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Oil Refinery Survey - Vote for your future!

The issue of an Oil Refinery in Dominica has raised many questions by different environment groups and occasions in Dominica. Not so long ago Prime Minister Skerrit made it clear that the oil refinery won’t be built until a complete environment impact study is done. But are still raising concerns by the Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation of the effects an oil refinery can have on Dominica’s environment.

Also the People’s Democratic Party leader Para Riviere said Prime Minister Skerrit failure to consult the people on the issue of the oil refinery is wrong, especially since the Energy Minister had said the people of Dominica would be the ones to decide.

Oil Refinery Survey - Vote for your future!

With that being said, Dominica Weekly did some research on Oil Refineries and the effects they can have on an environment. We came up with these three videos by Terry Tamminen, who is an accomplish Author and Environmental Policy Advisor – take a look at what he has to say about Oil Refineries.

After watching these three videos, do you think that having an Oil Refinery in Dominica is a good idea? Please ❗ Let’s hear your opinions in the comments.

Oil Refinery Survey - Vote for your future!

UPD: Oil Refinery Survey – Vote for your future!

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Comment by Veselo
2008-01-17 20:04:59

I think It’s NOT good idea to have Oil Refinery in Dominica. It will spoil and destroy the one of the last nature places in the earth – Dominica. The Government of Dominica shouldn’t let to loose the treasure of this island. If it happens, you must to prepare that you will not able to swim in the rivers and sea.

In my town at Russia, which close to the Oil Refinery and other factories, nobody can swim at rivers, because its so dirty. And so many people get cancer. Actually in my family already died two 😥 . I can’t account how many died people, who I just knew.

Comment by Dan
2008-01-17 23:10:43

I agree. What does Chavez want from Dominica, and is it worth the price? Why can’t Dominica develop geothermal power?

By the way, the new site format is excellent.

Comment by Linda
2008-01-19 21:14:03

I can hardly believe that an island that call itself “The Nature Island” would put a oil refinery on it????

Comment by jOHN
2009-04-28 14:01:34

The same way I cant believe a nature isle is against a natural herb.

Comment by Itassi
2008-01-19 22:45:49

why are Dominicans so anti development. There is always something they complain about.

Imagine Dominicans complain that the beach will spoil if hotels are built in Dominica…give me a break

Comment by Veselo
2008-01-20 09:49:46

What development will Dominica receive, if the government does decide to build an oil refinery in Dominica?

Comment by KAY
2008-01-24 23:28:07


Comment by Clement
2008-02-29 07:43:25

Oil Refineries pollute.

The long term cost of the pollution is more than the persons living in Dominica can afford. Development must be for the good of the people.

Dominica’s competitive advantage, in a world of increasing environmental awareness, is its unspoiled natural environment. Real sustainable development must be in consort with good environment stewardship.


Comment by Reginald Johnson
2008-05-02 10:49:39

You are so very short sighted

Comment by Dan
2008-01-20 09:38:39

I don’t know that they are. But they are cautious and somewhat skeptical, and with good reason. What benefits would Dominica derive from a refinery? Are there skilled high-paying jobs for Dominicans? Can our infrastructure support the refinery’s demands? As to hotels, the same questions and also questions about public beach access apply.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-02-07 03:40:09

👿 mmmmmh: well dominicans made one big mistake when they first went and voted for this incompetent so called, wannabee prime minister to lead this country. Instead of some of us think about the negative effects of building a crappy oil refinery, people saying about they want development.

For Dominica’s economy to flourish we need EDUCATED (beyond Bachelor degree), EFFICIENT, NON LIARS, SELF SERVING candidates for leaders and ministers of tis country.

point one: Dominica isn’t America, France or any of the other industrialize nations in the world. It is ridiculous to compare Dominica to these places. We are a tiny island, with no voice in the UN, THE WORLD MARKET or on WALLSTREET!

point two: there will be no development because chavez “doh” plan on giving back any money to Dominica after he ruin our country.

point three: please tell me how this oil refinery would impact unemployment. I mean give me a break! Its almost like some Dominicans want to sell their soul for a few pennies.

Point four: Yes people, a high amount of tourism, hotels, oil refineries in this country will impact our environment. I think there are a few bleeding examples of that in the Caribbean such as Jamaica, St Maarten.

Before we support such a stupid venture as this we need to ask that prime minister, to go back school maybe get an appropriate degree, that would help him make the right decision for Dominicans. I love my home and I believe if we use other approaches towards tourism and farming Dominica’s economy will flourish.

One great Idea is to advertise to all those American, British, Aussie etc. environmental conventions that takes place all over the world except Dominica. These conventions bring millions of dollars into the economy. There are people willing to visit dominica and protect it. Skerritt simply needs to go back to school, to get his MBA, so he can negotiate wit an advantage for Dominicans! He taught me in CDCC, back then he use to say “If was the Prime Minister, I wouldn’t allow people to use edison james …blah, blah” now he is just a reflection of all the people he defamed back then. anyways thats my contribution today. excuse the typos. I’m in a rush. Nice website

Comment by nito
2008-02-07 08:57:27

you talk about development but are you in dominica bold face dominican? i am not sayin that the prime minister is right ok.. am just askin u a question..

Comment by nito
2008-02-07 09:00:40

but in pure fact an OIL REFINERY is NOT the best idea for Dominica.. trust me its a waste of our beautiful island.. 🙁

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-02-07 13:26:12

Nito. I “doh” have to be in dominica for me to comment on my island that i lived in for 18 years and I visit every single chance i get, as often as twice a year. I stay updated to the issues. There are ways dominica caan be developed without taking crappy deals from other self serving government like chavez. I use to support them, but I’m better educated. The prime minister is making a bad decision. I think its time Domincans stop acting so primitive and question those stupid decisions that our governement makes. I say “OUR” because I’m still a Dominican Citizen. I have claimed no other nationalities and i think its ignorant of you to question my comments because you think I’m not in Dominica.. thats my right! May if you question the qualifications of your Prime Minister, the fact that he only has a degree in English and Psychology and is not qualified to make economic decisions like this, that would impact “US” Dominicans, maybe our country will be much better now. I’m saddened by the level of ignorance amongst Dominicans when it comes to this particular Prime MInister. When Edison James was doing his crap, people were complaining, when Mamo made bad decisions people protested, so there is no way I won’t protest for this incompetent prime Minster, who keeps riding on former Prime Minister gravy train. This is certainly ridiculous why would get in bed with leaders who are being isolated in the world?(ALBA) go ahead, research that group. Our country has produced very intelligent people, I just don’t understand where this governement come from. We need a fresh crowd and if truth be told I plan to be part of that fresh crowd, who will someday bring dominica to where it needs to be. Thats what it is, for to get educated and you had better believe that my degree is not in english or psychology. I have a positive attitude towards my country, but i simply detest incompetence. Skerrit is incompetent. thats my contribution. Thanks Dominican Weekly. Excuse my typos, as i said my degree is not in ENGLISH!

Comment by Dr. Janet Taylor
2008-02-14 15:36:08

I attended the meeting on Feb. 13 of WEF and heard the PM speak to the group about his intentions to put the refinery on hold. Did I believe him?? My answer to that is “why do we have a tank farm already when very few people knew it was being built?” Speaking with a “forked tongue” is what they call it in Native American language. WAKE UP.

I own property on Dominica and run an alternative health care facility as well as a multimillion dollar resort that focuses on wellness, ecotourism and sustainable living. What is wrong with this picture if an oil refinery appears on the scene? IT IS INCONGRUENT WITH THE IMAGE OF DOMINICA AND WHAT WE ALL STAND FOR THAT IS NATURAL AND PRISTINE AND HEALTHY AND GLOBALLY VIABLE. Where there is incongruency there will be negative results. EVERYONE on and off the island who is remotely connected to Dominica will be impacted negatively with an oil refinery IN THE LONG TERM. So I am FOR developing other sources of sustainable energy that provide an honest source of income and economy for the people and keeping Dominica, clean, green and a gem of the world and the Caribbean.

