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Purely Dominica

UPDATE:International Reggae Band Steel Pulse Replaces UB40’s Ali Campbell at this year’s World Creole Music Festival.

Luciano, Krosfyah, Jah Cure and Ali Campbell’s UB40 are among the top names for this year’s 14th Annual World Creole Music Festival to be held from October 29 to 31st at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium. Reggae star, Luciano who is in the Friday night line-up, is known for popular hits like “Lord Give Me Strength”, “Over the Hills” and “It’s me Again Jah.”

One of the bands expected to perform on that night is Les Aiglons, a classic Guadeloupian band of the 70’s cadence era who, like nearly all bands of the period, were heavily influenced by the Haitian music popular in the Antilles from the late 50’s to the early 80’s.The band is known for hit songs like “Bidimbol”, “Mes Illusions”and “Le Cerveau”.

Other performances for the first night of the festival are Victor O, Kreyola and Midnight Groovers. Soca band, “Krosfyah Band” from Barbados is scheduled to perform on the following night. For the past fifteen years, Krosfyah has been touring the world inducing fans across three continents into soca frenzy with hits such as “Pump Me Up”, “Sak Passe” and “Road Jam”.

Jamaican artiste “Jah Cure” is also down to perform for Saturday night. “Jah Cure” was given the name by reggae and dancehall artiste, Capleton whom he met while growing up in Kingston. He has produced a steady stream of singles such as ‘Call on Me’, ‘Never Find’ and ‘To Your Arms of Love’ that won him critical and popular acclaim.

 world creole music festival 2010 poster

Also on the Saturday night lineup are Mas Compa, the WCK Band and Les Etoiles Du Candance. The final night of the festival will end with performances by Stefan Ravor known for producing zouk hits such as “Lanmou Pe Ke Fini”and “Julie.” Ali Campbells UB40 is also expected to perform on the final night of the festival. UB40, a British reggae band, has sold over 70 million records.Their number one hit singles include ‘Red Red Wine’, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ and ‘I Got You Babe.’

Creole Stars featuring Princess Lover, Orlane, Costuleta and the MKG Band, T-Vice, Exile One and Dominica’s Triple Kay Band are the other performers who will bring down the curtains for the final night of the 14th Annual World Creole Music Festival.

Article by:The New Chronicle Newspaper

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Comment by Susieh
2010-08-03 20:18:50

I am an Ali Campbell fan – he and his new band are brilliant !!
We have seen them ‘live’ many times but as the poster correctly says it is Ali Campbell’s UB40 performing – not UB40 .. Ali was the lead singer until 2 years ago when he and the keyboard player Mickey Virtue left. Ali performs all the hits – that he is well known for – Red Red Wine, Kingston Town, etc.

I noticed that you are a guest writer and presumably nothing to do with the concert advertisers or promoters – the advertising is correct on the concert poster – this headline will confuse people ( and a few bitter UB40 fans – who are still harping on about the split of the band – 2 years on .. I know – crazy right? )
But you guys are in for a treat – Ali is the golden voice of UB40 that everyone loves and the band are excellent – but please change it to Ali Campbell’s UB40 so there is no confusion – and have a great time at the concert – wish we could be there too. thanks

Comment by Chris
2010-08-04 07:37:55


Updated the title post to “Ali Campbell’s UB40” as advertised on the festival poster.

Thanks for your comment!

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-04 09:36:18

It’s not crazy. He has UB40 in all of his advertising.

Oh and can someone please change the article, let me quote the first line:

“Luciano, Krosfyah, Jah Cure and UB40 are among the top names”

It’s not UB40, that’s wrong. It’s Ali Campbell that’s performing. The person who wrote the article needs to ammend this mistake

Comment by Shelly
2010-08-09 19:43:15

BUT UB40 last year promoted their tour with pictures of Ali, I was one of those conned into thinking he had rejoined the band, it was only on leaving the 02 that I saw posters for Ali’s gig in May and it was by far a better concert. Rest assured Ali can call himself what he likes he has my support.

Comment by Angie
2010-08-04 15:44:20

Susie (??)………how about changing it to the CORRECT name of Ali Campbell and the DEP BAND !!!!! That way, there won’t be any confusion whatsoever.
Bitter UB40 fans?????????………hardly surprising when some guy is trying to put them out of business!!

Comment by Sarah
2010-08-05 07:31:45

Hi Susie

You’re wasting your time ,because these people have an agenda.

For people who keep going on about how happy they are that Ali has gone, they seem to spend every waking hour thinking about him . Never let the truth get in the way of a good story do they- I think they just like the attention they get on the UB40 Forum, makes them feel important.
They just want to be noticed and if for some reason people aren’t taking much notice, they come onto sites like these to get their attention fix.

As you have said the person that posted this was a guest, and has ammended it.
It correctly states on the poster who is playing Ali Campbells “UB40” and thats all that matters,people know who they are getting.Don’t get drawn into their saga as thats what they want you to do.
For people going to the Creole Festival have a wonderful time.

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-05 08:06:39

I’m don’t want to wind up/annoy anyone here. I simply want answer, but you are making it very difficult as you are always dodging the key issues.

I just want to know this. Why, in all of Ali Campbell’s marketing, is the word ‘UB40’ plastered everywhere. As you are stating that UB40 is rubbish without Ali, surely if people felt like this, then putting UB40 on all his ads would have a negative impact on ticket selling? That’s all I want to know, he decided to leave UB40, so why is UB40 all over his posters. In some of them, I’ve seen UB40 in bigger letters than Ali Campbell!

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-05 12:34:19


Noone is dodging any issues.
The reason why noone answers is because it’s the same old merry go round!
Maybe you should have listened the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th time this was dicussed?
It could be due to ignorance or just that you wasn’t around at the time?
But either way, It’s common sense why promotion companies use “Ali campbell’s UB40”
But you really cannot reason with stupidity, so people stopped trying!

