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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

In past seven years Cell phones have become somewhat a necessity in very Dominican everyday life.

In fact cell phones has become one of the biggest consumer products throughout the Caribbean; prices of Cell phones are dropping faster than internet broadband prices.

With the all the hype on wireless technology, people are not stopping to think about the affects cell phones can have on the body, especially on your brain waves. If you’re slowing down lately at work or at school, It could be result of you using your cell phone too much.

Check out details of new research in September’s International Journal of Neuroscience. It speaks for itself, Cell phone do have advert affects on the human brain waves.

Not necessarily … if you agree that a higher focus on details makes up for slower work. Well! This trade-off still sounds a bit scary if you after a sometime reduce mental speed. Do you agree?

Studies show that long term mobile phone affects that slow human brain waves. The question left on every researcher and cellphone consumers mind…Does a slower brain wave help or hurt a person’s mental and physical health?

Could the trade-off of deeper focus benefit people more than loss of speed? I’m curious to hear your comments.

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Comment by Dan
2007-09-11 19:53:21

It’s possible, but also debatable. See

Note in the study that the rats did not become ill or change their behavior in any observable way — and there were no cancers. They had to kill and autopsy the rats to see differences in their brains.

The solution? Use the phones as little as possible and use a headset so as to remove the source of electromagnetic radiation from (the phone) as far from your head as possible. Perhaps wear the phone in a carrier with its inside having a metal plate to protect the part of your body near the phone. Remember that a little distance equals a lot of protection because the phones emit at a very low power in the first place and the strength of the e/m field is INVERSELY proportional to the SQUARE of the distance from the source.

Comment by carlos r. jacks colman
2009-01-14 10:54:45

Dear Sirs,

the rearchers comments regarding the cell-p effects on the brain dosen´t agree. Are there something new and from good sources?



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