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Many travelers rush to the Caribbean during the holidays to escape the hustle and stress of the season (not to mention the frigid temperatures).

If you’re headed down south this year, pay attention to the following tips in order to get the most out of your Caribbean vacation.

Villas and Condos Versus Hotels

Even in the off season you may find the hotels on most Caribbean islands to be on the pricey side. Fear not, however; you don’t have to choose between beachfront property and affordable pricing. Rather than staying at a hotel, consider renting out a condo or a villa. This is an especially affordable option if you’re traveling with multiple groups or families, as many villas can sleep up to twelve to fifteen easily.

With the rise of the Internet it has become relatively easy to bypass the tourism industry and find locals willing to rent out their condos while they’re away. The trade off is you lose the amenities hotels have to offer, such as concierge service and dining options. However, most condos and villas have a full kitchen, meaning you can save even more money by cooking at home.

Image of Vacation Villas and condos in the Caribbean

Be Water Conscious

It’s a no-brainer to keep your drinking water limited to the bottled variety when travelling abroad, but there are other safety concerns to think of when in the Caribbean. For example, when you first arrive at your accommodations, it’s a good idea to let the showers and faucets run for at least five minutes while unpacking. This will allow any spores that might be growing in the plumbing to be flushed out. These spores could possibly lead to Legionnaires Disease, a nasty condition that can cause hospitalization and even be fatal. The bacteria that causes the disease thrives in the water systems of tropical climates. Even after flushing out the water system, you should still be vigilant about swallowing water during your bathing routine. A simple fix? Keep mouthwash in your mouth while showering.

Check Out the Sunday Markets

If you’re looking for souvenirs, skip the stalls that line the streets and wait for the Sunday markets. Here you can find seafood buy the pound and enjoy relatively cheap feasts on the beach. Scores of unique artwork, artisan goods, and exotic spices can be found from local purveyors at these markets. Spend some time perusing the different offerings, and if you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, stock up on local ingredients so you can eat deliciously at your home away from home.

Pack for the Atmosphere

Many people pack light for their Caribbean vacation, expecting to spend most of heir time in their swimsuit, frolicking in the ocean or sipping a margarita at a beachfront cantina. However, there are some essentials you should not overlook when preparing for your vacation.

For one, don’t neglect your rain-wear. You don’t have to pack full battle rattle, but a simple poncho and maybe a small travel umbrella would be a good idea. Some Caribbean islands are so small you’ll end up traveling by foot everywhere, and wouldn’t it be a drag to get caught in the rain holding all your shopping bags?

Also be sure to bring protective footwear for the beach. The sand often hides jagged pieces of coral and scores of crabs, all looking to dig into an unprotected toe. The water’s not a safe place for feet either, with jagged rocks lying in wait just below the water’s surface.

Ride Around On a Scooter

When deciding how best to travel around your island, you have several options. However, none are as efficient, as practical, and as affordable as a scooter. Renting a car can be expensive and difficult as a majority of nations in the Caribbean drive on the left, which can be hard to get used to. Taxis sometimes have fixed fares, but you’ll still end up spending a pretty penny if you rely on them everywhere you go. Finally, some islands feature bus routes as public transportation, but they don’t travel everywhere and then you’re bound to their schedules. Scooters are fast and easy to maneuver, and most hotels offer daily rental services. If you’re renting a villa, there are still many places around town that rent scooters by the hour, day, or week.

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Dominica is the heart of the Caribbean islands where you can find plenty of warm sandy beaches, evergreen plants and bright colours. That is the dream of nearly every urban resident, who doesn’t have a chance to bask in the sun in a megalopolis.

That is why sometimes travellers don’t bother to make some plans for their vacation and prefer to lay on the beach, to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and to admire the picturesque scenery of Dominica during the holiday.

Surely, it is a nice way of spending your free time, but trying to get new emotions by the options Dominica can offer you is also a great idea.

The lovely nature of Dominica will certainly conquer your heart, but there is also a wide range of interesting things you can see there. The forests and gardens are ready to open their mysteries for the travellers. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? How about numerous full-flowing rivers and waterfalls hiding high in the mountains? It is certainly a must-see. But you can be sure that there are lots of such “must-sees” in Dominica.

Caribbean Seascape

For example, tropical gardens offering you a variety of plants: trees, bushes and flowers. A tourist must also visit the last native settlement of the Caribbean Indians who cultivate bread-fruit and banana trees and produce woven baskets which are purchased by most tourists as souvenirs.

Your vacations continue for some days or weeks, but you are not sure you’d manage not to miss something noteworthy. And it is always such a pity to realize you’ve missed something! You are not attracted by such a situation, do you? The best possible way out is to plan your vacation thoroughly!

Image of yachts anchored outside Dominica

Don’t hesitate to spend some hours in research for the sights you anticipate to see, for the hotels providing everything you need, for the travel agencies offering the options you’d like to have and for the activities you’d like to take up! Scuba diving, wind-surfing, fishing, sailing or overnight hiking may become your lifetime experience.

Planning you vacation will let a traveller get anything he/she wants without wasting the time. Plan your excursions and activities without forgetting to swim and to sunbathe. Don’t want to do it yourself? Use the services of travel agencies then. Travel agencies will not only help you not to miss anything important and to leave out the things you’re not interested in, but also to get some discounts for tickets and bookings.

And don’t forget one more thing that is of great importance. This is, of course, the planning of your budget. Try to get the information about prices and discounts and nothing will be able to spoil your fabulous vacation in Dominica.

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