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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Those were the days when you could travel to any island in the Caribbean, and be greeted with a genuine smile from a complete stranger. I’m guessing with energy prices and the cost of living is on a steady rise people don’t have much to smile about. Nowadays a simple smile is slowly turning into an art form.

We are all sensitive to this genuine scale, so why then is it that when we cross paths with a stranger or casual acquaintance in the line at the bank, we give them a fake smile? That ‘polite smile’. You know what I’m talking about (don’t get me wrong, I do this too, unconscious at supermarket, on streets, while waiting for something.).

In reality, there isn’t any art behind it. Just that you were born to be happy, and you can show this happiness with that beautiful smile of yours. C’mon! Let’s see it 😀 …Okay, that’s enough.

Here are some noticeable effects of externalizing your internal joy are:

People will be attracted to you – I don’t mean that in no sexual way (well, I can remember this time …), but people will feel drawn to your energy. When you smile more, you will carry an aura and poise that will draw people to you, and they will look forward to being around you, knowing only that they feel great around you.

Positive – You’ll feel more optimistic about yourself and the world.

Happiness & Joy – Like an upward spiral, a smile will boost the happiness you feel – an expression of happiness and joy in you.

Healthy – A smile can affect your internal state, which can have physiological impact on your physical and mental health.

Approachable – A smile is so welcoming and will make people feel more at ease.
Making Other People Happy – A smile is heart-warming and has the power to cheer up others and make them feel good about themselves instantly.

Smiles Are Contagious – Others can quickly and easily catch it and will experience the above ‘side effects’.

What makes you smile? Who made you smile today? Share your joy and happiness in a comment! 🙂

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Comment by Dan
2008-07-18 18:43:25

Yeah, the smile is a winner. But the nose-ring is a turn-off. I disapprove of piercings as much as I do tattoos.

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