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sukies bread in Dominica

In this post I’m going to share with you a little history of one the oldest bakeries in Dominica. As everyone knows bread making in Dominica is a traditional process that begins with high quality grain flour and ends with a variety of staple breads that have become part of Dominica’s heritage.

Today the spotlight is on Sukie’s Bread Company – a story which traces its roots to a small city south of Roseau in Dominica, where Florie Peters, one of the founders, was born in 1901. Florie Peters believed that greater opportunities started with hard work and flour; and, in 1945, the family bakery at 30 Victoria Street was born.

Florie Peters, and her husband “Papa Ceewoe,” as he was called, were the company’s founders and were born in Newtown, Dominica. They had no children and adopted Herbert “Sukie” Winston as their own while he was still a young boy. Herbert endure the tough life of baking, transporting the bread on his head and frame of his bicycle from as far north as Mahaut to as far south as Point Mitchell and would still make it to school for 8am.

The Peters family found a receptive audience for the authentic, West Indian influence in baked goods, and soon the Sukie’s Bread Company story began.

Over the years the bread company has diversify into other styles of breads, like artisan loafs, pre-sliced, garlic bread, baguettes, banquet Rolls and a variety of pastries.

In my opinion bread can make or break a sandwich. Making bread is one of the first (and best) things we learned to do with our opposable thumbs. Whether it’s sweet, savory, leavened or flat, it’s an excuse to eat jam, and it’s how you mop up the left-over gravy from your plate… 😀

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