When someone asks a question and it’s answered, If the next step is to just the same question over and over it becomes childish.
If you don’t understand why they use Ali Campbell’s UB40, then ask a grown up for help!



Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-05 10:08:32

Sarah, I don’t think for one minute people are coming on here for an attention fix. I think their views and opinions are well founded. Do you not think it strange that the minute Alis tour was cancelled in England and Flying High was denied a USA release, that suddenly his new band ‘The Dep Band, whom he couldn’t stop raving about, were turned into Ali Campbells UB40. Do you not think that in itself is not insulting to the musicians themselves, let alone the real UB40, who as correctly stated by Michael, own their back catalogue and all rights to their music. As well as having the main songwriters and melody arrangers still there, ie Brian, Robin, Jimmy, Earl, Astro and Norman. They collectively made Ali look good, as many have commented, its just not the same show, it is lacking in a lot of areas. I think the time has come for Ali to stop misleading promoters and agents, and they in turn the general public, where ticket sales are concerned.

Do you not think its about time also, that he let go of the past and what was, and promoted himself as individual, and stopped hanging onto their coat tails so to speak. As I have interviewed them recently, i know its what they want, and then they can stop being bothered with advertisements, such as the one that started this, that state they are playing when they are not.

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-05 14:17:39


Of course you are seeking attention.
What is the point of saying the stuff above if you wasn’t?
You are stating stuff that you do not know as fact and just what you are led to believe.
On your own forum you can talk as much of what you are led to believe as you like.
But elsewhere you should be more aware of what you are saying!
Because the things above are in your opinion only from the things that has been said about Ali on your forum!

You seem to be claiming that the 6 remaining members are the only songwriters and melody makers within UB40?
And Ali and Mickey never wrote anything and were carried and made to look good by the remaining members of UB40?

But that of course is not true!

Ali wrote ALL of the melodies for the songs with which he sung.
Which would probably be something around 80% of all the original songs and 99.5% of the original hits.

Since the split, In your opinion would mean that Ali hasn’t released ANY original material?
As he cannot write in your opinion lyrics or melodies?

And yet since the split which Running Free coincided with (Co-written by Brian, but to be honest wasn’t Ali’s best work) Ali has gone on to have Flying High and is currently working on Rhythm Method. 3 original albums, and yet since Ali departed UB40 have managed (0) (Zero) (None) original albums?????????

How can that be if ALL the lyricists and melody makers are still with UB40?

All UB40 have released is compilation after compilation containing Ali and promoting it using Ali’s sound and image… (Is this not the very thing you are protesting about Ali doing) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Ok UB40 own the rights to their back catalogue and are free to release what they like?
But releasing these albums shortly before a tour AND using Ali’s sound and image is very misleading to the public that may not be aware that Ali “Was forced to quit” UB40 nearly 3 years ago now! (Now if that is not doing exactly what you are protesting about, then common sense really will not prevail).

Then of course there is LOL4, the only release UB40 have made that had no imput from Ali and Mickey!
Now taking that the Labour Of Love series is very popular, this should mean it will chart for weeks on end and at least reach the top 10……? Especially as it was released at a time where the UK chart is considered to be weak!
It was in the UK top 100 for 2 weeks and reached a very lowly mid 20’s position?

So if the Labour Of Love brand should make an album in that series go top 10/20 then there must be some reason that people did not buy it?????????

It may have something to do with the singer perhaps?

But never mind, both Running Free and Flying High positioned in the top 20. As will Rhythm Method on it’s release next year and the British Song Book album being released in the next couple of months!

So Ali has been really busy on “New” and/or “Original” material. And as UB40 have ALL the lyricists and melody makers left in the band they must certainly be working on something “New” and/or “Original” then?

My mistake. Signing Off……. Although one of the best debut albums of all time in my opinion it’s hardly “New” and it contains Ali too. So when it’s released and the ad’s are running for it and it has Ali’s sound and image on it. It will coincide (Great timimg) with the UK (Not arena) tour. Just to confuse or hoodwink the public again!

Nobody from Ali’s site has said anything to do with UB40 for weeks, although the constant drivel written about Ali on a daily basis on the UB boards is still as much as it ever was?

Get over it, Move on, Grow up!

Someone mentions Ali Campbell and UB40 and poster and it’s like throwing piranha’s a pepperoni! 😀 😀

These people know what they are getting. The voice of UB40, and his new band.
They know that it’s not UB40. Coz Ali campbell’s UB40 suggests differently!

You interviewed them, and heard what they have to say!
Because it’s what they have to say doesn’t mean it’s the truth.
Ali isn’t on his own website 24/7 bad mouthing them to all that will be gullible enough to listen. Ali doesn’t start silly topics on his own website that he knows will cause reaction and get a lot of hits.
Ali doesn’t talk about them more than he talks about himself on his website 24/7…..

It only looks that way to the people that hang off every word they say regardless of it’s content or meaning?

But to everyone outside that fantasy of theirs, It is clear to everyone who needs to let go of the past and who is hanging on to coat tails…… After all, there is only one party moving forward and not trying to recreate the past…?????????

If it is so wrong and illegal for Ali to use the brand name with which to promote his gigs that he spent 28 of his 30 years within the music industry building up. personally i think he is entitled to use it in some form. But why the need for you all to bring your petty and childish rubbish to sites where people in reality JUST DON’T CARE about the split or what Ali or the UB’s have done or are doing!
They just want to chill and listen to the voice of UB40 with which they have grown up and/or grown old with.

If you feel that you must have to act because you have been led to believe something, can you not just say…. This is not UB40 but Ali Campbell (The former original singer of 28 years) and his new band!

Will that not surfice for you lot to do, or must you really bring your drivel and poison and things you are led to believe because a poster is not to your liking?
Outside of your fantasy world, let Ali and the UB’s sort it for themselves!
If it were illegal for Ali to use the brand name then don’t you think 18 months after he started using it they would have put a stop to it by now?
They know it’s pointless, they would never win in the legal battle over this because Ali Campbell’s UB40 suggests that it’s exactly what it say’s…… Ali Campbell’s UB40!

