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Dominica weekly is a personal weblog about the nature island of Dominica.

OK, beach fans, back to the south we go this week, for a review of Scott’s Head beach. In fact, this beach is the southernmost in Dominica. As you can see in the photograph, taken from Scott’s Head itself looking back toward the village of Scott’s Head, the Atlantic Ocean is on the right and on the left a boatload of tourist SCUBA divers and snorkelers is departing Scott’s Head Bay,which opens to the Caribbean Sea.

On the narrow isthmus connecting Scott’s Head to the village of the same name, one can stand in the bay and easily throw a stone from the Caribbean to the Atlantic. The next landfall to the south is Martinique, about 35 miles away, and only faintly visible with binoculars in perfect conditions from the Head or the village’s highlands. To the north, only about 4 miles, is Roseau and one can easily see the city, the harbor, and visiting cruise ships.

 photo of scottshead beach in the south of Dominica island

Snorkeling in one of the main reasons to visit this beach, because the beach itself is small. To reach the beach, simply follow the main road. You can drive over the isthmus and park where the hill begins, then walk along the bay to the beach at the rock cliff face. It is a small sandy beach. The bottom straight out is also sandy. There’s a natural arch at the left end of the beach (photo below) that a snorkeler can easily pass through.

photo of scotts head beach arch

There’s always a small school of 3-inch-long shiny silver “hatchet fish” below the arch that make a pretty sight. Snorkel out from the beach (into the Bay; I’d beware of the Gulf Stream’s Martinique Channel current out toward the ocean) and you will see spires of coral and many beautiful tropical fish species. At the village’s rocky beach the snorkeler will be likely to spot beautiful multicolor eels, no two alike. You never know what will be in the Bay; we once saw a humpback whale enter the bay and stay and play for a day.

If you’re adventurous and have the time, inquire at the waterfront and you should find a boatman who, for a reasonable fee, will take you to a beach reachable only by boat (or daredevil cliff climbers) a short distance to the north. Be sure to bring some water and possible a snack with you; you’ll have nothing else until the boat returns.




Two more great things about Scott’s Head Beach are the wonderful place to eat, Roger’s, and to stay, Ocean View. You simply can’t get a better dinner anywhere in Dominica than at Roger’s and the bill won’t pinch your wallet. The Ocean View is clean and airy, and has outstanding gardens. It also has a lookout over the Martinique Channel. One evening we saw hundreds of spinner dolphins leaping as they traversed the channel just before sundown. By the way, a climb up Scott’s Head is fun. This is one of the few places in Dominica from which you can see both the sunrise and sunset from and into the sea.

I hesitate to conclude on a negative note, but Chris told me not to pull any punches in my reviews, so I’ll say this: The amount of litter at the beach is upsetting to me. I realize that Dominica has scant budget and resources for cleanup, and that cultural changes come about slowly, but I certainly hope that cleanup comes and with it ecological awareness – because Scott’s Head is a treasure of the Nature Island, and must be safeguarded and cherished. Also, if you drive to Scott’s Head, be aware that in places the main shore road is only one lane wide, and the road has several deep rain runoff dips in villages that must be crossed only at very low speed.

BTW-There is a spot on the main road on your way where, if you look carefully, you can see where a suspension bridge was built for the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men’s Chest” film, and also the “Cannibal” village. It may be possible to ascent up the steps to the filming site.

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Reading about the underwater Tiny Crystal Bubbles at Champagne is one thing, but being able to see the tiny crystal bubble rush towards the sea surface is a totally different experience. They say a picture says 1000 words, but I believe video says a zillions more.

Champagne Beach offers guided snorkeling tours of the area, and visitors can have a snack in their Kiosk when you’re through snorkeling.

🙂 Enjoy the video.

Video Source:umcorps via Youtube.

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I’ll begin this beach review with a tip of the hat to Larry from Canada, who wrote that he appreciates the restaurant reviews, but that the beach reviews “make me smile the most”. Thanks, Larry.

Now that we’ve reviewed an Atlantic-Batiboubeach and a Caribbean beach-Prince Rupert Bay and fresh water-Chaudière swimming hole, let’s pay a visit to a prime spot for underwater viewing, Champagne. To quote a Web posting by Linda Garrison,

“One very interesting snorkeling option is to visit the Soufriere area of Dominica south of Roseau. Dominica has many pristine coral reefs with diverse marine life, perfect for diving or snorkeling. One snorkeling place that is very unusual is nicknamed “Champagne” because of the tiny crystal bubbles that continuously rise from small volcanic geothermal fissures in the sea floor. Swimming in these bubbles is like swimming in a glass of champagne!”


champagne rocks



She took an excursion from a tour boat, and wrote: “The snorkeling boat picks up guests within walking distance of the cruise ship pier in Roseau for the 3-hour shore excursion. We had an enjoyable ride of about 45 minutes along the southwest coast of Dominica, providing a great view of Roseau and several small villages along the coastline. The snorkeling boat anchored in the Champagne area of the Soufriere/Scotts Head Marine Reserve. We snorkeled for about an hour, and the bubbles made us all giddy! (I guess it was the champagne.) The boat then returned to Roseau after an exhilarating snorkeling experience!”

Are We Lucky or What! :mrgreen:

photo of a couple seating at champagne beach in Dominica

Getting To Champagne

You can also easily reach Champagne by any southbound bus from Roseau, and save some money. Or drive there yourself. It’s only a short distance south of Point Michel. Because Champagne is a marine reserve, there is a small fee ($3 US, I believe) per person to enter. This is paid at the concrete steps leading to Champagne from land or to the boat operators. But the small fee is well worth the price, not only for the wonderful experience but also for knowing that the money goes for nature preservation.

Champagne is marked right on the main road by a small sign. There is a newly constructed tourist accommodation just after the stairs down to the beach, just as the road turns left and starts uphill. Champagne beach itself is a rocky beach, and the prime snorkeling spot is at the far end of the beach, about a 5-minute walk. Look up into the trees on the left as you proceed and you may see colorful male iguanas sunning themselves and displaying for the benefit of lady iguanas. Lizards will also scuttle from the rocks into the bush as you pass.

Keep going until you reach a cliff. That’s where you want to enter the water. Look carefully, because you should see bubbles rising only a foot or two from shore. The cliff has a small cave too, about big enough to shelter two people from any rain. Afternoon showers there on mixed sunny days often produce beautiful rainbows – sometimes even double rainbows – over the Caribbean or even framing Roseau.

If you’re like us, you’ll love watching the beautiful and colorful fish while being gently tickled by the bubbles. It’s intoxicating without even drinking.

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