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Not long ago, I was approached by one of those insurance sales guys, yes – the kind that will just call you up at work or meet you on the street, and just start telling you about how insurance is a great thing to have just in case shit happens (so what happens if shit never happens, don’t think I should get back my money). Honestly, I’m not a big fan on Insurance plans, particularly life insurance plans – health insurance yes but life Insurance no thanks. I prefer taking my changes saving my money in a high interest savings account or invest in some other type to longterm investment.

But this is not my topic for this post, maybe sometime in the future I will write a post on why I not a big fan of life Insurance plan, but for now let’s talk about the retirement in Dominica. After talking with the Insurance guy, I started thinking about my retirement and would I be able to main this comfort life style I’m living now into retirement years. Presently I’m 29 years, and besides social security and my personal savings account – my retirement years looks very dismal. True, if I save as much money as I can that by the time I’m 60 I will have a substantial amount of money in my savings. The only problem with these savings accounts, the bank interest rates are horrible – at least in the Caribbean. Read my post on: Why Banks Exists?

So I began ask myself some really simple questions (suggest you do the same):

1. Do I want to work forever at something or do you want a true retirement?
2. How much money do I want bring home on each paycheck?
3. How much lower could that paycheck be before it would bother my life style?
4. Do I have any documentation about my retirement plan at work?

After answering these simple questions I got a better prospective on my retirement goals, rather than having to be talking about complicated (Insurance) plans and confusing numbers.

On the other hand, there are lots of people who are just the opposite and like running the numbers. If that works for you, go right ahead. But if you’re like me, and don’t like numbers too much, try answering the questions.

Another great way to get some great insight on retirement, is to have as many discussions with people who are already in retirement. Listen to their opinions and figure out what you think will work best for your retirement goals.

——— Personal Note ———

My retirement goal is to have true retirement, but not with much free money to spend. I want to work at least part time in retirement doing something I enjoy doing or contributing something back to the community. Basically, my baby-boom years will not be all about boat cruises and watching the grandkids. 🙂

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What the hell! Ringing cellphone with ridiculous ring tones, lost data, rude customers, unreasonable deadlines, demanding bosses. A sure-fire recipe, that sometimes makes you feel like screaming your head off.

Emotional knowledge and mastery skills are not just a benefit these days; they’ve become a requirement. In this post my aims to address that need. It aims to provide proven methods and ways to handle anything that happens in a mature and respectful manner.

The Turning Point

The turning point for me is, the vital first step; taking fundamental responsibility for our behaviour.
Your boss begins shouting at you, and you are filled with anger, and begin shouting back, or you go home and take it out on someone who just happens to be there. You are late for a job interview, and your heart begins beating fast, you start sweating, and you start speeding through traffic – risking your life – to get there in time.

You think it’s you boss fault you are angry, but it isn’t. You think it is the traffic jam that caused your anxiety, but it isn’t. You, and no one else, nothing else, are responsible.

The biggest Lie

To think that anyone else is responsible is the biggest lie, and one of the most disempowering. I believe that people and events have no control over us – except what we give them. If we buy into this lies, we would be no different from puppies; trained to bark and jump, and wag our tails at the slightest action from others.

Not too long ago, I had a minor confrontation with a customer (let just call her Jane) who came into the FedEx office looking for a package which hadn’t arrive. I politely pointed out that the package was not yet in Dominica, because the plane was scheduled to land in Dominica later that afternoon.

It took all of us by surprise, and as she began calling me names, I felt my anger rise. “How dare she talk to me like that? What does she know? I didn’t do or say anything wrong, why was she in such a rage?”

I wanted to shout back, but I remained silent until my own anger had passed, and she had finished her outburst. Then I explained calmly that I had meant no disrespect, and apologized for any misunderstandings. In the end, everything worked out just fine.

The ABC Model

Albert Ellis, who is one of the pioneers of Cognitive Psychology, came up with a simple system to describe how we really operate. He called it the ABC model: Antecedent, Belief, and Consequence.
We believe that A leads directly to C. In the example above, Jane antagonized me, leading to my Anger. But that was not true – there was some reaction in between, my beliefs had filtered the experience and therefore created the anger.

The thoughts I had, revealed the beliefs that lay beneath them: We shouldn’t be shouted at; everyone should be polite; she should respect my information.

Interestingly, many spiritual traditions state the same thing – the difference between how reality is and our beliefs about how reality should be causes our suffering. The truth of this is obvious, if we look around us – why does certain people remain calm in the midst of financial hardship in Dominica, while another falls to pieces?

Change starts From Within

It makes sense then, that to change our behaviours, we have to change what happens inside us.
What we have to know are the two levels of our internal reactions: our emotions and our thoughts. They feed off each other in one big circle. For example, the more fearful or angry we become, the more distorted our thoughts are. The more distorted our thoughts are, the stronger our emotional reaction.

And of course, this cycle builds until we take physical action. Often times, this result in us doing something we’ll regret. Breathe!

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Sunday marked the 80th Birthday of the Communist leader Fidel Castro.

The world’s longest-serving head of government had not been seen since he underwent emergency surgery on July 31 and ceded power to his brother Raul Castro, 75, the defense chief.

The Miami newspaper El Nuevo Herald reported that Castro underwent a colostomy.With a message reading “I feel very happy“, pictures in the Juventud Rebelde newspaper showed the revolutionary icon alert and in good spirits after the operation to halt gastrointestinal bleeding.

To all of you who wished me health. I promise I will fight for it. … The country is moving forward and will continue marching forward perfectly well.

“Happy Birthday!”, “Viva Fidel!, Viva Raul!”

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