Grow up loonies!



Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-06 09:00:07


there is a video on the front page, promoting UB40’s tours. Show me the exact point in the video where Ali’s sound or image is used, and I will kindly step down. Also, find me any poster or promotion of their upcoming tour which uses Ali’s sound or image.

Look on the first page of the forum, you say that on a daily basis people on the forum are bad mouthing Ali. Go onto the first page and tell me where somebody is complaining about Ali. I implore you to. But I must stress that you won’t find anything, as you are wrong 🙂

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-06 11:05:34

Sardonicus, did you study the english language at school, or are you still at school, as that would make a lot of sense ? How can you justify that the phrase, Ali Campbells Ub40 suggests differently, and that people know its not UB40. Ive never heard or read such a biased statement. Have you not read any of the other comments on this subject, or as normal, have you chose to ignore them, as what you say is the only thing that matters. How on earth would anybody not expect UB40 if their name is being used. I have just spoken with the William Morris Agency in New York, who as Ub40′ Agents have decided to counteract this by advertising the band as the official UB40 on their forthcoming stateside tour.
As for Alis solo albums, did you not read the reviews, that critically slammed them. or once again did you chose to ignore them, as they did not agree with you. Music is about quality not quantity, and I am sure that Virgin/EMI, would not be financing a new secret recording project with UB40, if they did not have faith in their ability without Ali and Mickey. Who’s Ali with now ? Oh sorry, he does not have a recording deal does he ? Anyway back to the original question…Do the session musicians who play with Ali not deserve their own identity, instead of trying to use and abuse, by all accounts, someone elses.

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-06 14:32:13

Find me an example where UB40 themselves, has used Ali’s voice or image, if you can do that you win. and a real example. Not a poster from 1980.

You claim that on the forum people insult Ali on a daily basis. In which case, please, find me a post for every day this month so far where somebody has badmouthed Ali Campbell. Too hard? If so, here’s something a little easier: look on the frontpage and find me a post where somebody has badmouthed Ali Campbell. If you can do that, I’ll back down.

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-06 16:32:43

Check out who’s voice is singing, check out the images used………..

But best of all, check out the caption 12 seconds in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although this shows UB40 hoodwinking the public blatantly. I don’t really consider it to be a win!
There are no winners with this never ending saga!

As for the BB, I haven’t been on for a couple of day’s. But last i looked….. Another 10 pager…..?

It really doesn’t matter how many times i prove this or that. Proof counts for nothing in loonie land. As long as someone inclined to think like a loonie says something, then that’s good enough for loonies!
So regardless of any examples or proof, you are not gonna back down as you say you will!

Although i haven’t got a clue who you are. Probably would if you used your loonie I.D.
But unlike Panchanlama, at least you are honest enough to admit to being a user of the BB! 😀

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-07 10:07:31

I said to you to find me where UB40 themselves had decided to use Ali’s voice and image. First of all, that is an album containing songs by UB40, so of course UB40 can use the songs recorded with Ali.

Anyway, that best labour of love album had nothing to do with UB40. It was Virgin/EMI who decided to release it, so everything was due to them. UB40 had absolutely no input into that idea.

Onto my second point? How are UB40 hoodwinking the public AT ALL. The advert plays the songs that will be in the album, they buy the album and they get those songs.

Also, seeing as you haven’t checked the BB in a while I’ll fill you in. NO 10 pagers, and nothing has been posted for a while. That throws your “daily” out of the window.

Of course I’m not going to back down, as your “proof” wasn’t actually proof. However, I do not blame you for this one, because I imagine you were unaware that UB40 really had nothing to do with the Best of Album that was released.

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-07 20:47:13


Noone has suggested that UB40 had anything to do with the release of The Best Of The Best Of The Best Of The best of! 😀
The point is, upon it’s release it coincided with the tour at the end of last year.
To run that ad for it USING Ali’s sound and image whilst advertising the tour and without noting Ali had left and Duncan is now the lead vocalist….. And is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.

As simple as that is for anyone to understand, I know….. You just don’t get it!
It’s probably the reason you never get an answer?
As i’ve said, you can’t reason with stupidity!


Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-07 05:12:15

Sardonicus, I have a email from Virgin/EMI concerning promotion for Signing Off. It basically says that in no way, shape or form will they be using Alis image in their promotional campaign for the album as he is no longer anything to do with UB40. They also state that they would be very surprised if anyone booking tickets for the shows, would expect Ali to be there. Your childish point about ( not arenas ) is also odd as this tour deliberately takes place in venues up and down the country, in cities and towns, where they first toured these songs. Brilliant idea actually. To put your mind at ease, apparently according to their UK agent, Arena dates are already being pencilled in for next year. You should try and go to one of the shows…………….

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-07 10:14:25


Ok, privvy to certain information. Emails from EMI/Virgin on behalf of UB40.
An obvious dislike for my good and bad self.
There is a Panchanlama that signed up to Ali’s site a while back, real name Mrs T.
Surprisingly still an active user that hasn’t been banned! 😀 😀 But then i guess you do have the right to post something 1st. What sparked you to sign up, was it something i said? 😀

So i don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist or even schooled 😀 to work out who you are…….

Now we do, I am not gonna get drawn into petty arguments that spark (And you were right) childish comments such as the not arena’s one! 🙂
I don’t buy the explanation of taking the show from the arena’s and into the more smaller venues? I agree in principal that it is a brilliant idea, after all celebrating the birth of UB40 in bringing that sound (With which with Ali for me is and will always be the perfect sound) back to where it all began will bring back some great memories for a lot of people.
But you would think that if UB40 were still the draw they once were, then you would expect them to play 4 or 5 nights in some places? The closest they get to that is 2 nights in London, but at seperate venues?????????

An example of my point is…. On the P&L tour, there was so much demand for tickets…. Off the top of my head…. Did they not do 5 nights at Wembley Arena?
60,000 + people…… 🙂
Now doing this now back in theatres etc that hold 2-3000… Only 1 night????

