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Not to long ago the US Embassy in Barbados started a new policy, that As of June 1, 2007 Applicants living outside of Barbados, your passport will be returned to you immediately after your interview so that you may use it for return to your home country and that you will need to send your passport back to the Embassy via courier and provide a return courier pack which will be used to send your passport with your U.S. visa back to you.

There is an Idea

If you’re in Barbados for more that a week, there is a very good chance that you can return to the US Embassy office after two days to pickup your passport with your US Visa. Applicants living in Barbados can pick up their passport in person two days after they’re interview.

So if it’s possible, schedule your flight out of Barbados three days after your Visa interview date, so if your US visa is approved, you will be able to return home with your passport and your US Visa, and will not need to paid a couriers service to send you passport back to the Embassy and then to return it.

Maybe you’ve saying to yourself “what if my visa application was rejected and I don’t want to say in Barbados”. If that’s the case, you can go the airlines and have them change your flight date for a small fee. Considering the amount you will have to pay the Courier Service to send you passport to and from Barbados.

For example in Dominica if you decide to use FedEx to Courier your passport. You pay an estimated EC$60.00 to go plus EC$110.00 for the return.To change your flight date in the caribbean is just about EC$25.00 – 40.00. So do you see the logic behind my idea? 🙂

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