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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

How many times have Dominica been mistaken for the Dominican Republic? How many times have you read articles about the different Caribbean Islands, where Dominica is just completely overlooked? Over a zillion times I bet! Here is one of the suggestions by a frequent contributor to the Sun Newspaper.

I have suggested before that we make a simple change…A country’s name should be free and clear of any confusion with any other country on the surface of the Earth. Iran and Iraq are close but clearly distinguishable. The same would apply to “Dominique” and Dominican Republic…besides “Dominique” is already in common usage for a very long time and is reflective of the history and of our country. Why not make the change now? More, Dominica is Latin…Dominique is French. It is quite obvious that we considerably more French than Latin.

I personally think, it will be difficult to get accustom if Dominica name changes, but on the other hand it will greatly reduce all the mix-ups with the Dominican Republic. What do you think; would Dominica change its name to Dominique? Let’s hear opinions in the comments.

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Comment by caris.A
2007-12-11 03:40:59

I wasn’t sure that was possible. I agree to this suggestion.we are to often mixed up with dominica republic. even when we say out nationality we both are dominicans.even official documents are being mixed up in that manner. take for example when i cam eto china my documents stated i was from the dominican republic when the chinese official helped me out. i only found out when i started understanding teh i was registered in china as from some one from the dominican republic.this was all due to translation problems but it would have been avoided if there was a clear distinction between the islands.

Comment by mouzy
2007-12-11 16:44:04

Good Idea. My documents get mixed numerous times when it comes to distinguishing between Dominca and the D.R. The question is, is to not too late? We do need to do something. We can’t have our nationalities mixed up with another neighbouring country who is so close. I’m tired of telling people that i’m Dominican but not spanish. No Habla Espanol. Comprende?
Let’s represent for the nature isle with a new but not far fetched name and nationality. I like the ring of I’m Dominique…

Comment by michael
2007-12-26 21:42:30

Not at all. The real Dominicans are from Dominica. Those in the Dominican Republic are Hispaniolans or Santo Domingos. The government and people of Dominica should never feel pressured to change the name of Dominica just because DA is smaller than DR. As a matter of fact when Dominica got it’s name, Dominican republic did not exist, they and Haiti were one country called Hispaniola and later it became known as Santo Domingo. It is time that the Dominica government along with the British government angrily demonstrate to the United Nation for the confusion and inconvenience that the so called Dominican Republic has caused to Dominica since both nationalities are called Dominicans.

Comment by H.J. Winston
2008-06-23 18:19:33

We can site all day and night explaining why the name Dominica belongs to Dominica and us “the people.” The fact of reality is Dominican Republic has millions of people living there and all over the world promoting the name and country. Now tourism there is bigger and better getting more visits than Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and all the Lesser Antilles put together. How can we compete with that? In few words, as a weaker and smaller individual (island) we might just have to lick our wounds and stand out stronger with a difference. Name change is just one thing that needs change on this island, we will need new subjects for the rest…

Comment by Deevy Ningis
2009-12-17 16:27:25

I am a born Dominican (or as I usually say, a DA man). I have been away from Dominica now

for over three decades, yet any time someone ask me where I am from I say “Dominica”.

The reason why I do is because I am just tired of explaining myself every time I say I am

from Dominica.

I do not believe that it is losing our sense of identity. Rather we would be be gaining more

of an identity. The folks from the Dominican Republic have nothing to lose, rather we are

the losers. We lose our mail, we lose representation and we even get mixed-up on the


The name change is definitely a good thing. This is something that my wife and I have been

advocating for quite some time. Good IDEA.

Comment by Samantha
2010-01-13 12:03:22

Thats a good thought eh?! oui, they shouldnt feel pressured to change the name, they shouldnt have to, non pas.

Comment by D/A
2010-05-07 15:30:49

i agree

When Haiti gain independent the entire Hispaniola island was called HAITI and for about 22 years the natives were referred to as HAITIANS till DR got independence from Haiti and then they were called Dominicans.. Give me a break we had the name first why should we change it.. AND I AM NOT FRENCH!! NOR SPANISH!! if u want to call ur self a Dominique the go right ahead but i am and always will be 100% DOMINICAN and proud of it.

Comment by Toni
2009-03-17 22:32:05

hi michael, i would like to chat a little about ur country Dominica as I am visiting next month from Barbados. Please email me at [email protected].

Comment by Dan
2007-12-11 17:07:14

Uneducated, non-geographically literate people also confuse Australia and Austria, and Mauritius and Mauritania. We’ve had the US Postal Service (“service” seems ironic) send our letters to the Dominican Republic even after we wrote — in red capital letters — on the envelope “NOT THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC”.

I don’t think that “Dominique” would end the confusion. Not when many US high school students can’t name the continent that the USA is on, or find Mexico, Canada, or sometimes the Pacific Ocean on a world map or globe.

When my wife forgot the USPS “country code” for Dominica (it is 152 and I recommend those sending mail to Dominica from the US write “USPS Country Code 152” on the envelope) and a postal clerk tried to use her computer terminal to find the code, entering “Commonwealth of Dominica” when she got as far as “com” the terminal returned the name “Comoros Islands” and its code. The Comoros are east of Africa in the Madagascar Channel!