If they have an arena tour booked for next year, will surprise me. But good luck to them anyway!

As for getting out to one of the shows?
As much as i love UB40……..? Duncan singing those songs sadly does not bring sweet music to my ears! 🙁

I’m fairly certain that there’s enough English language there for me to have made my point.

When you do your piece in The Times, don’t forget the part where Mr T was quoted as offering money for my personal details. It might sell a few more copies! 😀 😀 😀

And on that note, would probably be wise if i shut the door quietly on my way out.



Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-08 09:00:24

Who’s Mrs T ? I’m not married………I live in Oxford, and am only 24 yrs old, plenty of time for marriage, although I do plan to get engaged sometime soon. Why on earth would anyone want your personal details ? I used to work for Mojo and also Virgin media, after leaving Uni……Sorry to disappoint you. I just happen to know someone who has been involved in all of this, in a work capacity. Oh and I have never registered on any forum. Must be someone using the same name. I am a follower of Buddhism, hence the reference. I don’t dislike you, am just surprised at your biased opinion constantly. At least I know the truth, and don’t rely on spoon fed information. My article is to be published around the end of October in one the weekend Sunday magazines. I hope you get a chance to read it……….

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-08 09:30:22

And yet previously you said i should know who you are?

Like firstly you were a journalist then in the music indusdtry?

Have you ever kept to the same story or do you just make everything up as you go along? 😀 😀

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-08 09:45:43

My real name is Anna Carson-Parker and I have nothing to hide. However I do publish under a pseudonym. I wrote the Flying High Album review for Mojo a while back. Thought you would have read it……..Im also related to somebody involved in this as well as my father being associated in a legal capacity. I think thats enough info for now……….

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-08 10:08:29

Then why would you say i should know who you are?

I have never heard of you, IF that is your real name?

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-08 10:56:34

I thought I had quoted from my review and you would have recognised it. I do apologise…. I am however a music business journalist and have written for the NME, and Rolling Stone magazine recently. I also worked for Virgin/EMI briefly in their Press Releases Dept, but why does this matter to you so much ? It does not change the fact that Ali Campbells UB40 is so misleading to the general public, and also so pitiful, that he feels that this is what he has to resort to, to attract attention to his gigs. He was obviously not the main attraction all along was he ?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Shelly
2010-08-09 19:41:21

May I add to this the fact that I paid to see UB40 in December at the o2 in London their posters clearly stated UB40 and I am pretty sure the photo used for the promoting poster showed Ali Campbell. Can I even begin to tell you how cheated I felt when I turned up expecting to see UB40 and it clearly was not. In May this year I went to the 02 Indigo to see Ali Campbell’s UB40 and I have to say this show was by far the better, and in future I will see Ali Campbell’s UB40 not the UB40 that are pretending that he is still with them.

The 30th anniversary that is coming up with a tour celebrating Signing off where on the advertising for this does it say that this is not the original line up??

I think you are all getting yourselves worked up over nothing, he was part of the band he sang the vast majority of the songs so really get over it, he is allowed to be Ali Campbell’s UB40 at least we know who we are getting instead of being led to believe that we are seeing UB40 without a flipping lead singer.

Comment by Irene
2010-08-10 06:55:19

I don’t understand the phrase, ” expecting to see UB40 and it clearly was not” So Astro, Earl, Robin, Brian, Jimmy and Norman, are not UB40 anymore, how strange ? you had better pass that round quick to all the thousands of people who are buying tickets to the shows. Yet you feel that a band of session musicians, whose line up seems to change as often as their name, deserve to be called UB40. Now that just does not make sense, does it ?

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-08 15:30:14

Also I have to make it clear, I am not privy to emails between Virgin and UB40. I emailed them myself, as I know a guy called Issac who works there. He mailed me their stance on the campaign for Signing Off. As simple as that.

Comment by Flo Galvez
2010-08-03 23:06:52

This sounds like a wonderful festival—EXCEPT for the so called act “Ali Campbell’s UB40”. Campbell left UB40 over 2 years ago, for a solo career, but trading on the name of the one and only UB40. If anything, the REAL UB40, who are still making excellent reggae and playing to sold out gigs worldwide, should be playing at this concert. And, playing all over the Caribbean with their latest fantastic reggae album LABOUR OF LOVE IV. I hope that concertgoers won’t be fooled. The quality of the music Ali Campbell is making with his new band is a pale shadow in comparison to the real UB40.
I pray the promoters will keep truth in advertising and just announce: Ali Campbell (formerly of UB40) or just Ali Campbell.

I implore all reggae fans to be patient and look out for UB40 (not the Ali Campbell version) to come to your area. Or, keep asking the local promoters to bring them. I have seen them several times, especially in the past couple of years. It will be a strictly wicked time worth waiting for.

Comment by Shelly
2010-08-10 12:29:17

After what I saw in December I would definitely be up for Ali Campbell’s UB40 and not the remains of what was once a great band. For those of you going to this show you will not be disappointed Ali & his UB40 will blow you away, enjoy it and I am sure you will all be screaming for more.

Comment by Darren Todd
2010-08-04 03:43:49

The following; taken from your website, is factually incorrect and i would appreiciate it if you would reword the advert.

Ali Campbells UB40 is also expected to perform on the final night of the festival. UB40, a British reggae band, has sold over 70 million records.Their number one hit singles include ‘Red Red Wine’, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ and ‘I Got You Babe.’

Ali Campbell USED to be in UB40 who did in fact sell over 70 Million records, However Ali Campbell has now got a NEW band and called them ub40 to try and entice unsuspecting fans to buy tickets to his caberet act copying all of UB40’s material. The REAL UB40 will not be attending this venue, and as the promotors / advertisers i think you have an obligation to the general public to emphasise that this is NOT the REAL UB40.

The Real UB40 are still working and entertaining people and do not want this to be associated with them.

People have the right to know the truth.