Comment by Dan
2008-02-15 11:07:08

I found these articles relating to oil and the refinery on another Web site, and repeat them below, with my follow-up questions in CAPITAL letters:

1. Minister Emphasizes Benefits Of Petro Caribe To Dominica
By Karishma Matthew- Thursday 14th February 2008

Employment is one benefit that citizens will soon see from government’s association with the Petro Caribe initiative. Minister responsible for Petro Caribe Affairs Reginald Austrie told a news conference Wednesday twenty four Dominicans will be employed when Petro Caribe is in full operation in the country. He also said the development of the energy sector is another benefit that will be seen from Petro Caribe, and noted that the much talked about Alba initiative is really an extension to the Petro Caribe agreement. The Minister said Petro Caribe will also create an opportunity for young entrepreneurs. According to Mr. Austrie, government is attempting to devise a financing scheme that will allow them to pay off their 60% to PDVSA within 90 days. He said forty percent will be invested in the productive sector at reasonable interest rates. This, he said would give an opportunity to young business persons to attract loans with part of that forty percent financing, at very low interest rates.


2. Domlec Customers Could See 1.6 Cents Saving Next Month By Karishma Matthew- Thursday 14th February 2008

Customers of the Dominica Electricity Services Limited (Domlec) will realize a 1.6 cents saving in their electricity bill come March 2008. Those were the words of the Managing Director Joel Huggins when he addressed those gathered at a press conference Wednesday. He said however the 1.6 cents savings will only be seen if the price of oil does not increase further. DOMLEC’s Managing Director affirmed that if the market price remains stable, customers will see a reduction of approximately of 1.6 cents per kilo an hour. Drawing reference to the increase in the cost of fuel last year, Huggins said Government had reduced the tax from two dollars and thirty-eight cents to one dollar and 19 cents per gallon. He said that change would have made a little over six and a half cents difference in the surcharge, but even while that was done price of fuel escalated. He says therefore, although the benefit of that reduction was received by consumers, they did not receive it simply because it was overwhelmed by the increases in the market price.


3. WEF Wants Commitment That Oil Refinery Won’t Be Constructed Here
By Merville Defoe- Thursday 14th February 2008

President of the Waitikubuli Ecological Foundation (WEF) Joseph Williams says the foundation wants a commitment from government that an oil refinery will not be constructed on the island. Even as Prime Minister Skerrit reiterated that there has been a halt to the proceeds of the oil refinery, Williams says WEF’s position remains. The WEF President was at the time speaking at a meeting held Wednesday for stakeholders to discuss the proposed oil refinery. He told the gathering: “We cannot and we must not allow this to happen to our nature island. Further development of the oil refinery is on hold. We welcome that. We are certainly getting there, and what we’re looking for now is some commitment that we are not going to have an oil refinery installed on our island.” Mean time Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party Michael Astaphan says he is not convinced that Prime Minister’s decision to put a halt on the refinery is factual. He said: “It is clear that his administration has failed to get jobs for Dominica and in his desperation, an oil refinery, appears to be a solution.” Like WEF, the DFP leader is against an oil refinery on island.


Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-16 23:03:04

skerritt is a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He preys on citizens of Dominica that don’t know any better for support. I don’t care if his family kills, stretch or do anything to anybody, the fact that his family can be described as such, tells me all I need to know about this so called Prime Minister of Dominica who only became prime minster by default. Dominica needs better and until you ignorant set of people dont realize that he is not the best for this country and we can do better then Dominica remain last in everything in the Caribbean.

Please no need to threaten me, my family not nice as wells o bring it. Skerrit isn’t good for Dominica

Liars never make good leaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan
2008-04-16 23:11:04

Gosh, if we can all agree at least that liars are awful leaders, imagine how I feel as an American, about Bush!

I wish to say one other thing: Please, everybody, be civil and polite on this blog (and to others in your life) and use rational debate, not name-calling, etc. Only real civil debate and facts can persuade anybody to one’s point of view. Also, the whole world can read this blog, so let’s be proud of Dominic and set a good example.

Thank you.

Comment by poponi
2008-04-17 11:30:10

Okay, let me get this right, you call Bush a liar and a awful leader, yet you say please be civil and polite, your true nature shines bright!

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-17 10:22:00

Please like everywhere around this we name call in some fashion. One thing I am thrilled about as Dominican is that I honestly do have the freedom of speech an expression. I won’t be penalized for saying that the PM of my country is liar. I t is my honest opinion and if I cannot express that then what you guys do here is absolutely ridiculous. I didn’t use any “F” BOMBS”. The Prime Minister is a liar and all this so called tack you guys say will help reach a discussion won’t. If you are an American you should know better and I think you enjoy many rights afforded to you by living in Dominica. You are a foreigner Living in Dominica expressing your views. America is a fake democracy. Its Democracy is n’t pure and towards its people. I think I have been afforded those right to express my opinion since for many years I have had to watch my family campaign for retarded incompetent leaders except Mamo (although she was towards the rich in the end) and get nothing in return. Skerritt tactics are demeaning. He directs his ridiculous campaign towards those who don’t know better. He is a liar and for Dominica to do better they need to get rid of all these “old timers” severin, james, george and their old timer attitudes”. Why do we have to refine somebodies oil? Why the hell are we even considering that? Then again as I said before he has an english degree not an MBA .

Oh P.S: too all those threatening me on here it won’t work I will always speak my peace. I have finals coming up so you won’t see me on here for a while…lololol I love Dominica and we hate Liars.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-17 10:29:06

One more thing:

Many of you on here keep copying and pasting companies photos and news articles, kindly please don’t forget copyright laws. Always reference your source(s) on quotes and the pictures you guys are suppose to actually reference the source on the images as well. Thanks!

Comment by Dan
2008-04-17 10:38:21

Good luck on your finals. I don’t know who threatened or used bad language; that person did not use a name. I would never do that!

My parents had to flee Europe for their lives. I know no government can be perfect, and certainly the USA’s is not; it is the ideals of the USA in its Constitution that I like.

I am an old man now and will become Dominican by retiring and coming to live in Dominica; just as my parents became Americans (and I became one only by being born there). Dominica is also a democracy (parliamentary, not like America’s unique system, but along the British model) and has freedom of speech and great beauty. But like America or any place else, the democracy will only work and freedom can only be preserved by responsible people observing and voting.

Americans haven’t been responsible and observing, and as a result we have been having great failings by our government, and the present one is the very worst.

I also think that even saying that someone is a liar does little than provoke argument. It is best to explain exactly what the facts are and exactly what untruth has been spoken. That way the other party may come to understand and perhaps agree.


Comment by Dan
2008-04-17 12:30:01

You are quite right, and I deserve your reproach for not being specific.

Bush knew that Saddam did not have WMD and had not tried to obtain uranium from Niger, but he said both. He knew that no Iraqi but only followers of bin Laden, Saddam’s mortal enemy (bin Laden is a Sunni fundamentalist, Saddam was a Sh’ia turned secularist, and bin Laden offered his forces in 1991 to fight Saddam), and the war certainly has nothing to do with democracy! Also, a panel of historians last month voted to rate Bush as the worst president ever (not only for the war, but for destroying civil rights, torture, and destroying the economy, and for secret signing statements) replacing James Buchanan. Those are the facts. I forgot to mention them, and I apologize. I will be more careful in the future. Thank you.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-17 12:47:02

dominicans welcome everyone with open arms unlike america where people think its the place to be. we have a mixture of all kinds here and i love it. But many people in dominica are on he honest, truthful side. Say what you have to say and mean it. I will call skeritt a liar and a “bor-ball” because thats what he is! Self serving and incompetent! So Mr.Tanner are you AN Obama fan or a Clinton fan?…lol

Comment by Dan
2008-04-17 12:51:00

Please don’t hold against me the fact that I was born in America — it was not up to me (or even to my parents, who were brought here as children).

America presents economic opportunities. I know Dominicans who are working here (illegally), but I am in their favor and would never, ever, ever, reveal who they are.

