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In the past 6 to 7 weeks the issue of implementing the Integrity Act in Dominica has been the main topic on nearly all forms of traditional media in Dominica; whether it’s radio talk show, local television programming, and the word on the streets.

With repeated calls for the Labour government to implement the integrity in public office act of 2003 (which the Labour Party introduced in parliament), along with a petition (which is the idea of the former attorney general David and supported by all opposition groups), containing an excess of 5000 signatures of Dominicans here and abroad urging the hasty implementation of the law in Dominica.

Despite the fact that the former Dominica Member of Parliament has dismissed statements by economic development Minister Julius Timothy that integrity legislation is too expensive for the country. And when questioned about the increased pressure for the act’s implementation Skerrit said, “Pressured about what? We have work to do.

But just short of a month, after PM Skerrit told the media that his government won’t be pressured in implementing the Integrity Act, he announced that he has gave the go ahead – to start all the necessary proceedings leading up to the implementation of the act in Dominica.

———— Personal Note ————-

I personally, I’m surprised that the labour government took so long on this Integrity Art, when they were the ones fighting to implement the act while the UWP (United Workers Party) was in power. I can also recall the labour party government 2005 election campaign, which was base totally on suspected corruption on the part of the UWP.

I believe the Integrity Act is a great move for Dominica and it’s in the best interest of all Dominicans here and abroad. It’s not a Political thing, it’s a Dominica thing.

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