Comment by Kris
2010-08-04 05:51:25

Sounds great.. is this the REAL UB40? as in UB40 and NOT just their EX lead singer Ali Campbell who went solo a few years ago.
Too many people have been caught out by this false advertising in the past and I just want to make sure before booking up for this concert, flights and hotel.

Comment by Chris
2010-08-04 07:36:59

Updated the title post to “Ali Campbell’s UB40” as advertised on the festival poster.

Comment by D'mond
2010-08-04 06:40:19

looks great, would love to be there – its a real shame that real UB40 won’t be there instead of that ali campbell tribute band!

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-04 07:25:25

There’s been a mistake, first line says UB40… but UB40 are not performing here. It’s Ali Campbell that’s performing, not UB40

Comment by Janette Parry
2010-08-04 09:56:08

Its a shame that people will buy tickets to this with their hard earned cash expecting to see the REAL UB40 and what they get is ALI and the DEP BAND or whatever they’re calling themselves.
They’re a kareoke version of the REAL UB40 and people will be very disappointed.

Comment by Susieh
2010-08-04 11:11:45

See I told you – a few obsessed UB40 fans post on sites like this all the time trying to discredit Ali …as above … it’s boring.
The truth is UB40 – was 8 original members – neither UB40 or Ali Campbell’s UB40 has the 8 original members anymore,but if you want to hear the voice that you know from all the major hits – then obviously Ali Campbell is who you want to see – We saw UB40 with their ‘new singer’ on tour in December it was awful and loads of people walked out when they realised Ali was not singing.We also saw Ali and his band and it was an excellent concert – there is no replacing that voice.
But as for the endless posts saying the ‘real’ UB40 – there is no such thing anymore – the real UB40 that everyone knew for the last 30 years was the 8 original members and neither of them can claim to have that line up now.

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-04 12:04:50

Im afraid Susieh, you seem to be acting as an obsessed Ali Campbell fan. The official UB40, with their new singer Duncan Campbell, are touring at the moment, and with sell out tours in England and America to look forward to, they are in demand now more than ever. As for people walking out, I very much doubt that, for as far as concert promoters worldwide are concerned, if that was the case, they certainly would not be offering them lengthy tours, city after city after city. Whereas, unfortunately the same cannot be said of Ali Campbells UB40, who seem to be only offered the odd festival, here and there, after having had to cancel advertised tours through lack of ticket sales. As I work within the music industry, I feel that people should be made aware of facts, and proven track record, which Im afraid Ali Campbells management seem to avoid, and rely far too heavily on still using UB40s name for promotion. . I have seen both groups this year, and can honestly say that along with several colleagues from our media agency that Ali Campbells UB40 is a poor imitation for the real thing. Why does he not advertise the real name of his band ‘ The Dep Band ‘ ? As for his voice still being the same, I was very surprised, he forgot a lot of the words to a few songs, in fact, he looked a little bit worse for wear, I hope he stays off the hard stuff for you guys !

Comment by Shelly
2010-08-10 12:39:28

Which gigs did you go to Panchanlama? I saw UB40 (not the original line up although I thought it was from their posters) at o2 December 2009 and I saw Ali’s UB40 in May this year at the Indigo. I can hand on heart say that Ali did not forget any of his words, he did not look worse for wear in fact he looked better than I have ever seen him and his voice was amazing. In contrast the remaining UB’s just did not seem to cut it anymore, Duncan just does not do it for me i’m afraid he doesn’t have the voice for reggae. I really think UB’s would have been better going it alone and using the existing talent such as Robin, Earl and Astro as their lead man. Of course we are all entitled to our own opinion but I was badly let down by the UB gig and left after 30 minutes which never happened when Ali was with them.

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-10 13:58:09

Wow thought I was at the same gigs as you, obviously not. Firstly I don’t think for one second, you can really compare the shows, 20,000 capacity for UB40 and a couple of hundred for Ali. That was the main problem, there was no vibe with Ali and his session guys. As for you feeling Duncan didn’t do it for you, thats a shame, because as Ali said himself in his autobiography “Blood and Fire”, Duncan was always the best singer out of all of us. Now thats from the horses mouth. No, if I want a kick ass reggae band that ticks all the boxes for energy, production, overall musicianship, Ill stick to the official UB40…..Check out the Tour Schedule on the UB40 Website. I don’t think the promoters in the states and the UK are worried about ticket sales, whereas I stated before, Ali doesn’t seem to worth the risk for overseas promters due to the standard of the show. It is a let down, theres just no chemistry there………It may work for one off festivals, especially in Europe. But the main point of this debate, shelly, is don’t you think out of sheer self respect, Ali” band should be called by their real name The Dep Band, instead of trading under someone elses. Don’t you think the general public also deserve the respect, not to be conned. At least in the states, they are now advertised as the official UB40, as not to be confused with their ex singer and his new band. Id say that the remaining six deserve that much at least……….

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-04 14:54:10

Stop turning this into a slanging match.

All I am saying is this: UB40 appears on all his advertising. Are you saying that for the last few decades people like Laurence and Martin have not actually been a part of the ‘real UB40’?

Also- There are still 6 of the 8 original members. They are still UB40, they own the rights to all of the songs.

These are the facts. That’s all I’m giving. You are being subjective and dodging the key issues

Comment by Darren Todd
2010-08-04 13:30:00

Susieh, we are not here to discredit Ali in the slightest. and neither do i want a flame war about it on here.
The point in question is the illeagal use of the UB40 brand name and logo, the instigation that UB40 will be playing and the damn right deceptiveness of Ali Campbells promotors.

Yes we are “fans” of UB40, and as you have said Ali was apart of that, unfortunately Ali left of his own free will but still decides to confuse paying public into thinking he is still with UB40 the original Reggae band from Birmingham England when he promotes his shows.
To stop all the bitterness and complaints about him, why doesnt he just STOP using the UB40 brand name and logo?

The truth in that i am afraid is that no one would actually know who he was with out the UB40 bit.