Keep the name Dominica, and be proud, and let stupid people be stupid. The fewer of them that find us the better!

Comment by veselo
2007-12-11 17:37:51

I agree with Dan, that the change to the French name will not end the confusion.

And I understand the feels of Dominicans: I don’t like so much, when the people confuse my Russian speech with German, but usually I just a smile, because I know that not so many Dominica people had ability to hear the Russian language. 🙂

Comment by Dan
2007-12-11 18:32:37

I took two years of Russian in college. I’ll never forget it. The first word we learned was “CΛOH” (pronounced “slun” it means “elephant”). It was to show us that we had to start by learning a new alphabet. But, unlike English, once you learn the alphabet, you can practically always pronounce whet you see written and write what you can pronounce correctly.

Try that in English: How would you pronounce “ghoti”? How about as “fish”, where the gh as in “enough” the o as in “women” and the ti as in “nation”.

Or the English spelling rule “i before e except after c or when sounded like a as in neighbor or weigh” — which doesn’t work for “science”!

But i digress: My vote for a new name, were it decided to have one, would be “Nature Island”. No confusion there.

Comment by Veselo
2007-12-11 19:35:50


Comment by Roger
2008-05-06 18:30:53

After circling all these wagons, the best you could come up with is “Nature Island”? That makes sense to you?

Comment by Janelle
2007-12-29 21:58:04

I agree..too many times I have to correct people and explain that I am not Spanish, or I’m not from D.R…Changing our name to Dominique is a strong recommendation.

Comment by Toni
2009-03-17 22:38:58

Hi Janelle, I will be visiting Dominica next month from Barbados. I would love it if you would chat with me via email about your country and recommend some sites to see etc. Please email me at [email protected] if at all possible. Regards, Toni.

Comment by julian riviere
2008-01-21 10:50:13

i am an entertainer here in the US and 9 out of every 10 people i meet on a constant bases either never heard of Dominica or think it’s the Dominica Republic. up to this day i send mail to my family in DA and they never recieve it though i am usually spesific.
something should be done but the name Dminique is still way too close to solve that problem.
if West Indes doesn’t help,Commonwealth doesn’t i don’t know what will. the name ”Dominica” is so beautiful and if it is changed will sure take a long time for people to get use to or be educated about it’s and peace.

Comment by michael
2008-01-21 23:36:33

Anyone who is insisting that the beautiful island of Dominica name should be changed has no knowledge of history to understand that Dominica got it’s name before the Dominican Republic and Haiti seperated when they were both called Hispaniola. Those who are asking for Dominica name to be changed are really sabotagers who realized that Dominica is gaining recognition over the Dominican Republic. REMEMBER the true Dominicans are from Dominica and the natives of Dominican Republic are really Hispaniolans or Santo Domingos.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-02-13 14:34:44

Our name is quite fine just the way it is. As Dan said, the fewer people who find this country the better. You see what they did to Jamaica right? Please we ad the name first. I live in the USA and I send mail to my mom all the time and she gets it. I have never once had any of my mail sent to the Dominican Republic. Plus I like when I have to explain where my country is , its starts a good conversation especially in my classes. 🙂 In America only the good travelers know much about the geographic position of many countries in the world. No offense but they don’t spend much time worrying about little things as this. We could change the name to something other Dominique and they still wouldn’t know who or where we are. Live it just like that, maybe if the foreign affairs minister and those in government would spend more time advertising and promoting or country to the rest of the world, rather than wining and dining young Dominican women, other people of this world would know about this island.

Comment by Nigel Ferguson
2008-04-18 11:18:10

I think it might be preferable to rename the country Waitikubuli, the original name for the country prior to the arrival of the colonialists.
This name change would attract a lot of coverage in the news worldwide and it could help generate more tourism.
The island has apparently been referred to as Waitikubuli for several thousand years, so why feel the need to choose between Dominica or Dominique, names which have only been used for 500 years or so.
As some other contributors have mentioned, most people in the world don’t give a damn anyway.
Waitikubuli – “Tall is her body” – is a wonderful descriptive phrase, and once anyone sees the island, it will stick in their memories.
Dominica is definitely, in my opinion, female, in the sense of “fertile”, “fecund”, etc. Does anyone every refer to Dominica as “The Fatherland”?
So, Waitikubuli, “TALL is HER BODY” would be very appropriate.
In my humble opinion.

Comment by Vanessa Alexander
2009-03-01 19:41:55

It’s hard enough trying to teach people that Dominica is pronounce (Dom-ee-nika) much less having to teach them how to say Waitikubuli.

The name Dominica is fine just how it is. We’ve built up momentum on that name changing our names will just have us start all over again. Plus, why should we give up our name. Dominican Republic should change their names!!

Comment by Toni
2009-03-17 22:43:36

Hi Vanessa, I will be visiting your country next month from Barbados and I would love to chat with you about Dominica and get some tips on where to stay, visit, site see etc. Please email me at [email protected] if you get a chance, I would appreciate it so much. Regards, Toni

Comment by Joel Halfwassen
2008-05-11 22:58:35

I think Waitikubuli is a great idea!