Someone asked , “Why should we (Dominica) refine oil for somebody else?” Well, I also agree that an oil refinery on Dominica is a terrible idea (for many reasons given above in this blog). But there is a deeper meaning to this question. Oil refineries have to be somewhere — the trick is to find the best places, and then the local people in those places probably won’t be happy about it, except for those who get jobs. And remember, Dominicans want to drive their cars, boats, buses and tractors, and generators too.

The world and its people are interdependent. Why should a farmer grow more than he can eat, or a fisherman catch more fish than he can eat? The answer is simple,: Each can do what he does best and trade his surplus. Getting and refining oil is no different. But we must be fair and wise, and that is never easy nor will all accept the wisdom. Just as children often won’t accept the wisdom of grownups who send them to school!

Once again, Peace…

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-17 12:53:52

Long live Cuba and its revolution.

“My patriotism is all embracing, its not an exclusive thing and I will reject any patriotism that seek to mount distress against other nationalities….”- Mahatma Gandhi”

Comment by Dan
2008-04-17 12:53:56

I hope you don’t think I’m a liar and unwelcoming just because I was born in the USA. My Dominican friends certainly don’t think that of me!

I am not a fan of any of the candidates, and I won’t vote. On balance, if I were forced to choose, I’d go for Barak Obama.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-17 13:01:32

There is no comparative advantage for Dominica refining oil. None! Nobody can convince me of that! Yeah we run our boats, cars, trucks too…but none of these big league countries care abut Dominica or tiny islands like us. If they need they would never ripped apart our banana industry like they did living our farmers without work, people with less money and our economy as they did. People who have never lived in D.A during its stress like to come and think they know what’s best for this country. This refinery will not give Dominica the economic push that it needs!!!

Please stop running slippery slope information on here. Is either you for it or against it!

Comment by Dan
2008-04-17 13:10:31

How can I be clearer? I am and have always been, and will remain to be totally opposed to building an oil refinery, or even an oil transfer station in Dominica. I have said so in that blog. I have just said that there are better places to refine oil, and that is good because other places where it is not good to refine it (like Dominica) still need to obtain the refine product.

Dominica’s role appears to be a natural paradise. We need to develop a tourism industry in Dominica that preserves and protects its environment and also provides economic and educational benefits to Dominicans. Quite possibly also, although much study will be needed, Dominican geothermal power can be developed in a proper, safe, and beneficial manner.

I note in recent news that there was an early morning diesel oil spill in Jimmit, and it is only through luck and prompt action that it did not reach the sea! That only goes to show what a potential disaster a refinery and/or storage facility in Dominica would be.

I am very sorry to be misunderstood. Please read me carefully. I try to be clear.

Comment by Veselo
2008-04-17 16:42:52

As I see everybody in these comments worry and wants prosperity for the Dominica. So, let’s start to think what we can do (each of us) for to improve the situations. I mean the constructive ideas – and take actions. Let’s focus on exactly how each of us see the future for Dominica and how we can achieve it together. Because the two people is stronger than one, the three is better than two… 🙂

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-17 19:56:12

no need to be clearer Dan! (veselo) yes we do have constructive ideas on here. We are exchanging our own personal views, if thats okay with you and everybody else on here. This is a blog, where individuals should be allowed to agree or disagree with each other. Why is it that you are asking us to do the same thing we have been doing here? There is no straight line to an idea or a thought. There are always different routes to take, everything in life is linked some way or the other, so if we do stray a bit away from the topic thats okay, once it relates to the opinion we are trying to express. I would never work in group with persons who always agree with what I say. Opposition is necessary for great dialogue, so relax and let us enjoy this blog.

Comment by Veselo
2008-04-17 23:00:53

So, how do you want to help Dominica?

Comment by Dan
2008-04-18 09:31:26

Mu education is in physics and mathematics and electronics. I will be happy to voluntarily teach these subjects to those willing to learn.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-18 10:07:10

well I am a “doer” veselo and when my degree(s) MD, PHD is finished I will be returning home to open my own engineering firm, to run for public office to ensure that we allow dominicans to have a say in who buys and sell our land, to ensure that more dominicans interested in opening small business get an advantage over foreigners who attain businesses easily, to ensure that my country men and women have homes, to ensure that those investors who seek to make money off Dominica pay huge dividend in taxes which would go towards building our schools, road it goes on on. You see unlike you, I was born and raisel in Dominica and I visit as often as school lets me, My family is still here, I know about the struggles of Dominicans because I lived and grew up poor here. But the best thing is that I never knew that I was poor because I had a really great mother. This is the type of people that are in Dominica strong, upfront and honest. I have every right to disagree and use descriptive words like “liar” to describe the prime minister of Dominica. I don’t have to come on hear and say how I can contribute to Dominica all the time, I know how and I have my own plans. This is a blog, you should expect people to use their “words” to express their opinion. There were no “f Bombs’ so please stop trying to say the words that you would like. You know so much about Dominica, I wonder if you ever listen to our Cabinet and Parlimentarians when they are in session, trust me its not the most timid of conversations. Skerritt is a liar and many of the former leaders of this country lost their way because they lie too much. Not only are they Liars but they womanize and they womanize young college girls blatantly in public. So please save all that what I plan to do for Dominica and don’t be afraid to use your words! 😆 ❗

Comment by Veselo
2008-04-18 16:08:12

To be hungry or full, rich or poor – it is everywhere the same, don’t you agree? 🙂 More is matter what do you do with it, and how you can see yourself. That is most important thing. And I am glad, that you have real plans and take your steps. If everybody will do the same – the country will be fine.

Also, don’t you agree that the Government was choosed by the most people? So, when you describe the Government, you are actually give descriptions to the people, who chose it.

To be angry or to fight with each other – doesn’t solve the problems. It is just waste of time and adding more energy to with what you are fighting. As I think, better to shift the energy on how to achieve our goals, give real ideas, how to improve situation. It is my opinion. And as you said everybody have rights to express their opinion. Why do you want to stop me to express it?

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-18 10:16:29

P.S: There was some very distasteful conversation on this blog about different types of so called “birth controll’ methods written by Chris, it discussed that men should be pulling out blah, blah…” Please let me tell you that these are the wrong types of conversations to be having on this forum. Yes discussing credible and well research methods of birth control is okay but these kind of conversations on the blog aren’t educating any one and they are simple side shows. These are the topics that you should be careful about and ensure that the other editors on here use discretion when posting new topics!

Comment by Veselo
2008-04-21 11:22:33

As I know, DW have only the one editor – the author of DW idea.

Comment by Dan
2008-04-18 16:14:42

In America, about 98% of incumbents get re-elected. It costs a fortune to run for any office, and so the politicians are effectively owned by the donor class. If you give a campaign under $1000 all you get is a request for more money. But if you give $10,000 (or over $100,000 for a presidential candidate) you may get to speak with someone on the campaign (but perhaps not the candidate, and certainly not alone, that’s for the really huge donors). The donor class wants it that way; there will never be effective campaign finance reform here.

So, democracy is dead in the USA. We don’t have the government we want, and we can’t do anything about it.

Comment by Veselo
2008-04-18 16:36:12

Hm… when it was president compaing, it was three candidates and nobody can’t tell, who will win. When Russia was shown in the news – everybody already knew, who will win.

Comment by Dan
2008-04-18 16:40:20

Right you are. In Russia, democracy never lived. (One of my grandfathers fled Minsk because of religious persecution.) In America, it lived for a while, but is dying.