I wish him all the best for the future of his SOLO career, just not using UB40 as his money making device.

Comment by Robyn
2010-08-05 16:05:23

Well reading all through the comments on here – I really dont know what the fuss is about – dragging up bitter arguments when the advertising clearly states who is appearing – no where does it state that UB40 alone are appearing , I fail to see how anyone could be misled at all !!! – if I saw the ad – I would be in no doubt who I was spending my hard earned cash on – Ali Campbell and his new band – How it can be said that Ali’s promotors are being deceptive is beyond me – As for Ali only playing the odd festival – Have you seen his touring lately – he has been world wide – I wonder if you compare how many gigs Ali has done to what Ub40 has done – who would have done the most !!! If we are talking about false advertising what about when UB40 stick photos with Ali’s image all over it to promote albums / tours – does that not count ? is that not misleading ?
I would strongly urge anyone going to this festival to make time to go and see Ali perform – he is better than ever – sounding better than ever with an extremely talented band who bring the music alive with a fresh sound – If I had a choice – I know who I would choose !!!!

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-06 06:06:43

Robyn, you are very misinformed. UB40 have played at least ten shows to each one of Alis. All on bona fide tours ? Do you know what a Tour is ? it is certainly not the odd festival date or hotel garden or shopping mall. It is succession of dates within one territory, where promoters are confident enough to pay out large amounts of money upfront, to secure dates in cities or towns across that territory, where they know they are guaranteed good ticket sales. Unfortunately, there is not a promoter worlwide that would risk booking Ali Campbell for more than one show… As the last two years testify………Also, I am not a member of any forum, Sardonicus, but are you that obsessive fan on the Ali Campbell website, who appears to be largely responsible for the demise of that website, by not allowing anybody to debate or have an opinion other than your own. Recent traffic stats on that site suggest that it may not continue for much longer. I am a freelance journalist currently working on a piece for the Times Newspaper, that has been a work in progress for the last two years. In fact you are quoted in said piece, Sardonicus, not that I think you will find it flattering as it refers to legal issues, that you were seriously misinformed on. I know, I spoke to one of the lawyers involved, off the record, of course. I check articles such as this for research purposes, and do believe that Ali Campbells UB40, leads the majority of people to believe that UB40 are appearing, which was the original point of these comments. How insulting to the session musicians who form Alis band, not to be called by their correct name. , The Dep Band. I also think that after your personal rants against Ub40, and the fact that you are used by Alis Management, to spread malicious untruths, that not a lot of people take you very seriously anymore, Sardonicus, as you definitely come across as obsessive to the point of blurring fiction with fact……

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-06 09:08:35


You’re not a member of any website forum? 😀 😀
The Times? Nice…. 😀 😀

Not very flattering press? You checked with a lawyer involved?
Does it seem like i care? 😀 😀

Ok you got me… 😀

But then at least i don’t go on to every festival website that UB40 appear on, to tell people that Ali will not be appearing?
As you do on the sites of festivals with which Ali is appearing!

At least my obsessiveness does not come with a shout for security as well! 😀 😀

Freelance journalist? Interesting way to make a living? Although personally i prefer something with a bit more security myself..
Why freelance? Do you have to be a good journalist to get something with security? 🙂

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-07 07:08:52

Actually this is the first festival website I have commented on, and I am not a member of the UB40 forum, as much as it would suit you to think I am. Of course I consulted Lawyers when writing and quoting from the Ali Campbell website. Also freelance works pays a lot more generously, as I submit articles to several agencies worldwide. Don’t you know who I am yet ? You should……………

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-08 09:18:33

“Don’t you know who i am yet? You should!”

😀 😀 😀

I only know one person that hides behind different user-names and has an ego the size of that!

Mr T….. 😉 (There’s that wink again like i know something) 😀 😀

Comment by Robyn
2010-08-07 14:26:20

I dont think I am mis – informed – quite the opposite – Yes I do know what a tour is – and please dont imply I am stupid – I wasnt aware Ali had played odd festivals and defo not a shopping mall – to my knowledge he has headlined on a lot of gigs – touring – yes touring and appearing at different venues – and from what I can see – he has been very well recieved – you can say all you want but people know what they are paying to see and come away from those gigs raving about it

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-06 08:53:23

What do you mean you would be in no doubt who would be performing? If average joe sees Ali Campbell’s UB40 written, they don’t think to themselves “I am going to see Ali Campbell performing with his new Dep band, performing from the albums Running Free and Flying High and all the old cover songs that he sang on”

NO, what that name implies is that Ali Campbell OWNS UB40, and that UB40 will be performing, owned by Ali Campbell.

Also, what you have said is completely false. UB40 have consciously NOT used Ali’s image to promote their own tours. Do you want proof? I will happily give you proof

On the front page, there is a video of UB40, which contains Duncan Campbell singing. Not only that, but all the posters have Duncan on them, and NOT Mickey or Ali.

I have no problem with people going to see Ali Campbell – members of my own family have done so. What I do have a problem with is people buying tickets, assuming that they will see UB40, only to be misled due to poor promotion.

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-06 14:13:26

I am not here to judge people’s music. People can listen to what they please.

However, Ali Campbell’s UB40 is using the possessive tense. It implies that Ali Campbell actually owns UB40 and that UB40, owned by Ali Campbell, will performing. That is very deceptive, and I have simply analysed it the way that joe public would have.

Also, you are speaking complete crap about promotions. go to on the front page there is a video of the band, in order to promote their upcoming tours. Watch it, and tell exactly where Ali Campbell features in the video. Also, show me a poster of an upcoming UB40 gig which features Ali Campbell’s face. If you cannot do these things, your point about UB40 using Ali Campbell’s likeness is completely INVALID.

Also, he and all his fans all seem to want to enjoy Ali Campbell’s music, and forget about UB40. I have no problems with that, music is about freedom of expression. However, it’s not going to be easy to forget about UB40 when that word is plastered all over his promotions.