Comment by inclaire
2008-06-16 19:25:31

Yes if we have to change i think we should just add Waitikubuli /Dominica, we should not change but we should start using Waitukubuli, when we address letters write Dominica, Waitikubuli and get the world used to our original nale. tall is her body, that is so beautifull . rather than Dominica which denotes the day the invaders set foot on our lovely land, thank God for our Carib descendant who defended victoriously. Yes WAitikubilu she should be called.

Comment by mikey j
2008-06-23 20:58:42

Don’t even bother to try to change Dominica’s name because it’s not going to happen and it will never happen. You all people who are debating about changing Dominica’s name are just waisting your time because I believe truthfully that you all are being paid to tarnish beautiful Dominica (the nature island of the caribbean) name to satisfy the corrupted, evil rich trouble makers out there. So please find something constuctive to do like reading a book or hlping your kid with his/her homework.

Comment by Jslight
2008-07-07 03:02:52

wtf? you honestly think this thread is useful in anyway? why the f**k would anyone want to change Dominica to Dominique just because it gets confused with the Dominican Republic? ppl refer to Dominican Republic as DR now fyi and more people are getting to know the diff between the two as Dominica is becoming more and more familiar on the international Map. stop making yourself seem like a disgrace to Dominicans who actually know what they’re about 😉

Comment by BLACKMAN
2008-08-17 16:20:40

I am African American,(mixed with everything out there) a traveler and very out going… I had my first encounter with a Dominican while stationed at Fort Bragg… I immediately asked the young lady I was trying to pick up “Como Esta” and very politely she told me “not DR”… I was intrigued by the name which I had never heard of and did my research.(Not just for the lady either) I now know it to be a very beautiful island with a lot of history. As an outsider I would have to agree either keep Dominica or change it to its original name out of pride and heritage not because people confuse it with DR… As for tourism, in due time the country will get its recognition it has way too much to offer not to.

Comment by Kelvin
2008-09-15 09:19:01

I would say change it back to what the original settlers called, (Whytikubuli). Dominique has to much of the european burried in it. (I am not carib but Dominican)

Comment by GQ
2008-09-30 01:21:43

well well well… I’m in the US, and I have picked up nuff yankee girls just from the conversation of having to explain the difference between Dominica and the much publicized DR, so why you guys wanna take that from me? One, I’m not feeling that Waitikubuli ting, makes it sound like it’s in the Pacific somewhere. Two, that Dominique ting is like rubbing it in the French face saying, “look we no longer French, even though you fought wars over us, but we gonna go back to that name you use to call us…behhh!”…lol.. Three, all them yankees think I can play baseball like all them stars from the DR, yeah right, call me ‘Big Papi’ Jokes aside, I’m just trying to say I’m proud of the island, proud of it’s heritage, and proud of it’s name. Generations have dealt with it, so can we.

Comment by Roadside
2008-10-25 03:35:18

I currently reside in Mexico, a spanish speaking country and yes you guessed it, like many of you I too experience the confusion with Dominica and D.R, making matters worse I speak spanish, lol. Now what strikes me, or suprises me is that 9 out of ten times when i say Dominique they get me instantly, pointing out to the island near guadeloupe or the country which speaks french and english that got beaten up by mexico 10-0 they say in football, but they get it. Sometimes they bring up Dominique and not even me since I know my country as Dominica and not Dominique, I tell them I am from Dca, they instantly reply ah, D.R, then I tell them no the other one, the island and they say, oh do i mean dominique.
on my mexican form, my countries official name is la mancomunidad de Dominica, and not, Republica Dominicana, but mancomunidad de Dominica is even worse than just saying Dominica. Trust Me, a name change is in order. I do not find it that difficult in spanish to make the distintion although I must admit that there was a period that my migratory papers read Dominican Republic because I said I was a Dominican. I guess there will still be confusion with the two but maybe not as much. I mean even the flag seems to be copied to some extent with both flags havig the centered cross. I am a proud Dominican, not at all ashamed of the name, but hey maybe if we make this little change that might be a step in better promotion of the country.
At times i feel that after i speak so highly of Dominica, one of these mexicans wishing to visit might go to a travel agent and get booked to D.R and not Dca. Many ppl know of Dominica up here they just have it mistaken for D.R, they will tell you about the documentary on the caribs, the pirate movies, some even visited on cruiseship and say is french that is our first language, i have even seen this guy at my school walk aroound with one of those souvinier shirts from krazy T and tell me is Dominican republic. 😆

Comment by mei mei
2008-10-30 13:25:48

i am in china presently and to tell u the truth i am tired of people calling me republic Dominican its insulting
i strongly suggest they should change the name from Dominica to Dominique it perfect
no one will not come up to me and ask are u a Spanish speak some Spanish to me.

Comment by claire
2008-11-27 11:14:02

In my opinion if we started to add Waitukibuli to Dominica as our address it would do more for our tourism, and stop the comfusion, we should keep our name dominica Waitukubuli, sound perfect to me. It takes into consideration our heritage.

