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I was supprise, when I learnt that the Princees Margaret Hospital experienced a major power outage lasting over an hour last weekend. You would want to think that the hospital is last place you would want to experience a power blackout.

There were claims that doctors and nurses were attending to patient using flashlights.

On Wednesday, the acting Hospital Administrator Mrs. Valencia Williams held a media press conference in an attempt to explain the blackout and why the PMH “two” generators where not working.

According to Mrs. Williams:

“As soon as electricity goes our generators automatically switches on but this time the fuel in the generators were contaminated and it messed up our filter. This we could not have known unless it actually happens.”

“The tanks are expected to be serviced by West Indies Oil but since I have been at the hospital I have never seen them. That service has not been done so the muck stayed there. Thank God nothing happened and that the nurses and doctors were able to take care of their patients. I just thank God for that.”

It is embarrassing to learn of this near tragedy; even more embarrassing was the remarks made by the Acting Hospital Administrator – whose only comment to the nation was “thank God that nothing happened.”

I can’t help to think – what would happen if there was a major accident and people had to be rushed into the operations room? PEOPLE, We’re talking about people lives here…for God sake 😈 …Have your say! Share them in the comments.

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