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Mixed into the politics of the land, between politicians obsessed with claiming the economy is working, or failing, there is a real state of play in Dominica.

It can be defined by the amount of selling most business do in the middle periods of the month rather than right after pay-day which is the manner of an economy squeezed for money. It can also be defined by the standard of graduates queuing up of jobs. It summaries our education system very quickly. There is also the state of play with regards to the amount of new business opening locally, and also the amount of new mortgages and business loans being started.

Whilst migration has been a constant, the other indicators are all around us. It makes no sense for someone to be doing booming business locally and them rallying to claim that the economy is poor or that the government is incompetent. One claim would be exaggeration and the other issue would serve no purpose for someone who is struggling to pay their bills or feed and educate their children t claim that the economy in growing. The media is Dominica is generally complicit in all of this. Understanding who own and what drives the media in Dominica brings us a little closer to the truth. As the old quote goes, freedom of the press is only for those who own the press.

In the end, Dominicans know the conditions they are under better than anyone. However the challenge remains. Are we destined to lurch from one personality cult to another whilst in fact the average person sees little future for themselves deep down? The bet is yes. Demanding higher standards of analysis from those who report and dissect the new would be a welcome plus in the midst of all of this the writer will certainly not lose sleep waiting for this to happen. The country simply has no room for a non partisan layer. Whilst we laugh at the supposed gaffes of the current American President, our society employs his famous’ with us or against us’ line with religious fervour. The lack of that middle ground which can allow for intelligent criticism, debate and the flow of ideas to actually change this country is the result. After all, the point is made that everyone ‘wants’ something.

The other question related to this is why would anyone singularly stand up for the population? The old people, whilst claiming that young people have no direction, have in fact done little to show the way. The ‘quitter yo pour bondieu’ mentality is their problem solving legacy to most young people who quickly learn that problems don’t go away and that they are powerless to confront them. Self preservation is life, and whilst we lament that our young people are running away or showing little morality we forget whose example they are following.

As one patriarch has mused, “The people want a hero, a martyr, to face the problems and the status quo head on. They encourage you; spur you on to tackle their beasts. Yet, they do not participate in you rebellion and will quickly abandon you to be a trouble-maker should you fail”. It is a cycle which encourages every ‘would be’ whistle blower to think twice.

In other words, we the people deserve that we usually get. Indeed we have cultivated it. This is the way in this strange beautiful contradictory place called Dominica.

Source:This article was posted in The Tip! – A free publication published every Wednesday and distributed through-out Dominica.

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