Comment by Luci
2008-12-28 23:16:24

I’m gonna have to agree with Claire(2008-11-27) in a certain aspect. Dominica is the name that we have always known, a name that we the people have identified ourselves by for so long. I dont think that changing from Dominica to Dominique would even make a difference concerning the mix up with D.R. Yes, I’ve also been asked several times if I’m speaking about the D.R. when i mentioned Dominica to persons abroad. However, this did not annoy me, just made me proud to have the opportunity to talk to others about my island and it’s beautiful natural aspect. I am proud to mention that every pearl is hidden until it is found and that shell is removed to reveal the beauty underneath. We just need to reveal the beauty underneath; take pride in speaking about our country.Back to what claire said-If we are gonna change the name ,why don’t we add something we’ve known(I learnt it from primary school) to what we already have:

Street Name

That way we keep what we have and strenghten our culture at the same time. Doesnt look bad does it and I bet it’s gonna get persons interested as to why our country has that name. opportunities!

Comment by Esther Fadelle-Morris
2009-02-10 12:57:02

Hi, I have read and agree with many of the comments. I have been thinking of the name change for Dominica, Commonwealth of.. since I heard about it. The original Carib name came to mind: Waitukubuli. We SHOULD still use Commonwealth of Dominica, and add WAITUKUBULI, WEST INDIES. I usually add West Indies, sometimes British West Indies, just to mke a point. We have not been French for a long time, so Dominique is definitely out. I’m quite amazed that NO ONE HAS SUGGESTED THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CHANGE ITS NAME!!!!!! or even ADD “THE ISLAND OF HISPANIOLA” to its address. The island of Dominica was given its name by Christopher Columbus all those years ago – November 1493, so no one should change it.

If you “Google” History of the Dominican Republic you will find that after several wars between various factions on the island of Hispaniola you will find that ” Independence of the eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola was officially declared on February 27, 1844, and the name República Dominicana (Dominican Republic) was adopted. ”

A difference of 351 years to DOMINICA, Commonwealth of, WAITUKUBULI.

I rest my case, thank you.

Comment by HJW
2009-02-11 07:00:53

There are a few problems with this idea. The length of “the Commonwealth of Dominica Waitukubuli” which would the the world’s longest name …. talk about more confusing, a mouthfull and envelops would have to be widen to take it all.

I agree with you that we got named first but an island of 70k people has no might over a population of almost 10 million. We are not saying we had it first so change yours … obviously there “is” a name difference, we just want to be clear and define so that “Dominica” could be promoted correctly without clearing up confusion about the two Caribbean countries.

When there are Ross University professors going to the Dominican Republic looking for the medical school in Picard, Portsmouth, clearly we have a problem.

Comment by Esther Fadelle-Morris
2009-02-12 18:59:03

Thank you HJW. I disagree with your comment about the length of address and there are VERY LARGE envelopes if one wishes to use that.

Well, shame on the Ross Uni Professors that they don’t know the difference between the two islands. I wonder if they make that kind of mistake between the spleen and the appendix?! The island names ARE different: “Dominincan Republic” and “Commonwealth of Dominica”.

Maybe folk should add a map of the West Indies on the envelope for ease of reference? Yeah, silly talk. I’m in the mood for that right now. But really, I’m sure a mutual agreement will be sorted out soon. I still recommend mail addressed to the Dominican Republic should include “the Island of Hispaniola, West Indies”.

Also up to date Geography training for all world wide postal workers would not go amiss. That’s where the problem lies. A postal computer programme would help the postal sorters; surely there is something like that already?

Comment by pete
2009-02-13 12:42:48

Interesting banter. I do agree we have an identity problem. I live in the US, so I have similiar experiences. Changing the name is not the magic bullet however. Dominica is still relatively unknown. Change the name to Waitikubuli or whatever and we will still get the blank stares. It would not get confused with the DR, but then you will still have to explain the country you are referring to again. You might have to say, “well, we used to be known as Dominica, not the Dominican Republic…”

Unless the country could afford the publicity and resourse support that goes with an effective name change, we would still have to explain the location of this small beloved country with alot to offer, but still not relatively unknown to the world stage. All the talk about educating postal workers and geography lessons is just wishful. America in particular will still lag behind in knowledge of the world, as it still thinks it is the center of the Universe. Many of us conduct much business or research online and sometimes you scroll for the name Dominica on a list of international countries and it is not there. I can see things like that even exacerbated with a name change. I think we could learn from the lesons of the cable and wireless to telecommunications of Dominica name change and reversal some time ago. Granted some of the issues were business related.

So it will take more doing to make a name change actually a sucess in this era. Its not simply announcing it and changing stationery and addresses. I would prefer to live with the situation as is, and expecting that with tourism marketing and other opportunities (hopefully not a bad event) that the education of the world happens to where we will be as well known as some of the other islands.

Comment by Esther Fadelle-Morris
2009-02-14 07:52:08

Of course it seems that most Americans and others worldwide, are not taught Caribbean / West Indian or even world geography, so we’ll just have to continue describing the differences between both countries and where they are. I don’t mind doing that most times. It just shows who’s the more educated in geography or world history.

