshore centres across the Caribbean have responded indicating their level of transparency and some complaining about a scapegoat exercise at the G20.

Here are some of the Issues faced by Tax Havens in the Caribbean:

  • Is a new banking system required?
  • Should there be more scrutiny of offshore financial centres?
  • Do financial centres in developed countries also have to open up their books more?
  • Without financial centres, what do the relevant countries do instead?
  • Who defines a “tax haven”?

==============My Personal Opinion==============

Personally, I believe the tax havens in the Caribbean are being used as scapegoats for the failings of the other financial centers while New York and London protected their own financial environment. If anyone has to be blamed – all hands should be pointing at America and the former Bush administration – fighting two unnecessary wars and running a financial sector totally on credit. GIVE ME BREAK!

Have your say about the new financial system proposed by the G20 countries in the comments below.

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Dominica labour supportor

A Labour supporter, after the results of the elections…Go reds!

Your Dominica morning news roundup for Tuesday September 23th 2008:

Opposition leader Hon. Ron Green is lamenting that there is no change in the present economic strain on consumers on the issue of overpriced foodstuffs, since the DLP has taken no initiative to implement a price control system in Dominica. Question to PM Skerrit: Why is it so difficult for a price control to be established when there is such a dire need for it?

In press conference last week, Minister of National Security Mr. Rayburn Blackmoore addressed the public on the issue of ever-increasing violence in Dominica. However, the question arises on multiple occasions, is the problem targeted at the source? According to numerous callers on the hot seat (a popular radio talk show), the preponderance of criminal activity are the common practices of young persons.

PM Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit is currently leading a four member delegation to the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and while there the PM will address Dominicans in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, September 27, 2008.

We end this morning brew with Dominica’s Queen Miss Marah Walter who walked with the crown as the new Miss Caribbean World 2008. Winning best swimwear, best talent, best Evening Wear, best Costume and was also awarded Miss Popularity. Yet another reason to be proud of our Carnival Queen Marah Walter and our beauty island Dominica

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