Comment by Risking
2008-04-21 16:51:36

😕 Dominicans are afraid to take risks…Moreover we should have an oil refinery in Dominica since it would boosts our country’s revenue…enable more jobs for those who are crying that there is not employment in the country. Hence about three quarters of Dominicans haven’t even been to some of Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Attractions…so why complain about putting an oil refinery…before the oil refinery we never took on such places…so why take it on now??? We are just afraid to move on…Skerrit tries to do something for allu, allu complaining….next thing skerrit don’t do something allu still complain….So what do you all want 🙄 The man is trying his best to run this country, however there are blockers who are willing to destroy our country instead of getting pasted the so called Incompetent Prime Minister and move Dominica forward….I basically think that Dominicans just don’t like change thats why our country will always be the ASS

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-21 18:34:05

Dominica will alway be an ass because you all always eager to take “ti ti wi” instead of “filet mignon”. So because they giving a few people jobs in Dominica yeah we should just take an oil refinery that will basically ruin our country. We are moving into a new direction tourism, what sense does it make to add an oil refinery to a “nature island” ? Yes skerrit is very much incompetent. You need a business minded person and also a science person to run a country. He is niether! Dominicans shouldn’t take other country’s left over. WE ARE MORE THAN THAT!!!

Maybe if they stop romancing those little girls more than half their age this government can meet with eco-tourism enthuisiasts in America, New Zealand, Britian and offer them attractive incentives to visit our country. There are Geologists here in America, where I attend school who have conventions every year in different countries other than Dominica. The tourism minister is suppose to go out there attract these kind of people to Dominica, but what they do nothing basically. The same run arounds every year. Yeah you are right he trying because all these governments in Dominica ain’t worth shit!!! I will complain and complain and in a few years I will be able to do more than just complain. Thats how we get change they say, by complaining. So enjoy leftovers, but I know Dominicans don’t take leftovers . We love the good stuff!!!! Skerrit is incompetent!!!!!!

Comment by Veselo
2008-04-21 21:41:59

Dear Risking, did you read this article:
Do you have answers on these questions?

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-21 22:15:47

P.S; Your country is an ass because it have people like you here ready and eager to call it an “ass'”. If we get many people like you educated, maybe at a school or some adult education, maybe we can get Dominica to where it is suppose to be. Educate yourself cause knowledge is power and there’s nothing worse than uneducated people walking around in a country like Dominica struggling to make its way!

Comment by just me
2008-04-22 13:17:30

bold face dominica, i think you need to see a doctor or something, cuz you dont think like a human at all……u have no respect for no one and should be in no place to all any one a fool or a liar..cuz as the sayin goes “IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE”..

i wonder who or what raised you…..!!!!

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-22 21:08:42

STupess…yo mama that raise me and yes it does take one to know one. That why you know that I am a fool, because you are one too!!!!!!!! Well keep dancing on skerrit train, he will cut you all off at the foot. All I know skerrit is a liar because what he preached to us in CDCC all these years ago isn’t what he is practising at this time. There is nothing worse than people closing their eyes to ignorance, lies, leftovers. Its okay many of you all don’t know how better you can have if you simply elect the right set of people or at least learn from the bad leaders so you may select someone of substance rather than someone you mother know or someone who give you scraps. YES SCRAPPPS!!! hmm….”respect’ , no I don’t think have much of that for people who are incompetent or weaklings like yourself who keep jumping on a doomed train!

Comment by Mari An
2008-04-23 18:08:28

Please do not let them build an oil refinery in Dominica. I work and live not far from Sun Oil refinery AND BP refinery in Northwest Ohio, U.S.A. I know the strict regulations imposed on both of these plants (and sometimes they are not always followed… and sometimes stuff happens…) but I can’t imagine Dominica being able to impose such tight regulations on a refinery (especially when someone else is footing the bill?) I also don’t believe Dominica can generate enough energy or supply enough water to support a refinery, and the waste products??? I also can’t see Chavez letting Dominicans run the plant when he can send his own people to do it, so employment wouldn’t happen. A lot of pollution would, especially without regulation. Please do not spoil your island.

Comment by Anushaa
2008-04-23 19:45:10

I certainly agree with Mari ann. Kindly do your homework before you support this refinery. There are many regulations placed on refineries all over the world. Many of these regulations don’t work! What ends up happening is no employment, tons of waste and your water resource used up to sustain this refinery. I know Dominicans are eager for jobs and money but this isn’t the right way to get it. If this refinery is built it will only provide minimal jobs and money for a limited time. Dominica has 365 rivers, after this well …you guys figure it out. Dominica’s recent government haven’t been the most forthcoming and I believe that important information isn’t being distributed to the citizens of this country. Why the government lead by PM Skerrit would even think of something like that on the “Nature Isle” is very surprising to me! I came home tis christmas and i saw more venezuelan soldiers here than before. Sure I appreciate their help with my island home, but I’m I think we are allowing this outside government to become to comfortable in Dominica.

Comment by WAKIBULI
2008-04-29 03:19:29

What is wrong with all you!!!!!!!
we have a magor problem and all you fighting with each other?????????
calling each other bad names and writing words that dont make sense!!!

its verry childish and therefore the oil thing is still there up to now!

someone told me that shaves owns that peace of land to bild HIS oil thing
so what can we do about that …NOT A THING
do you know that that peace of land was given to his cuntry soo much years ago!

who are we to tell him not to put his oil thing there?
he will put it and no goverment can stop him!

the pm will get HIS money in his pokket to hush his mouth




Comment by boldface dominican
2008-04-29 10:20:48

okay firstly “wakibuli”, please stop trying to give everyone on here an english lesson when your post has some serious issues with spelling. Like for example its chavez, not “shaves” “shavers”, Organization not “orgensetions”, nature not “narure” and lots more. Take your time to articulate your words before rebutting on other people’s comments. Its not only typos but your post as well doesn’t make sense. Even if Chaves owns land in Dominica, we are the citizens of this country, its our right to complain and dispute amongst each other. Off course, we know that the PM has his little indiscretions going on, I mean isn’t it obvious? The Dominican government both the current in power and those before, have been selling of Dominican land to private foreign owned company and schools for a while now. Many Dominicans aren’t even aware that this is going on. Most Dominicans don’t even have land but, we support governments who sell ours to other people. Dominica maybe become another caribbean statistic like Jamaica!

Comment by poponi
2008-04-30 13:46:41

Hello Dominica! Okay, I have been reading all these comments and I must say, “Oh my!” So now I will tell you all, my thoughts. And thats not to assume that anyone cares but here goes: I spent 2 years hoping islands to look for a place to invest. Dominica is the most beautiful island and the people are extremely friendly. So, I buy 5.5 acres on the coast with plans to build and develop a small hotel/resort. Not big, maybe 10-15 villas. I would employ 6-12 persons depending on business and season. Like I said, it is not a big project. But, I have put my plans on hold for 2 years, to see where this oil thing goes.
I am, and always will be a visitor to Dominica at the gracious invitation of its people and Dominica is for Dominicans to decide where Dominica goes. Not my business no matter how much I would invest there. Thats just how it is. I am a guest, period. If Dominicans decide to build a refinery on the island, that is for them to decide. However, I will not build a hotel, I will not put 6-12 people to work, and I will sell the land that I have bought and continue looking for a place to invest. It will not change my feelings about Dominica or its people, and I will still come to visit, but I would not invest my $2,000,000 US there. And like I said, this doesn’t imply that I think anyone in Dominica does or should care, it is just my feelings, plane and simple.

Comment by Todd
2008-05-09 16:38:35

First of all, I happened upon this blog while doing research on Dominica. I thought long and hard before weighing in after reading the long strings of dialogue regarding an Oil Refinery, and felt that I would like to say something. Someone hit the nail on the head when they stated that these blogs can be seen from anywhere in the world, so what you express, not only sheds light on your island nation, but people’s perception of its citizenry as a whole (right or wrong). I’m an American who is coming to Dominica for a 2 week vacation. I too am scouting locations to invest my retirement dollars and Dominica has that magical charm for me due to its beautiful natural scenery and slow pace of life. A refinery would alter that, and affect other outside investments in Dominica.

Dominica, in my opinion, should welcome not only tourists, but retirees. For one, retirees will become Dominicans and are bringing investment dollars with them. I would rather collect my retirement money from the U.S. and spend it in Dominican stores, pay for help around the house, and invest in local businesses than in the U.S. Contrary to what I have read on many of these blogs, America does have a broken democracy, but what democracy in the world is the ideal? Hundreds of thousands pour into the country illegally looking for a better life. America is a melting pot for peoples from all over the world. I work with people from 38 countries alone in my office. I have graduated college with students from Iceland, New Zealand, Somalia and countless European countries including Maritus (ever hear of that one?) My roommate (before marriage) is a practicing Muslim from Algeria (I’m a practing Christian) To this day, he is my best friend. For all of its ills, America is still a great place.