Many thanks for all the info. I don’t think I’ll be partaking in this blog much longer.. so bye for now and God Bless.

from the Commonwealth of Dominica
Waitukubuli, West Indies, now living in the UK.

Comment by MIKEY
2009-02-15 13:51:45

Ignorant people are dummies who are never interested in learning. If you can’t spell your name would you go back to your mother and tell her to change it? Maybe some of you would because it occurs to me that many of you who want DOMINICA’S name to be changed are merely pranksters who have deceived / tricked families and friends and would write anything to hurt Dominica. DOMINICA will always be DOMINICA forever so there is no use debating the fact, maybe a cruise to the caribbean would help.

Comment by Juan Carlos Alvarez
2009-03-09 02:43:05

I think this is a good idea for multiple reasons.

Both Caribbean places got their name from the same explorer, Christopher Columbus.
I will tell you that these two names can create so much confusion in not only English, but also German and Spanish-speaking countries. The case in not so in French and Creole speaking countries, where the name of the island, Dominique, is less easily confused with the Dominican Republic.
After all, other countries have changed names and people got used to it: Rio de la Plata to Argentina, Gaul to France, Congo to Zaire and back to Congo, Upper Volta to Burkina Faso, etc…
As far is the historical record, the Dominican Republic, much larger, is named after it’s capital, Santo Domingo, the oldest city founded by Europeans in the new world. A hard fact to go around.
Dominica, much smaller and less known, was so named, because it was discovered on a Sunday, the Lord’s day.
Dominique is pronounced the same in French as it is in Creole: (Doe-mee-neek), like it’s Creole sister island just to the north, Martinique . These are both good cultural and historical reasons for a minor name change with much punch. Also, both in French and Creole, people from Dominique are called Dominiquais, like Martiniquais, not to be confused with Dominicains from Santo Domingo.
To Creole and French speakers, Dominique is much more readily associated with Martinique because they are neighbors, because they share much Carib, African and European history, and also because their names rhyme very nicely.
So would it in German, English and other languages with such a name change.
English speakers have had no problem learning to pronounce French or Creole-sounding words such as Boutique, Critique and Physique and neither do they have problem geographical names like Martinique or Mozambique.
And remember….Soeur Sourire made Dominique, nique-nique… a very known religious tune in the US, and Europe back in 1963, in which lyrics she says: “il ne parle que du bondieu” , and for likewise for Dominique , Apres Bondie, C’est la Ter.
I say yes to Dominique, the Nature Island, the Lord’s work for all to admire.

Comment by Al
2009-03-17 10:56:04

Dominica is not a commonwealth, it should be the Republic of Dominica yet more cofusinon with the Dominican Rebublic. Why can’t we be free to name our island as supossed to be name.Something must be done although I like the name Dominica. We should name it Dominica island knowing that Dominican Rebublic is not surrounded by water or maybe the republic of Dominique.

Comment by Vashanti
2009-04-15 12:33:16

The world is too big for anyone to know every single country in it. I think the name Dominica should stay. Yes Dominica gets confused with the Dominican Republic, yes we all from both countries are called Dominicans, but if we were working real hard, to get Dominica singled out, and be known then there wouldn’t be this problem. What do we have to offer the world, and how are we advertising ourselves. ARE WE EVEN TRYING!!!!

Sorry to say but Dominicans waste more time complaining and criticizing each other, than actually trying to build the country and build it up.

Comment by Steve
2009-06-08 16:47:48

A simple Google search for “Dominica” produces the correct result. Reading the many opinions given above in this long discussion and to the subject at hand, I am left with the same end conclusion and result “just an opinion”.

As a Dominican, born and raised there till the age of twelve and who have lived in England and America facing the same dilemma, I will never be in favor of changing anything about my identity including changing the name of my country. We should also acknowledge the fact that DR is only too happy to have this confusion out there attracting all the “curious explorers” wanting to discover Dominica only to end up in the DR.

That in itself appears to be the only problem, a mistaken identity that should now be a thing of the past given the existance of the Internet and that everyone that would be capable of researching our nature island and buying a plane ticket is intelligent enough to find themselves there and not to the DR.

With that said, a little effort on the part of every Dominican in this situation is required to promote our Nature Island without making references to DR. Rather than respond “I am from Dominica” and leave room for doubt or incorrect association to DR, follow up with “the Nature Island of the Caribbean”. One could also use this opportunity to promote the history a little by adding and explaining “Waitukubili” and the fact that it is located between Martinique and Guadeloupe.

It has also given me great pride to elaborate on our heritage and the difference between the two countries, as well as allow me the opportunity to treat another “pet peeve” that is incorrectly pronouncing and spelling the word “Caribbean” denoting the region and people mainly by uneducated US and English speaking citizens and made worse recently by all Caribbean peoples adopting the local US and UK jargon or colloquialisms.

I spend a lot of time explaining that it is pronounced “Carib-bean” after the people, and not “Carri-bean” with the rolling of the “rr” and sounding like “coo-rib-ian”. I hate having to explain that my grandfather was a native “Carib” Indian and that they need to respect the heritage by first understanding that the region is named after the inhabitants that still reside there and not some made up word derived from ignorance.

