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Everyone of us sometimes dreams about a lovely place where he or she could escape for a couple of days and have a wonderful time, enjoying every minute of life.

We often think that such a place is fantastic. But, incredible how it may seem, such place exists! Check it out and visit the fabulous island of Dominica!

Dominica is a miraculous island in the Caribbean Sea. Maybe, its geographical location somehow determines its natural uniqueness. When a tourist arrives to Dominica, he realizes that there are so many sights to see, that he or she doesn’t know where to look first.

First of all you think, of course, about warm sandy beaches and crystal waters. It’s the most common feature of our escaping fantasies…But it still doesn’t seem to be the main reason. Of course, you have a chance to enjoy yourself lying on the beach, but bear in mind the fact that it rains there very often. The climate is rather wet. Still, it won’t interfere with your sightseeing programme… Did I say “sightseeing”? Oh, I’d rather say “adventurous programme”!

Dominica is really the island of hiking. The fabulous rainforests are mysterious and full of secrets. Don’t forget to hire a guide in order not to get lost.

The waters of Dominica represent a mighty system and can be classified into 2 types: underwater and overwater. Try a river trip along the fast-flowing streams to see the magnificent waterfalls. Explore the underwater world by means of scuba diving which is mainly liked by most tourists. And of course, other water sports are also provided: tubing, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling in the solitary mountain lakes and rivers.

Speaking about mountains, it’s necessary to say that rock climbing is also available in Dominica. But will you be so risky as to try it? It could be really thrilling and adventurous.

If you prefer more quiet and safe way of exploring the island, you have a unique chance to see mostly all types of the island’s terrain in Cabrit’s National Park, from rainforests to swamplands and volcanic sands, all these can be found walking around the Park for a few hours.

But the Boiling Lake of Dominica, the second largest of its type in the world – that is more unique that the various types of terrain! A vacationer can also have a chance to admire the bright wonderful flora of the island, which is really worth seeing. A tourist is sure to be fascinated by the rare plants and bushes.
The fauna of Dominica is as rich as the flora, but whales and dolphins are to be mentioned separately. The water trips aimed at whale and dolphins watching are highly popular. It can’t leave you untouched! This entertainment is adored by tourists.

Dominica’s nature also reveals itself in the regional cuisine. It can include fresh fish or root vegetables. But could you risk tasting the alcohol sea weed drink? You may try it, just for a thrill.

Ten reasons why Dominica’ nature is the richest in the Caribbean are not the limit. The nature always has its secrets which can be revealed rather spontaneously. Come to Dominica not once, but several times and be sure that you’ll find out new secrets each time. That is the fanciest feature of the nature of Dominica.

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Adding to the many features that exemplify the diversity of Dominica’s landscape are the waterfalls. Take a scenic drive throughout the southeast to reach the starting points of these fall hikes.

Excerpt from item 136 of “Dominica 100 + Things to Do” Booklet (2010):

The breathtaking falls of Sari-Sari near the village of Laplaine and Victoria near the La Roche. The Boli Falls from Laplaine are more remote. This lengthy and challenging trek requires the assistance of a certified guide. On all of these trails, beware of slippery rocks and boulders. Also be prepared to get wet!

Sari Sari Falls

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brandy manor guest house in Dominica

Brandy Manor is a family owned Guesthouse, not just a restaurant, which caters to nature lovers, and especially horse lovers. Travelbarefoot dot Com website, which houses information about Brandy Manor Vacation packages directs you to horseback riding “nearby” but now Jasmine the owner has her own horses at Brandy Manor.

Brandy Manor is close to Portsmouth, on the road leading to Melville Hall Airport. It isn’t easy to find. Look for a very steep cement drive descending on the right side of the road before you reach the “S” curve lined by royal palms. Head down that drive and cross the concrete bridge over a creek at the bottom and then just keep going down the dirt track, which gets rough just before you reach Brandy Manor on the left. It has an iron gate and a sign.

The ambiance is lovely, boosted by Jasmine’s gardening. When you go, ask to wash your hands – the bathroom is done up in shells and quite a sight to see. You’ll enjoy the sound of the Brandy River, unless you’re there at night where the sound of the generator drowns it out. Jasmine has a CD collection that helps overcome the generator noise. There are also a few musical instruments around and if you bring yours you may be able to strike up an impromptu jam session.

The food at Brandy Manor is quite good, but in this writer’s experience, not worth the price. Prices are high at Brandy Manor. They appear low on the web site, but they are per person, so double them for a couple.

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