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On 11 July 2009, people around the world observed the 20th World Population Day in different ways; in Dominica the celebration was distinctively muted.

We lost an excellent opportunity to start to create meaningful change in the lives of our women but it’s never be too late to create a positive movement in relation to this.

The theme “Investing in our women and girls,” should have given the opportunity to several individuals and groups to highlight the accomplishments of outstanding women in their respective communities and at least create a start to a platform that would encourage better treatment for our girls and women, while a the same time challenging them to excel in various spheres of Caribbean living.

Investing in girls’ education delivers well-known returns. When girls are educated, they are more likely to earn higher wages and obtain better jobs, to have fewer and healthier children and to enjoy safer childbirth. Investing in women’s health, especially reproductive health, can not only save the lives of half a million mothers, but also unleash an estimated $15 billion in productivity each year.

It’s time for our decision-makers to begin protecting women’s ability to earn income, keep their daughters in school, and obtain reproductive health information and services, including voluntary family planning.

Together, let us empower women as highly productive members of society, capable of contributing to our country economic recovery and growth.

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female_joggerphoto by mikebaird

A carefully limited pilot study of 30 prostate cancer patients by scientists and doctors at UCSF and a Sausalito research institute indicates for the first time that major lifestyle changes may prevent early cell death and lengthen human life.

The study was led by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, the UCSF biochemist famed for discovering the mysterious proteins called telomeres that cap the ends of chromosomes and control the longevity of dividing cells.

Her principal colleague is Dr. Dean Ornish, the San Francisco cardiologist and widely publicized advocate of diet control, exercise and stress reduction to prevent heart disease deaths – a doctrine that was controversial many years ago when Ornish first proposed it but is now widely accepted.

In their report, published today in the British journal Lancet Oncology, the researchers caution that with such a limited number of patients their study is only preliminary, and they call for a much larger and strictly controlled research project.

But if these early findings are confirmed, they say, “this might be a powerful motivator for many people to beneficially change their diet and lifestyle.”

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——Personal note——
Could this be the very same mysterious proteins (telomeres), which have allowed some many Dominicans to live long and healthy lives? If you look back into the lives of these centenarians, they were raised up eating only natural foods and in a time where everything was done by human willpower. Telomeres might just be the mysterious behind all these Dominican centenarians.

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