I will end with this last and final point. The condition exists purely because of “ignorance” and no name change or global PR campaign will correct that. We Dominicans and Caribbean descendents need to confront ignorance whenever it is encountered and not brush it off as we have done in the past.

— Respectfully,

Stephen P. Bertrand
South City “Grandbay” Massive

Comment by iola John
2009-08-12 10:08:32

I agreed with changing Dominica’s name into any other name. Dominica is not known quite well and is often been mistaken for Dominican Republic. Living in New York makes me know how Dominica is really unknown. When people ask me what country do i come from, i mention Dominica, they say so you speaks spanish. I get so angry that we are not known.
I then breaks it down and said, “no” i do not speak spanish i speaks english. Dominica is a small island in the Caribbean and it is an english speaking country which is located next to Martinique and Guadeloupe. I would not want it to change to Dominique because people might mistake it for a french country. This is so gross that Dominica is not known, and it is because our tourisim manager does not make enough effort to advertise Dominica.

Comment by fit
2009-09-28 12:07:40

This is so true, i travel alot and there a times i got so much explanation to gie as to which Dominica.

It is rather embarrassing to have to go through this all the time.

The government needs to help do somthing about that.Dominique is so much better

Comment by andrew
2009-09-28 15:34:00

Why change it ? It’s a nice name, and if some mistake it for something else, is their problem.
Change it to Dominique and everybody will ask if you speak French.
I like it, don’t change it.

Comment by Wilfried Darnal
2009-10-10 13:59:20

I recently spent over a month traveling in the Indian Ocean, visiting various countries. I was on Anjouan and Moheli Islands in the Comoros Archipelago, the Republic of Djibouti, Madagascar north and south, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette Islands in the Seychelles, the republic of Mauritius, Port Mathurin on Rodrigue Island and the entire Mascarene Archipelago.
When I talked about the West Indies where I lived for a good while, and I mentioned Dominica by it’s English name, everyone was confused and thought about the Dominican Republic. Many times they would say many times: “The Dominican Republic, on the same island with Haiti” or “The Island where Columbus is buried.”
Whenever I would clarify, and use the Creole name for the Island instead: DOMINIQUE, people readily understood: “Ah! the Island between Guadeloupe and Martinique!” or say: “I know, they speak Creole over there.”
This half way around the world mind you, very far away, between Africa and Australia!!!

Comment by Peter
2009-10-11 20:33:59

Hi, I’m from Sweden (often mistaken by Switzerland, the initial S and W is just too confusing for many people…including the USPS – I’m dual US/Swedish citizen and have had many letters go wrong).

I actually thought Dominica was called Dominique a few years ago (and in a way it is I just learned, in Creole). But then again, I also thought you guys spoke French. Since I’ve read about Dominica a great deal and recently learned to emphasize the second i, it’s interesting to note that even the English version of your country’s name follows French pronunciation rules.

It’s a tough question, I kind if like the French/Creole name Dominique myself. But as somebody mentioned, as did I initially, people will think you speak French…(if that matters).

In any case, I don’t think you can win this one either way, people just need to learn.

I know that neither Sweden nor Switzerland are contemplating changing their names 🙂 In fact, in a way they already have using an English version of their original name, as do most European countries in the name of internationalism. Switzerland actually has 4 names outside of their international English version, Die Schweiz, La Suisse, Svizzera, and Svizra in their respective native tongues.

So really, why can’t Dominica/Dominique keep both its names?

Comment by Steph
2009-10-11 22:39:41

I’m probably the only Dominican(DR) to comment to this “conflict” that’s going on. I have read nearly the entire page and came along some interesting points. I honestly did not know that the people of Dominica felt some type of way with the Dominican Republic. The 1st time I came aware of Dominica was when I was much younger and was looking at a map. I asked my mom “mom, look there’s a country named Dominica, are they called Dominican like us?!” My mom reply “Yes” but explain the difference. Since then, I became more aware with Dominica and passed the word with my close friends. They were also surprise, the fact that there’s another set of individuals name “Dominican”. I became educated with the country Dominica, I’m sure those who are educated will do the same and not be ignorant and speak bad on both the countries. I am PROUD to say I have DOMINICAN parents (the Latin kind!) and I would be torn if their country would change their name. That’s why Dominica should just keep their name and be PROUD of it. Don’t settle for less. And also take into consideration that are TWO kinds of DOMINICAN! (the best of both worlds)

2009-10-25 15:20:48


2009-10-25 15:18:14


Comment by Millie
2009-11-07 22:28:20

How do you say the name of the Island in English? Dominica
How do you say it in Creole? Dominique

Just survey if the nationals on the Island identify themselves more readily as English-speaking or as the Creole-speaking

Comment by Muss-Keeter
2009-11-08 14:46:12

In the U.S., the state of Louisiana used to be called Lousiane before it became U.S. territory. Only some few old fuddy-duddy Cajuns and Creoles in the bayous still call it Louisiane (Loo-Easy-Ann). The U.S. like Dominica is an English Speaking country.
Here in Miami, we have the problems of immigrants who refuse to learn our national language: English. Cubans talk in Spanish to each other when in public, Haitians immigrants still talk to each other in Creole, in the presence of other Americans, even if they know English.
Progress will come to them only if they all understand what unites us is our language: English. People should learn the national language of the country they live in. The Federal, State or County governments should stop spending money to accommodate Spanish, Chinese, Creole and other non-national languages.
In Louisiana, unlike Florida, every one speaks uses English and no one there would dream about changing the present name back to a non-English name.
Since the national language of Dominica is English, the name should remain what it is now, Dominica.