Comment by Michael Eisener
2010-08-06 14:59:32

Ali Campbell’s UB40. That is the possessive pronoun. This implies that Ali Campbell owns UB40, and that this ‘UB40’ Owned by Ali campbell will appear and play. That is very deceptive, it is not clear at all, for the average joe, as they would interpret it the same way as I have just done.

Also, see the point I have made a few posts above. If you can actually find any evidence of UB40 using Ali Campbell’s image, then please, tell us what it is.

I’ve done nothing but ask questions, and given FACTS. No subjectiveness from me, however, the same cannot be said for some of you.

Comment by Shelly
2010-08-09 19:49:51

If I had thought about it at the time I would have taken a poster from the 02’s December gig, because Duncan’s face was not on it, if I had time to trawl the net i’d come back to you with more evidence than you can cope with.

Comment by Irene
2010-08-10 06:30:13

Shelly, Unfortunately I too went to Alis gig at the O2, were we at the same concert ? I thought it was bloody awful, the band was so lacklustre, hardly anybody was dancing……….From reading some of these comments above, its clear to see that most people would agree that Alis band being called Ali Campbells UB40, is a travesty, and such an insult to the official UB40. Didn’t Ali say in his autobiography that Duncan was always the better singer ? More evidence than you can cope with……I doubt it. As Panchanlama suggested earlier, while UB40 continue to pull in tours in Europe, the UK and the states, Alis’ gigs seem to be drying up, and with Labour of Love IV soon to be released stateside shortly accompanied by a fast selling tour, I don’t think they are too concerned, do you ? Its just such a shame that when people see UB40 on a poster that they assume the official UB40 will be playing, and not a band of session musicians. Lack of respect to the paying public, don’t you agree ?

Comment by Irene
2010-08-10 09:20:34

I too was at the Ali Campbell gig at the 02 club, it was bloody awful. I have to disagree with you shelly, as I went along with five girlfriends, and we were all disappointed compared to the official UB40, with Duncan Campbell, who we all agreed, sounded just like Ali. In fact if you closed your eyes, you couldn’t tell the difference, and of course, Norman, Robin, Earl and Astro, UB40″s other vocalists were on cracking form, at the bands 02 Arena show. In stark contrast, the session musicians who were playing with Ali, just sounded so quiet, it definitely lacked the punch of a UB40 gig. Plus there didn’t seem to be much of an atmosphere up on stage, and I think the audience felt that vibe as hardly anyone was dancing. I think its a real shame that he is giving the impression that UB40 are appearing with him, it just doesn’t seem fair, as the shows are worlds apart. To everyone in Dominica, I hope your festival is a success, but its a shame the real UB40 aren’t playing. That might have tempted me to look for some flight deals………..

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-11 03:59:31

Thanks Irene, for backing me up …….Hows L.A ? Shelly, Irene was with me at both shows, so I asked her to voice her opinions. Now she has no affiliation to anyone, and works within the fashion industry, and if anything was quite looking forward to seeing Ali and the Dep Band…..But came away let down, she said that there was something missing, and it just felt flat. I now think we should agree to disagree, as I have to go away later today, so will not check on this anymore, and as nobody seems to give an opinion as to why he’s now calling his band Ali Campbells UB40, well not a reasonable one anyway, I don’t see the point…………Dominica, enjoy your festival, just bear in mind UB40 are not appearing.

Comment by Sarah
2010-08-05 18:53:54

Sorry Panchanlama I disagree totally for one thing Ali did tour following the release of Flying High, we went to the shows they were awesome and Flying High entered the UK chart at number 13 following Ali’s Running Free album – which went top 10 in the Uk charts so I don’t think there are any worries as to Ali’s solo album career – in fact isn’t Ali releasing another album this year and is working on another one due for release in 2011.

The question seems to be as the “main” songwriters are still in, what remains of the original UB40 line up ( with the exception of Ali who was well documented to have written most of the melodies over the years ) why UB40 have had to re release all their old albums and best of’s etc in order to sell any records at all – and to my knowledge they have not released one original song let alone an album, since Ali left! Also wasn’t a major festival cancelled recently that UB40 were supposed to be headlining, due to poor ticket sales ?

I do notice that when the old UB albums are tv advertised, it is Ali’s voice, Ali’s image that is all over the ads – and you say in your post UB40 own the rights to their back catalogue then presumably they are legally entitled to do this, but you don’t think consider that to be UB40 hanging on to Ali’s coat tails and using Ali to sell their records then ?

As far as accurate advertising is concerned, on the last two tv ads for albums by UB40 they advertised their tour dates, with Ali’s face and voice all over the ads,which I suspect is not legal as surely that is fooling the public into thinking they will be paying to see and hear Ali, when they buy a ticket to a show – which has been advertised with Ali all over the ad and no mention that he is not there and certainly no mention of Duncan! It also makes you wonder why they don’t let people know that Duncan has taken over lead vocal duties doesn’t it, they could say UB40 featuring Duncan Campbell – or are they trying to live on the brand name built up over 30 years with Ali on lead and Mickey Virtue on Keyboards, hoping most of the public will not realise until they have bought a ticket ( after all they did have the same line up for 30 years – so most people probably still don’t know ) has over 30 pages of reviews of the last UB40 tour, with hundreds of people saying they were duped into thinking Ali would still be there and did not enjoy the concert and that the new singer was no good at all, most saying they left the arenas – some of which were half empty and none of which had sold out.

So I think there are pros and cons on both sides and in the end it’s whether people want to hear the original voice on all the hits they grew up with, or hear 6 of the musicians play the hits with a different voice singing them.

Again enjoy the concert all thats going.

