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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Like many Americans, Ruth and I are very, very fond of our dogs. Let me tell you about them. They are of a breed called “miniature schnauzers”. Miniature of course means little and “schnauzer” is German for beard – the giant and standard schnauzers are German in origin; the British crossed in the fox terrier to create the miniature breed.

They range from 14 to 16 inches tall at the shoulder and from about 18 to 25 pounds in weight. Being a terrier breed, they do not shed and do tend to be vocally expressive – they bark to greet people and generally carry on like little children wanting attention. They are also good at chasing vermin. They are very loyal, friendly, and intelligent.

I graduated collage in the 1960s and when I got my first job and apartment, I wanted a dog that wouldn’t grow too large to be kept indoors and would not shed. A poodle would have met those criteria, but I did not see that breed as having the proper masculine image. I had my first miniature schnauzer before I met my wife Ruth and she did not even know I owned a dog until I showed up for our second date – a picnic – with him. She was taken by him at once (guys: miniature schnauzers are babe magnets). I ended up getting her a female miniature schnauzer as an engagement gift.

The rest is history. We have always had two miniature schnauzers ever since. We’ve been married nearly 35 years now, and Ranger and Lyla (she’s black and her name means “night” in Hebrew) are our 7th and 8th miniature schnauzers respectively. Ranger was 7 in February, and Lyla was 3 in the same month.


We have brought Ranger to Dominica twice, and have shown off his repertoire of tricks at the schools in Paix Bouche and in Calibishie. He’s become a big favorite of the children! When we retire to Dominica will bring them both. I could write lots and lots about them, but perhaps it’s best to show you. Click here to take a of slide show of them performing many of their tricks

As we look forward to our retirement in our wonderful new homeland, Dominica, we have been assured that we’ll be warmly welcomed by friends we’ve made, some of 20 years acquaintance and many more recent, and by neighbors. Judging by the reception Ranger has been given, we know that he and Lyla will be welcome too.

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Comment by Dan
2007-09-14 20:49:45

I meant “college” (university), not “collage” (a collection of images), but Word didn’t catch my typo! Thanks for publishing this, Chris.

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