Dominica would do well to tout its tourism better here in the states. You have a wealthy northern neighbor and nobody has ever heard of you. Retirees could invest millions of dollars into your economy, and provide an educational resource. I have a professional degree and I work in a profession that sends me all over the world. I plan on bringing quite an investment with me should I purchase there following my summer vacation. Americans don’t mind foreigners buying in America. Americans do not like illegals stealing jobs, increasing crime and getting aid for nothing (they evade paying taxes forcing the burden on the rest of us)

Building the Refinery would severely hurt Dominica and the payout is short term. Continue investing in your geothermal capabilities and you will have been taught to fish and feed yourselves for a very long time.

Comment by D.A
2008-05-09 20:54:25

todd i agree with you on many points , but there is just one thing I would have to disagree is that one person can reflect a group as a whole. For example I live in the U.S, I’m Dominican, who has experienced my share of racism, but I won’t say thats reflective of all America. Humans are quite smart and I think we should give ourselves credit. Many people who blame a whole group rather than the source usually seek an easy excuse to default on an agreement, to switch blame away from themselves the source of the problem. Its an easy way out. As for “illegals”, I don’t consider human beings as illegals or “aliens”. No land is ours and if all realize that ,we might find alternative ways of describing persons of other nationalities, who seek a better life. Many of those illegals pick the oranges for your morning breakfast, they build homes and commercial property, they work hard. There are some who commit crime, but its the same for America’s own citizens who commit crimes within many communities. Similarly there are Americans participating in crimes over world. We are humans every “race” have its good and bad. Illegals don’t steal jobs, nobody really actually do that. American companies, builders hire these “illegals” willingly, knowing that they are not properly documented because don’t have to pay employment tax for an additional worker especially one without work permit. So if you want to blame anyone for that blame the companies who do that. Plus if you are a qualified team player many American companies will hire you!

Remember when you visit other countries including mexico they refer to you as a Tourists or an American, why don’t you do the same for those not properly documented. Afterall they are people to. Don’t be to quick to judge. America “freedom and justice for all”.

Comment by Joel Halfwassen
2008-05-11 23:11:14

D.A. – Amen, brother. I am an immigrant from Canada to the US (now a naturalized US citizen) and my wife is a legal immigrant from Ukraine. It drives me nuts when I hear words such as ‘illegals’ or ‘alien’ here in the US. We have swung off topic, but I wanted to vent.

As for the oil refinery…bad idea. I don’t have an issue with the leasing of oil drilling rights, but I do have an issue with a refinery in Dominica. Stay a natural paradise. Lure investment via tourism and retirement. You have a 30 year window of North American Baby Boomers looking to retire and take their American dollars some place else. Pull them in and uplift your infrastructure with the benefits of their money. Keep your island clean!

Comment by Christian Volney
2008-07-14 10:42:50

I have been a strong advocate for the oil refinery (which has not come to fruition to date) as a sustainable means to the Dominican people from an employment and economic point of view. This is a much-needed sustainable base of revenue generation for the governments coiffure in combating the ongoing demise of the banana industry.

I have had differences of opinion with Athie, Mahala and other that are opponents to such a venture; an opposition which is primarily based on their environmental bias, based on an impact study (which has yet to be fully completed and released for dissemination) and the “potential” conflict of interest to Dominica’s promotion as an eco friendly destination.

These are very valid and constructive opposition objectives to the Perto-Caribe initiative under consideration for Dominica, and they are welcomed as an equilibrium base in the assurance that Dominica’s environment is at the foremost, protected from any scrupulous and second hand industrialization that may, or may not impact our environment, negatively.

Unlike Athie and his group, I believe there is room for an equitable balance, of a viable and sustainable venture between a petroleum based industry and an eco friendly destination on our Island.

Now with that being said, it is important to understand the consideration of such industry must be based on its location and the worse case scenario as to an accidental impact on our environment in combination with the economic benefit to the people of Dominica. A balance of which must be studied in its entirety, weighed in full, as to the beneficial impact to our economy and environment.

I consider it an honor to have someone like Atherton Martin in our corner evaluating and instructing us on the cons to such a venture. We know his bias will be against such a venture, but his motivational insight will surely be driven by his love and passion for his country, which can only serve to be an advantage in our overall understanding and determination of the environmental impact.

Dominica’s future for sustainable growth hinges on the balance between industrialization and eco-tourism. This by no means should be considered as, an unrealistic request, or one that should be dismissed because of fear mongering by environmentalist and their lobbyist based on worse case scenario innuendos.

A balanced and researched approach of such an understanding must be considered by both sides during a negotiated evaluation of the available information.

The prime directive of the Prime Minister is to deliver an improved standard of living to the people of Dominica. As citizens is our responsibility to inform and assist him in this deliverance regardless of or political bias; the elections are over and we must now collectively serve the greater cause, Dominica!

We need to work together in achieving this common goal. Through communication of the facts based on studies and dialogue, a common resolve is certainly achievable.

The question is; are our political indifferences surmountable, are we willing to overlook them and focus on the common goal, Dominica?

My opinion.

Christian Volney
A Son of Roseau

Comment by dani
2008-08-06 09:10:19


Comment by Yep
2008-08-06 13:54:13

I agree with you some off us have all our breads buttered, you know an alternative if something goes wrong, who cares about the little guy? Dominica will start developing when Dominicans appreciate how wonderful this great island is even if its not as fancy as other places that I have been or many of us have. I am Dominican living elsehwhere for the past 8 years and I tell you, I envy Dominicans who live back home. Life isn’t so simple in the so called “wonderful USA” OR “UK” for that matter. We need to stop with the pretence okay! A refinery is chavez’s left over to Dominica. This will do nothing to enhance the economy. I think that our island will get better if we elect buisness minded leaders to execute governmental tasks effectively. Government who are capable of allocating resources and finances to necessary areas. Not a governement like skerritt who are much to lazy to come up with plans that will revamp the economy, instead he takes the easy way. Running along to chavez for penny deals here and there. I visit home once every year i love it. Peace of mind. Yes things are hard, but its hard even in the “states”. STop complaining and work with it and encourage a different kind of leader when the next election comes.

Comment by Christian Volney
2008-08-08 09:42:05

It is incredible the level of ignorance we can be subjected to when we are on opposite sides when debating or debunking a topic of relevance.
What does “one’s bread” being buttered on the other side of the pond have to do with the debate of an Oil Refinery? Are you suggesting that because I live in Canada or America, or even in Trinidad that I do not care about what goes on in Dominica and the struggle of my people? I find this insultive and very counter-productive, but not surprised! If these comments are true, then why would I be even discussing this with you? Think about it!

We need to communicate and discuss facts that are relevant to the subject of discussion and not arbitrally assume such negative connotations about what and where someone is! We need to stop attacking people personally and start attacking the problems!
That my friend is one of the biggest negativities that have kept us Dominicans in a blissful ignorance and it continues to hinder our progress. We suffer from a bad case of “Crabs in the Barrel” syndrome!

We will allow foreigners to walk all over us, allow then total access to our Government and resources, yet we will not support Dominican born nationals who have gone oversees, busted their asses, educated themselves, saved enough money to come back home and establish a business whilst creating employment. Why is that?
Dominican born Diasporians like myself have invested considerable time, effort and money working together (without pay and most times without recognition) in researching potential solutions to problems in Dominica; raising funds to purchase hospital equipment, bed sheets; raising funds for computers, books and medicines that our government cannot afford, so our children can go to school or receive medicines; so never ever comment back to us that we live on the other side, our bread is buttered, and we do not care about the little people! That is a slap in my face and every other Diasporian that has contributed to making a change for the better in the lives of our people.
Now ask yourself this question, what have you done for your country?