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-06 03:30:55

Ticketmaster reviews are written by obsessed fans, I looked. You should check UB40s reviews. As for the Flying High Tour, reduced from 13 dates to 4 or 5, due to atrocious sales does not really constitute a Tour does it ? The only original album Ali has released was Running Free, which had 7 songs written by Brian Travers on it, the second album was poorly contrived covers and as for the 3rd, again covers. Promters cancelled one concert in England, but that was their decision, and was not due to poor ticket sales. Chart positions reflect nothing, sales are the proof. Already Labour of Love IV has surpassed Running Free sales, especially worldwide, where Ali struggles to find release or distribution deals, as well as proper tours. I saw Duncan at the Hollywood Bowl last year, he totally captivated 20,000 people, as he sang with UB40. The crowd went wild. But we diverse, the point is, do his musicians deserve enough respect to have their own identity, yes ! They are not UB40 and should not be called so. UB40s name is blatantly used to attract ticket sales. As for TV adverts, they have to use old footage, they have no choice. UB40 have british and american tour looming, tickets are almost sold out and yes, people do know that Duncan Campbell is singing. I have heard on the music biz grapevine that Ali is drinking again, due to lack of interest in his solo career. Wasn’t one leading british paper quoted as saying Ali who? Oh the guy that used to sing with UB40, they have a better singer now…. I rest my case !

Comment by Shelly
2010-08-10 12:59:39

I took your advice Panchalama and looked at UB40’s reviews on ticketmaster site following the December tour and they sum it up pretty well.

“waste of an evening and money”

So yes obsessed fans must be responsible for writing the reviews on the Ticketmaster site!

I thought Flying High did well when you consider Michael Jacksons untimely death and 7 of his albums charting in the Top 10 the week of it’s release. Went in at number 13 didn’t it? What number did LOL IV go in at? You sound extremely bitter Panchalama and as a ‘freelance journalist’ I really don’t get why this bothers you so much. Perhaps you should put your efforts into your journalism instead of tryin to discredit someone who you claim not to know you sound like a jilted lover!!!

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-10 14:28:48

Firstly anyone can find comments on Ticketmaster, especially ones that discredit, Ali had his own fair few. This doesn’t really bother me that much either, I was drawn to it by Ali advertising his new band as UB40. Please………Stop trying to con the general public for the sake of ticket sales, they derverve more respect, as also do the session musicians that make up Alis new band. Why would they want to trade under someone elses identity. At least the forthcoming tour into for the states has the official UB40. Plus I think the fact that Ub40 have a lengthy tour stateside and another in the UK with a succession of dates just proves all round that promoters know where they want to put their money. Yes I was at the indigo with five girlfriends, but theres just no vibe onstage with Ali anymore, and his new guys.. Thats whats lacking… Plus its a shame Duncan doesn’t do it for you as Ali himself quoted in his autobiography “Blood and Fire” Duncan has the best voice out of all of us…..Very churlish to compare chart positions as UB40 gave 100,0000 copies away through a national paper and also had 140,000 downloads before it was released. These figures can be checked. I always do my research. As for acting like a jilted lover, he’s older than my dad…….Plus my boyfriend is gorgeous, but I am related to one of the band, I said that before. So I know my stuff. You should look out for their official story out next year……… courtesy of Jeff Widener. Plus check out the tour info on their website, and already more planned for next year………. Unfortunately, Alis odd festival or hotel gigs seem to be running their course. Is that why he changed the name of the Band from Dep to UB40 ?

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-12 16:16:09

Sorry, was looking at another set of figures, it was 3,000,000, with The mail on Sunday…..Just to keep things correct……………..

Comment by Sarah
2010-08-06 08:36:23

Chris thank you for changing the post.

Its turning out the way i expected it to!

Susie was right – Boring – Lies trotted out time and again to try and discredit Ali – it’s both sad and pathetic – pointless arguing when they want to make stuff up.

Panchanlama you must be very threatened if you have to resort to lies to make your case – Time to leave the obsessed few behind – end of.

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-06 11:29:26

Sarah, I agree with you it should be put to rest, as dealing with obsessed Ali Campbell fans is quite tiring. How could I feel threatened ? and in what way ? I am freelance journalist with several published articles under my belt. I have followed the split with great interest, and have almost finished my piece , which as been pre approved by two major british newspapers, but then I have been given access to a lot more information than you. I have not lied in any of my comments above, they are based on some hearsay, that is true, but mostly on solid information, from well placed sources. I just think that the audiences who are out there, deserve far more respect and should be told the truth from the outset. I put this to you as well, how on earth does Ali Campbells UB40, not give the impression to the general public, that UB40 will not be appearing. You must attend or attended the same school as Sardonicus, as the english language seems to escape you.

Comment by Veselo
2010-08-06 11:46:31

I do not know Ali Campbell’s or UB40, but I can see it dragged attention to our island of the fans from both sides. Guys, you are so nervous there!!! Life is here and one more piece of cheese :))))

Comment by luke
2010-08-07 14:18:37

I am really looking forward to seeing Ali Campbell and his new band at the festival – I love his music – and will be looking forward to hearing songs from his fantastic album Flying High – I have heard a lot of good reports and cant wait to hear it for myself .
All those people who are trying to discredit Ali should be ashamed of themselves – For me its all about the music and it saddens me to see people writing this way
I dont think that this page was put up for this purpose – what good is it doing you – its pathetic

Comment by Sardonicus
2010-08-08 09:39:29


This is the best post on here.
Flying High is brilliant, by far Ali’s best solo work.

I hope you have a great time at this gig, looks a great place to see a band! 🙂

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-08 12:26:58

Don’t get too excited Luke ! His set consists mostly of UB40 numbers. Just out of interest, do you live in Dominica or are you on holiday ?. Its just that as Flying High never had an international distribution deal, therefore no international reviews, is your point of reference, his website ?

Comment by Panchanlama
2010-08-08 12:40:57

Also Luke, the point of this ongoing saga is Do you think Ali’s new band should have their own identity, as opposed to being called Ali Campbell’s UB40. Do you not think they should have their own name advertised ‘ The Dep Band ‘ ? Don’t you agree that they deserve some respect at least, instead of being made to trade off another Band’s fame. Would be interesting to get your point of view !

Comment by get paid to upload
2010-12-04 08:41:16

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