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The way Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit decided to respond to the Ambrose George Scandal, left more questions in the mind of many Dominicans than answers, and I can guarantee you that the issue will fester in the nation’s political consciousness for a very long time.

From the time George again became entangled in a scandal while he was holding high public office, was the perfect opportunity for the Prime Minister and his administration to demonstrate that they have moved beyond political rhetoric and were prepared to embrace full disclosure , transparency, and accountability.

Instead, the administration was conspicuously tight-lipped as their political opposition fanned the flicker into a flame. Then, the PM made a courageous and seemingly evasive move. In a brief address to the nation, PM Skerrit announced a series of changes in his Cabinet. Some familiar faces were shifted around, a senator was drafted in as a new Minister and George was gone.

In his brief address, the PM noted the absense of Scandal-scorched George, but offered no explanation. Instead, he glowingly thanked George for his service, which I’m not saying is wrong – but it seemed particularly odd considering the controversy surrounding the former minister.

What I can’t understand – maybe someone needs to explain it to me like I’m a 4-year-old – if George was such a gem, why relieve him of his ministerial duties at this time? Why remove him when he is under a cloud of suspicion and thereby give credence to the suspicions? Was George fired and, if so why did the PM avoid saying so? Did George resign voluntarily and, if so, what were the reasons? What exactly is George‘s current status in the administration?

Lots of questions abound with no answers in sight. If PM Skerrit and his administration are truly mindful of the signals they’re sending, they would know not to underestimate the Dominican people’s capacity to analyze the Ambrose George Scandal. I think I speak for all Dominicans – when I say “PM Skerrit, Tell us what’s going on”. Are you awaiting a verdict from the Integrity Commission, why haven’t you commented directly on the matter? Say something! I’m interested to hear the readers opinion on the matter in the comments.

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