That is what is truly wrong with us as a people, a genetic colonial code in our mental makeup with a slavish mentality that we continue to suffer from; how do we truly emancipate ourselves from it? Marcus Garvey was correct when he stated the following, “A Blackman is a Blackman’s worst enemy”.

It is shameful to see how little we have advanced the welfare of our people; regardless of whether of not the Oil Refinery is good or bad for Dominica, we have shown little or no respect to due process and the opportunity to truly educate ourselves to what we may have or may have not leant from this exercise.
Say la meme bagay!

Comment by thoughts
2008-08-08 12:38:06

Well its nice that we can always use “slavery mentality” as a way to always describe black people who defend their rights to protests what not right. Its true that maybe the refinery would help like 1 %, but you aren’t an environmental engineer , kindly stop trying to make everyone think that this kind of operation is a could one for Dominica. We have to always think of he LONG TERM EFFECTS of a refinery that we would not even get profit from. Its like the venezuelan government is asking to use our stove to mix, and process their garbage then they even want to dump their stuff on our island. That is absolutley not acceptable. Would you allow someone to come to your home use your house anyway they want to and also live their trash in your living room? especially when they can use their own home to carry out their affairs. As for Dominican Nationals who go oversees, well many of them never intend to come back to their own home to contribute . Speaking because I have many friends who went to CDCC with me and they ll speak about Dominica in such a small way. So I guess what I am saying is that the people who are in Dominica right now are most important. When they say no we should accept that and understand their reason for their decision because as you said you have canada, trinidad and america to fall back on. They don’t! N.B I’m not in Dominica. Dominica problem is that for a very long time there has been continuous discrimination amongst our own people against the caribs and the african dominican population by the rich in Dominica. No one works together. So slap yourself in the face Mr. Volney, maybe if you stop insulting your own people and understand their concern you might get your point across.

Comment by Christian Volney
2008-08-08 16:16:13

My contention with regards to Canada, America or Trinidad were not a reference to “falling back on” but rather a connotation in reference to, “it does not matter where you are” if your working interest are towards improving the standard of living for each and every Dominican. This point was more or less synonymous with my intention of the meaning.

I am more concerned about due process and the principle of…; that we must respect all of a person’s rights to constructively criticize and engage in a meaningful discussion, instead of just some or most of those rights, and when we deprive people of these basic governing principles, because of our individual unilateral approach and biased steadfast conviction, we are fostering an environment of mistrust and creating an atmosphere of tension. We cannot place limitations of communication and must always recognize the importance of respecting others opinions; not agreeing, but respecting.

I really resent your suggestion that my reference to “slavish mentality” has been construed by you as a reference to black people; that I consider being stereotyping and totally suggestive on your part. Please do not assume meanings to phrases if they are not understood, but rather ask for clarification.

Quote: “kindly stop trying to make everyone think that this kind of operation is a good one for Dominica”.
Please explain to me where in my submission I have made this statement? This is the blatant disregard and spurred propaganda I am referring to. That is the non-relevant twisting of words that cause confrontation when none exist that we need to avoid and not engage in for it is counter-productive and meaningless.
If you cannot constructively attack the issue of relevance with a meaningful dialogue, then please do not attack the author, it diminishes your ability to engage meaningfully; your insinuations say it all.

The entire jest of my submission is to allow for the environmental impact assessment study on the long term effects of this proposal to be released. That is called due process and it educates us to the pros and cons of the proposal. I am in favor of that process unfolding. We have a tendency to unilaterally and more importantly arbitrarily kill proposals without educating ourselves to the facts.
At the end of the day, chances favour this as a bad viability, but we need to train ourselves to follow protocol. That is my intention here; I hope you do not construe it as some other misfeasance.

“Dominica problem is that for a very long time there has been continuous discrimination amongst our own people against the Caribs and the African-Dominican population by the rich in Dominica. No one works together. So slap yourself in the face Mr. Volney, maybe if you stop insulting your own people and understand their concern you might get your point across”.

Are you for real? Do you proof read what you write before you post, for this comment is not worthy of dignification. Where have I insulted my people in my submission, or do you construe a walk up call as insultive?

I am truly disappointed, but not surprised that you have managed a misinterpretation of my posting for what it was truly intended, and how you have managed to manifest an interpretation that is off the radar screen.

Now you understand the dilemma I am facing!

Respect to you, but you have judged me wrong. Please revisit my posting and try to read between the lines this time.

Comment by thoughts
2008-08-09 00:29:45

Volney if you think this post isn’t worthy of further discussion, why a response? Anyways I won’t argue with someone who has contributed to discrimination within Dominica’s school system. Thank you and have a nice day!!!

Comment by dani
2008-08-09 15:24:00

um…volney i don’t see WHY we’re being SLAVES by rejecting an oil refinery which would

1.affect out health, negatively- look at the amount of smog in china
2. pollute our water- destroy our rivers,
3. launch sound pollution into the natural habitats of birds,
4. raise the price of oil so that dominicans would not b able afford electricity-WHILE PPL LIKE U CAN AFFORD IT
5. engender oil spills and therefore destroy the whole caribbean sea not to mention destroy the whale watching industry, the fishermens’ livelihood and our tourist beaches
6. deter tourists form visiting
7. not create jobs for locals but only for members of chavez’ million-man army

i cant see an oil refinery being built in barbados, antigua, or st lucia. So why dominica?

and why are you so passionate about putting an oil refinery here when you dont even live here. At least leave that for us dominicans at home to decide- after all our elections were alredy decided by diasporians.

So what? You feel like Dominicans living at home have proven their stupidity and ‘SLAVE MENTALITY’ by remaining here and that they are hence incapable of deciding whether or not an oil refinery would be to their detriment?

Comment by Christian Volney
2008-08-11 10:29:14

Where have I stated that I am passionate about putting an Oil Refinery in Dominica?
I am passionate about “due process” and what we can learn from the experience as it unfolds, such as the EIA report and its recommendations.
We the people need to base our decision on facts and not on fear-mongering and that is all I am suggesting. Why is this so bad?

As to contributing to discrimination in the school system, how have you come to this conclusion? You have an incredible aptitude for drawing conclusions off the wall and I find this quite disturbing, but not surprising.
You obviously do not know me personally, or how my life has unfolded growing up in Roseau as a Boy, for that comment would never have been made.

“You feel like Dominicans living at home have proven their stupidity and ‘SLAVE MENTALITY’ by remaining here and that they are hence incapable of deciding whether or not an oil refinery would be to their detriment?”

Incredible comment and one that signifies little to me, what else can I say. I am disappointed that you feel that it is necessary to try and degrade me, comment with such ignorance, and portray someone you do not know (quite obvious) as being some sort of bigot and or racist.
I concede to these comments at this time; I thought we could have engaged in a meaningful conversation open mindedly, but it seems as if we have lowered the benchmark and it now has become redundant to continue or dignify any further.

Peace to you both.

Comment by Veselo
2008-08-11 10:42:41

Did you ever live close to any Oil Refinery?

Comment by Christian Volney
2008-08-11 14:01:38

No I have not lived close to an Oil Refinery and I certainly would not want too; I do not think any Dominican should be subjected to proximity of. That is irrelevant to my contention of due process.
I am only suggesting that we allow the process to unfold so we can all educate ourselves to the seriousness of such a proposal. I want to see the Environmental Impact Assessment report so we can reach a qualified decision based on fact. We have a tendency to nonchalantly kill proposals without fully studying the independent assessments of there viability. This train of thought is in no way suggestive of an approval stance as some will have you believe.
Would it not be nice to understand fully the implications associated with an Oil Refinery? I think it would and more importantly once and for all allow us the necessary evidence required to once and for all collectively be in consensus. What is so wrong about this understanding?

My opinions have been ostracized; I have been accused of racism and bigotry and responsible of discrimination in the school system.
That is a pathetic display of communicating a resolve to a very contentious issue. This is how we problem solve issues in Dominica by resorting to name calling and idiotic suggestions of zero relevance to the topic of discussion.
How can we forward any agenda with such a mentality…Oops, sorry, I will probably be branded for this language!
Peace and wellness to all.

