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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


photo:The Ferry from Roseau to Fort-de-France by Jean & Nathalie

Your Dominica Morning news roundup for Wednesday September 10th, 2008:

It was rumoured early this week that that Digicel’s Rising Star, Tarina Simon, is having complications in obtaining the promised recording contract. After singing her way through the hearts of the judges and the many fans and supporters, Ms. Simon is expecting to receive what was promised.

Consumers against high utility rates CAHUR is gearing up for a protest action against DOMLEC and Government in an effort to bring relief to consumers of electricity. This is a good thing, because these electricity bills issued by DOMLEC are ridiculous – it’s high time Dominicans for their rights.

Also the Bense community continues their protect action. Villagers are saying that they have found worms and snakes in their water. Wow…worms and snakes?

It seems that the Former opposition leader Earl Williams have found himself in another money scandal. This time one of his clients, Desiree John, wife of the former Prime Minister Patrick John is seeking legal advice to recover some $190,000.00. Way to go earl!!!

In some other disturbing news, a male individual broke and entered into the Prince Margaret Hospital (PMH) in the wee hours of Saturday posing as a doctor and attempted to assault an eight year old girl there. What a sick pervert – This makes me sick to my stomach. Hats off to this brave little girl.

Meanwhile, the body of a Ross University medical student was discovered in Portsmouth in the vicinity of a well known Disco in the Lagoon area Saturday morning dead. If my memory serves my correctly, this is the second death at Ross University in two years. The first death resulted in a fatal vehicular accident.

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