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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Many people are trapped in hopeless financial situations due to the high cost of living here in Dominica and around the Caribbean. Another common hopeless situation is the foreclosures on homes right now.

What many people final to realize is, true there’s a fairly good chance they could avoid losing their homes if they make all the right moves, but many aren’t in a position to do everything right under that kind of pressure. People may even see it coming but still can’t prevent it. No matter what they attempt, it all leads to the same outcome.

Seeing your houses get auction-off obviously sucks, but hey, it happens. If you play the game of life, you have to accept that as a possible move and that here are some things you just can’t change.

There’s a hidden benefit to the hopeless situation though. When you know you’re going to lose no matter what, you can stop playing to win, and start playing to learn instead. You surrender to the inevitability of the loss and focus on the long-term gain. Even though you must endure a short-term sting, you’ll learn some valuable lessons that will make you a better player in the long game of life.

I’m not suggesting that you disrupt yourself and hold back, thereby causing failure through inaction or lack of effort. Just realize that it’s perfectly okay to do your best and still end up with a losing outcome.

What makes a hopeless situation very nerve-racking and worrisome is when you resist it. When you accept it and surrender to it, however, you get peace instead of stress. This is true even when the final result is death. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Comment by Dan
2008-03-09 17:43:59

If you are hardened in a crucible not of your own making, you may become stronger and may learn — if you survive. My parents survived the Great Depression and World War II, and their parents got them out of Europe steps ahead of the Holocaust. My adoptive father’s life savings were lost in a bank failure, so I know.

In the present US mortgage mess, everyone is to blame, including in many cases the borrowers who were careless, stupid and greedy. They helped make their own crucible. That does not excuse the equally venal brokers, bankers, investors, politicians, sellers, builders, bond insurers, and others too numerous to mention.

But each person must either understand personal finance or find a good advisor. And remember, while good financial advice may be expensive, bad financial advice is always far more expensive.

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