Comment by Veselo
2008-08-11 16:33:00

I agree with you, that is not good that people in the discussion to go in personal level and start to call each other by names without actually asking or listenning to the point or asking the questions first. Most of that because of not to be confident about ouserlves. Sometimes I think I do it by myself too, because of emotions.

I am from Russia and in my country was built the Nuclear Power Plant. It was took a place the “due process”. The EIA report and its recommendations told us that it is a VERY SAFE Nuclear Power Plant IN THE WORLD AND NOTHING CAN BE HAPPEN WITH THAT. So, guess what? The SAFIEST Nuclear Power Plant had the WORST nuclear power plant ACCIDENT IN HISTORY. Do you know how much people was dead? 10 000 at one moment and AFTER – 2 MILLIONS because of radiation. What about environment of the region? It is dead zone for many years now.

Would you feel passionate about any “due process” and EIA report and its recommendations now? Whould you play with the future of the NATURE island?

The Oil Refinery of cause not as big as the Nuclear Power Plant and do their damage by other way, but for small island as Dominica it is more than enough.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-08-11 14:33:45

mr volney,

with all due respect to you i have read the blogs and i d understand your position. At the sme time I thought that you indeed dish out your own type of insultive criticism but in a more subtle mannner. I have already given my idea of this refinery and i believe due process isn’t really necessary especially when we are aware of the results of this refinery. Due process I believe is only necssary when it promotes positive anwsers. I don’t think many or anyone on here called you a biggit. But as for discrimination in schools that person must have attended CDCC to have come up with that idea :-). You are resorting to name calling youself. Nobody’s opnion should ever referred to as slavish or idiotic! its their own opnion. yes they said your bread was buttered. Its that person’s idea that you can make a life in many places in which they can’t. I agree that doesn’t mean you can’t give your thoughts as well, but because I also live somewhere else I will respect the decision of Dominicans not to even think of having something that can potentially harm the environment and dominica. We are all name callersget over it Volney! Your word shouldn’t always be the last word!

Comment by dani
2008-08-11 17:19:22

It’s quite interesting that you should refer to such a relevant situation as the nuclear power plant.

I was going to tell Mr. Wisdom that dominicans DON’T NEED the EIA report. We are educated people with brains of our own.

Asking us to wait for the EIA report is like telling somebody whose house is right next to a bushfire that he should first wait for a fireman to come and assess the situation before attempting to put out the fire.

Comment by Veselo
2008-08-11 17:55:53

So many people believe in the system and forget that system is managed by people, who just may have another interests and/or can do mistakes too. As for the nuclear power plant we paid too huge price for just believe and to be passionate to “due process”. Is Christian Volney want to be happen something like that with Dominica too? Is it really necessary to play with the fire and take chances?

Comment by dani
2008-08-11 20:03:16

Volney, dominicans must not be as “ignorant” “retarded” “racist” or uneducated as you think. And we are certainly not blind because look at YOUR post..yes if you scrool up YOU WILL see that you posted the following comment!!!…shall i highlight it?

Comment by Christian Volney
2008-07-14 10:42:50

I have been a strong advocate for the oil refinery (which has not come to fruition to date) as a sustainable means to the Dominican people from an employment and economic point of view. This is a much-needed sustainable base of revenue generation for the governments coiffure in combating the ongoing demise of the banana industry.

So after you said “i have been a strong advocate for the oil refinery” which clearly delineates your position, you want to call people ignorate for challenging this view, and then you still dare to LIE and ask…

“Where have I stated that I am passionate about putting an Oil Refinery in Dominica?..”.

and the thing is RIGHT THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE on the blog and you are acting as if somebody is trying to victimize you?

so tell me..if you say you are a “strong advocate” how can you be upset when somebody says you’re passionate…

Put your money where your mouth is.

Comment by Sad
2008-08-11 22:36:30

look Dominica is one of the most beautiful islands around. It’s paradise. Putting an oil refinery on it would just reuin it. Skeritt
What really has Dominica in the place it is, are the incompitent leaders who are elected everytime by people who refuse to listen to the facts but rather vote based on who their parents voted for or who can give them something during campaigns.
I mean I look around Dominica and see areas where a particular political party is popular no matter what they do. That is rediculous and ignorant. When someone comes along who tries to show the people what is wrong with that way of thinking everyone gets angry.
What is wrong with the Dominican people.
Very few people listen to the issues and as a matter of fact most don’t want to. Change is needed because the people are suffering. How long will governments come in and leave, steal, cheat and lie untill the people learn? What will it take?
I really think legislation should be passed stating how many times a particular person can be prime minister because old regimes do absolutely nothing for advancement.

Comment by Christian Volney
2008-08-12 10:22:41

Well, I never imagined such a passionate response from by fellow Dominicans. It is welcoming to be able to discuss opposite positions in a civil manner without resorting to hostilities and innuendoes.

Boldface, I must say, I rather enjoyed your constructive criticism, response and admire that spirit. As far as my subtle manner in which I also dish out some maypwe, you are correct. Do remember that I have also inherited the Dominican gene, that genetic makeup that can be frustrating to accommodate…LOL

Dani, well what can I say. You are also correct in your submission and I thank you for the compliment and title of “Mr Wisdom”. I do not feel smart in this present company; I will have you know….LOL
And yes, you are also correct that “I have been a strong advocate, “HAVE BEEN” does not mean I still am. I have come a long way on this topic of interest and to a conclusion that my people do not want this Oil Refinery in there backyard. That I respect and accept for many a reason as stated by so many. What I resent is the way we conduct ourselves when we do not want something. We tend to legitimize our cause at the expense of disrespecting others opinions and resorting to a “vieux baguy” status.

Constructive criticism is an amazing tool that needs to be employed when discussing any contentious issue. Exulting a compassionate attitude towards the person qualified for criticism is a critique I would subscribe to anytime. I do not posses a “my way or the highway” attitude and feel it is necessary to be victorious in any discussions that I partake in. I try to respect the opinions of everyone (even if I disagree with them) and have on occasions changed my position based on such communications. I have come to such a conclusion on the Oil Refinery. I have been enlightened and educated by many of you to the reality that exists with this proposal, and I respect that.

The people of Dominica have made it quite clear that they do not support this idea and I will respect their wishes. What I will not respect is when it is suggested that because I do not live in Dominica I do not have the best interest `of the “little man” or Dominica at the forefront.
Too many times in discussions of relevance, we as Dominicans have resorted to “Destructive Criticism” as the basis and means of our arguments, when we are not in agreement. Destructive criticism is intended to harm someone; it derogates and destroys people’s prestige and self-esteem on whatever level it may be displayed. This may not be done intentionally or out of sheer ignorance and foolishness. This is totally counter-productive and is usually a reaction from persons who are envious, cruel and spurred from those who judges in fields which are not there own.

I thank each and every one of you for allowing me the opportunity to partake in this discussion and hope we can exert that passionate rendition displayed in the future for the love of our homeland.

Blessings to all.
Christian Volney.
An understanding of….
Laboremus pro patria…..”Let us work for the fatherland”

Comment by pete
2008-09-20 21:34:25

The long series of comments, accusations and clarifications on the refinery issue was interesting. But really people, what was the basis of the refinery offer? Why did Chavez make the offer and why did Skerrit seeming was so willing to embrace the offer initially? Its only because Dominica is vulnerable. The country is so badly desperate for investment that the leader was willing at least initially to accept this without seriously considering the implications. So we are prostituting the country. We have done it before and may do it again.

Some of what the country’s leader is doing is in good faith. After all the leader must show that he is trying tio bring investment to the country. This was what was promised on the political platform. However, he must be mature and savvy enough to know what to accept, when and with what conditions; and what to simply say “let me think about it” and seek council on it!

You cant accept such an investment offer and then defend it by saying you will later have an EIA. So Skerrit has moved on to learn from that I hope. One should not blame the Venezuuelans about trying to dump this investment idea away from its territory. We all know that this is all part of consessions aimed at buying support in the Caribbean.

