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If you’re trapped living a life you wouldn’t have consciously chosen if you had it to do all over again, what can you realistically do about it?

By “trapped” I mean, literally stuck. You’ve got the good job, the family, and the works. But even though your situation looks pretty good from an outside standpoint, you’re still not happy about it. It’s not fulfilling, and you know you should be doing something else, but at the same time, you know there are no guarantees, and you feel as if the only way out would be to destroy what you’ve got and rebuild from scratch. And that isn’t something you’re willing to do.

It’s not like you haven’t tried, but realistically you can’t see any practical, intelligent options to get things moving in a new direction. It’s like you’re in this black hole, a gravitational well that makes it impossible for you to ever reach escape velocity. It seems to take you a massive amount of effort just to move an inch, and if you let up for an instant, you’re sucked right back down again. You feel trapped, maybe even depressed, and perhaps you even wonder if you should just suck it up and take it. It’s not really that bad compared to most people, right?

On the days you feel your best, you’re consciously aware of your situation but still don’t see a way out. But on your worst days, you’re in denial about the whole thing and may give in to escapist tendencies.You might read books that even directly speak to your situation, but they don’t help you much. Their solutions don’t seem practical for you. Perhaps they rely too much on things like putting your faith in the universe and hoping things will work out, and that sounds risky and foolish to you.

What can you do in such a situation? Is there a way out? Share your thoughts in the comments field.

Photo by:Gotplaid?

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