Comment by pete
2009-11-09 07:18:01

Even if we could settle on a name chage, it would be naiive to think just putting it on an envelope would sell the idea to make it effective enough. For example the US Postal service wont change their system because it is announced. Nor will the major nations read more to know differently. Whatever our name we are still a small spec in the world, and not yet famous. To support this (name change) effort there is a cost to this people, and this has to be factored as well. This name change matter is trivial compared to the other things of national interest which are worrying and need urgent attention, if we are to compete on the global stage in areas such as tourism.

Comment by marie frederick
2009-11-15 01:42:52

only one suggestion and i know it will increase our publicity called her “Waitikubuli” her real and beautiful name and for sure no chance to be taken for another country

Comment by From afar
2010-01-24 18:17:11

I think that’s a great idea. I’m not a Dominican but now live here.. however, I had never heard of Dominica until I went to other Caribbean islands and learnt of the name. In Britain, I don’t believe many people have heard of Dominica – I think the government need to put more into publicising the fact that it exists and then tourism might rise, which will then improve the economy. On British television, some countries advertise their nation.

However, I have also noticed that people in Europe only really know about the Caribbean islands where there are direct flights to that place. For example, in Holland not many people know that Barbados exists as they do not have direct flights there, and I was not aware of St Maarten or the Dutch islands, as Britain does not have direct flights there.

Changing the name would give some publicity and stop people’s mail going to the wrong place too.

Comment by Rainstorm
2010-02-10 13:14:03

What about Waitikubuli?

Comment by Samara Dominique (no pun intended)
2010-02-13 13:27:03

I am proud Dominican but reside in Canada and I can definitely relate to this sad ongoing issue. I think it is a great idea to change Dominica to Dominique I think it is appropriate and we have much to gain from this subtle change.It is important that Dominica is distinguished as Dominica and not be confused with the Dominican Rep. I can’t mention the countless times I have had to tell people that no I do not speak Spanish I am from Dominica while I don’t mind educating people on the distinct differences and location of my country it would be nice to get rid of the confusion. I also believe that it is because of such confusion that Dominica is constantly overlooked which is a great injustice to us as proud Dominicans if you ask me. For the love and respect of Dominica and the respect, pride and consideration for all Dominicans it is time we make this significant change.

Comment by Rowena
2010-03-03 00:58:44

I would certainly welcome a name change. Every time I tell someone I am from Dominica they say “You do not look Latina”. And as always I reply “No, I am not I am not from the Dominican Republic, I am from Dominica”. And they look at me like I am the one who is speaking Latin!

Comment by Clare
2010-03-10 08:55:19

As a Dominican living in London all these years meeting people from, all different races and countries trying to explain to them about my island they still get confused, between Dominica and Dominica Republic especially when i have to post something to my parents, they still get confused about these two countries and i have to specific my address several times to make sure they got it right renaming Dominica not into dominique but Waitikubuli.

Comment by andrew
2010-03-10 17:26:49

Ok, change it to Dimanche, that’s it.

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-03-11 23:51:28

I have lived in Canada for the past 36 years. But I am a proud Dominican, who is planning to return home within the next few years. I want to return home because I believe that God has preserved Dominica’s natural beauty because of His plan to make her His distingushed Paradise. If that lake that was formed in 1997 is as beautiful as it looks, I know that I have perceived the Truth about Dominica. And she, being my homeland, I yearn to be a part of her once more.

But why shoud we change her name, because of the idiots that roam around. As for me, and I am sure that there many of us, the love and pride that I have for Dominica would be affected if her name was changed. Not only that, Dominica is not a secret anymore. Think of the hundreds of actors and actress who have been to Dominica? Haven’t some of those people spoken about her beauty, referring to her as Dominica? We, who are Dominicans already know that Dominica is also Dominique. A person from any part of the world who speak french would say Dominique when referring to Dominica. But to make Dominique an official name for Dominica to the world, would just put her in the hiding place again.

There are many people who are not quite smart, these are the ones who confuse Dominica with the Dominican Republic. As far letters going to the Dominican Republic, that has never happened to me over the past 36 years. And yet I correspond with home people several
times a year. Dominicans abroad, be sure that you address your letters carefully. Make sure that you write or type Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica in large bold letters, or Portsmouth, if that the City you use.

As I said earlier, the ignorance of people will always remain. Not very long ago I watched a television game show when someone from the United States was asked where is Toronto and that person could not anwer. The person had never heard of Toronto before; just imagine that.