Anyway the pros and cons about the refinery and the questions about who meant what and who wanted whose ideas to prevail is hopefully dead now. I would want to ask this question: is Skerrit that savvy and informed leader who can make sound decisions in the best interest of the country? Can he really see the big picture and be strategic about his thought process? Does he understand the implications about certain types of aid being provided? Does he understand what the burden might be on the future generation? A good leader also must realise when he makes an error in judgement to correct that immediately and bring it to the public and not try to defend the initial position. Thats the price the electorate has paid for putting someone with perhaps good intentions but not the political maturity and good sense of judgement who can act decisively and timely on mattters of national significance. We have seen this poor judgement in the refinery issue, in last year’s hurricane MIA issue, the integerity commision issue, the electricity controversies, the Petro-Carb “deal”, for example. In all of these circumstances, the PM has started by being in the wrong (or made a decision on an issue which clearly required more analysis) and steadfastly maintained his stance until the rising tide of rational voices forced his hand. Having moved past the debate of whether this issue was in the best interest of the country, my question is what has Skerrit really learned from that? What do we think of his judgement and understanding on significant issues affecting the country?

Comment by Aliyah
2008-10-08 15:44:15

You know…. I think all of you are as dumb as it gets!!!! If you want to do something don’t migrate from your country and thennn go insulting what happens there…….. Go live the hard wayyy cause the people that are in ther country working HARDLYY and vice versa (DESPTE CORRUPTION n GREED) are actually the ones trying to make it happen for others…… they are making the sacrifices reagrdless of their lack of knowledge and experiencce and factual learning comes from experience and so does knowledge…. so don’t goooo attacking with mean comments while your asses are up in the developed countries regardless u MAYYYYYY and i capitalizee MAYYYYYY return within five to ten years or even MOREE to Dominica…… The only way things can change is if people likkeee ya’llll stay in your country and try to make improvements…. If u not in the country then damn right CLOSE YOUR TRAPS or at least don’t go publicizing and flabagastinggg ON THE INTERNET…. SHITTtttttttttttttttt… yes we all need to get our degrees and have the paper in our hands for success but if u r so concerned with the future of your country then make your criticisms without insulting the acts of those TRYING TO MAKE CHANGES for the country WHICH YOU ARE NOT IN AT THE MOMENTTTTT…..shitttttttttt

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-10-08 18:25:01

hey Aliyah,
you are the one displaying stupidity. Wonderfully enough many people are quite aware that you don’t reflect all Dominicans. The idea of someone migrating for better study opporunities to assist their own country shouldn’t be considered as absurd. I think you are the one who needs to close your trap. Please stop using capital letters and writing like Dominican schools don’t teach correct way of essay writing and proper use of thought. If you accept corrupted help you are no different from the people who have no ethics and those who don’t think for the future. Developed countries are who feeds you believe it or not. Imagine Dominica being in a scenario that off Cuba because the Prime Minister did business with corrupted Governments of foreign countries I bet your “Trap” would sing another song. If America doesn’t trade or approve buisness with Dominica there will be serious implications, so yes, one has to question, criticize the current Government who ctually heard what others have said and decided to forgo this insane idea of a refinery in the Nature Isle of the Caribbean”. P.S Try exhibiting the definition of your name and maybe invest in additonal education. They really said it Dominica has a Brain drain. Big up the classes of 1990-1999

Comment by Christian Volney
2008-10-09 09:41:53

I think the two of you need to reflect back on what you have written and submitted on this forum in the heat of the moment. It is counter-productive to attack one’s personality as it invites confrontation on an individual level. Why do we feel it is necessary, that when we disagree with one’s opinion it “somehow” gives us this right to insult and verbally abuse that person publicly.
Do remember that what we write here is reviewed by thousands of people, many of which many not be of a Dominican heritage. Remember, all comments are representative of us as a people and are a reflection of how we are perceived.
One need not agree with the suggestion or opinion of another, as is everyone’s right, but be dignified enough by restraining oneself in verbal condemnation by rising to the occasion and showing a degree of respect.
As a people we need to appreciate the opinions of others and treat them with the same degree of respect we would expect of others. How can we forward our cause if we cannot agree to to engage in a civil manner with one another.
Blessing from above and one love!

Comment by Albert
2008-12-22 11:20:55

Always remember that your health is better that wealth

Comment by Jerry
2009-11-28 15:31:04

An oil refinery is the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. If it progresses you can bet that payoffs and corruption are behind the entire venture. Solar, wind, tidal, geothermal…that is the way to go. Oil refineries, Whaling etc are making a mockery of Dominica, its people and above all its leadership. If oil refineries go in ..say goodbye to tourism.

Comment by Mariel (U.S.A)
2010-01-20 10:33:26

I agree that an oil refinery being put on the “nature island” of Dominica is not the best idea. However, there are good and bad sides to everything. This refinery will allow more money from exports and jobs. But risks about polluting the environment and the health of people living on it is not a good enough risk for jobs and extra cash. What tourist is going to want to visit an island that has potential for causing a risk to their health? The fugitive emissions of the refinery can spread up to 30 miles….the island is what? between 27-29 miles long? I think Chavez is definitely using some political power to get what he wants, tricking the Dominican people into believeing that this oil refinery will help them out when in truth Chavez will be making way more money. He already sees Venezuela as the “mother land of Dominica”; he feels like he’s in charge of telling the Dominicans what’s best for them. The Dominicans should really be telling their prime minister whats best for them, not a foreign country.

Comment by Cesare Bonventre
2010-03-31 21:09:10

Dominica’s natural resources are her best asset

The people of Dominica are the humble care-takers of these vital resources

At this time when most the Caribbean is short of water, the people of Dominica need to continue teaching her children that the earth is our mother. What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth.

This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

I was direct witness to the destruction of the pristine lakes of the Texas Hill Country – All lost due to the run off of fertilizer used to promote lawns & golf courses. The fertilizer run-off of luxury constructions changed the pH of the water & promoted the growth of algae, etc. Soon, no one could see a foot through the water – An utter & complete destruction of all her waters took a mere two years! Never again will Texas have beautiful waters.

The Dominica people love this earth as a newborn loves its mother’s heartbeat. So, if they move forward to develop the land, those who build upon her must love it as the people of Dominica have loved it. Builders must care for it as the people of Dominica have cared for it. The builders of Dominica must hold in their minds the memory of the land as it is when they receive it: Preserve the land for all children and love it, as God loves us all.

As we are part of the land, you too are part of the land. This earth is precious to us. It is also precious to you. One thing we know: There is only one God. No man, be he Black, White or Yellow, can be apart. We ‘are’ brothers after all”

Comment by kathleen bruno
2010-06-01 03:42:28

its a sad day if it is built
as around the world the one think Dominica is famed for is its Natural surrounding.
It is the one thing on TV in the UK that people are aware of about Dominica
and with the example of the disasters that is possible, like in the USA now with oil HOW can this be contemplated
why would someone put this oil refinery in Dominica
Chernobyl was considered progress wasn’t it .( a disaster still felt )

the future progress of a nation should not be taken lightly
it should be looked at as the future of the people

there is no 100% guarantee of environmental protection

The one thing that makes Dominica stand out from all other Islands is the one thing the nation should protect

I can’t see why this is being considered as progress
why don’t they PROGRESS by giving people free electricity. it is easily done as Dominica has wind and sun, that would be PROGRESS

it should be, always, about development in a positive way, protecting the future of the people and promoting its resources not blindly using them and destroying the future.

Comment by Jerry
2010-07-30 08:42:56

Is this a joke? Promote the “Nature Island” then build a refinery? What ever happened to the deal with the Japanese to build the whale processing factory? Who the heck is running the show?

Who ever is in charge, I’d say they can be bought for very little.

Comment by karl
2010-09-17 17:59:26

one question I’ve – does Dominica has any for of steady income. I do understand the Eco effects there maybe, but how much damage there will.

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