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There are two things that usually happen when information is not forthcoming to people who need to have questions answered.

One of the first things they do is to makeup images of what they think might be representative of the situation. The other thing they might well do is to seek the information from whatever source it might be found.

This they might do in a calm and organised way, or in more aggressive path, especially if it appears to them that the information is not readily forthcoming.

So on whose shoulders does the responsibility lie to keep the public properly fed with the pertinent information?

Whereas a government needs to have itself seen as transparent and accountable, there are times when certain information is not offered and this will be done in “the interest of national security”.

But it seems as though it is a standard that once people are placed in positions where they are to serve the public, many things become their personal domain. This type of behaviour is what occurs in most government offices and here in our “Nature Isle” is no different.

I hope that our leaders will learn soon that it is better to be upfront with whatever it is that is going on. If the people have to dig out the truth, all trust is gone and aggression will step to the fore. Then who knows what can very well happen.

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