Comment by Cesare Bonventre
2010-03-31 20:38:11

Dominica should GO ALL THE WAY

Call itself: Nature Island

There will be no mistakes in understanding the meaning & “nature” of the countries best resources!

Comment by D/A
2010-05-07 16:00:16


Comment by williams
2010-04-08 16:09:57

I am so tired of these people that did not do geography. why should we change our name to please them. let DR go back to who they are Santa domingo, and stay that way. We are the Dominicans and we should stay that way. If we were to change to domininique then the fools would think that we are hatians. let them study the map and no the different islands and countries in the world we live in

Comment by orville
2010-04-23 11:17:55

after reading each and every comment placed on this page. i must say i am torn between the two most most prevailing options. to keep Dominica or convert to Waitibubuli; that is the question. to me i guess it comes down to motivation. i am a 25 yr old proud Da man and i am no so concerned about this as it relates now, but more so as it will be relavent in the future. Such a change should not be driven by personal grievanaces with mistaken associations with other countries but instead with personalizing us as a people. we are more than whatever we decide on being called. it should never be a question of who stakes claim to being dominicans. we shoould represent who we want to be as a people, while paying homage to our roots. Is the life of our future generations made better by being called Waitikubuli? that is the true question. i say yes. i say it speaks on who we are at our core, not on what we have come to be called. we are isle of nature isle of splender, what more is representative of our core values than Waitikubuli.

ps we are a modern day pandora as depicted in the movie Avatar

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-04-24 12:30:43

Orville, if you are aware of the recent news regarding Dominica and its core values, you should also be aware that renaming her, Waitikubuli, will do nothing to contribute to her core value and her future.

Last week I opened the webpage of Island Magazine to see for myself, what Chris had reported about Dominica; not that I did not believe him. You cannot imagine the pride and joy that I experienced, to see the name DOMINICA in the #2 spot, voted as the top ten most pure Island, for those who are seeking a place to relax and enjoy a vacation. Any time from now on, Dominica will be seen on television in the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world in an episode or episodes of INTO THE DRINK, produced by writers and film makers of the USA.

It was not the name, Waitikubuli, that sent those people to our homeland, to use her sceneries for their film making. It was not the name, Waitikubuli, that caused her to be voted as the number two, most pure Island out the first ten. It is Dominica’s natural beauty, which has been untouched, that was the main factor of those decisions. Thanks to leaders and authority, who is responsible for preserving this natural beauty, and the rest of fellow Dominicans, who strive for honor and maintain reverend—Godly fear.

Your responsibility as a young person is to become a model to the rest of Dominica’s young people; encouraging them to develop the character which will contribute to the core value of Dominica. For Dominica’s future and its core value depend, most significantly, on the character of its people; as that character is what preserves the natural beauty, which is putting Dominica at the top, a splendorous display to the world.

DOMINICA, she was first named; DOMINICA, she stands tall and way above; DOMINICA, she is becoming known to the world. Everyone who has had some form of relationship with Dominica, knows that she is the Nature Island of the Caribbean. This truth is visible to the human eye. We do not need to SPELL IT OUT, or to staple the title on her back with a new name. I say, let her continue to be called DOMINICA! The existing problems with that factor are minor and they will be fixed.

Comment by kathleen bruno
2010-05-08 11:09:50

it should be called Kubuli its original name

named by the native caribs peoples (the Karifuna ) who fought the french and england off the land a number of times

people fought and died for and even committed suicide to stay free

when it became independent why did they not change its name to that

makes no sense to me

I am not Carib but its like the native American ( an ignored people)

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-05-08 18:12:13

The fight for freedom was because of slavery, biasness, and racism. Slavery was an issue in most parts of the western world. The most difficults issues of slavery happened in the USA. The Story of Roots is one them.

Christopher Columbus gave Dominica her name because he found her on a Sunday. Another name for Sunday is Domingo Day. Dominica is named by her discoverer and that is the first reason to keep her name.

We should also bear in mind that Christopher Columbus found two sets of people living in Dominica at the time of discovery. They were Caribs and Arrawaks. I am no historian, but I learned in school, in Dominica, that the Caribs were fierce people, who fought against the Arrawaks, killed them, or drove them away.

Stories from my grandmother about the Caribs helped me to understand why they lived in a reserved place in Dominica. My grandmother, who has much knowledge of the early Carib existence, described how the Caribs maintained a reserved mentallity towards outstiders, and they became very fierce or aggresive through drunkenness. That would explain why they overpowered the Arrawaks, who is said to have been a tame people. A reputation like that would not fit well in the History of a name chosen for our beautiful country.

The name of a country should represent all of its people, not just its orignal inhabitants. The reputation and works of the Caribs alone, would not have made Dominica who she is today. That is the reason Dominica should continue to stand by her discoverer’s name. DOMINICA, meaning that she was discovered on a Sunday. That is much easier for everyone to remember.

One more thing. It is not accurate to compare the situation of Canada’s native people with our Caribs of Dominica. Our Caribs have changed, and they are well regarded as the first people of Dominica; as is confirmed in the article of Island Magazine in their April report. Let us strive to post comments that will continue to enrich our homeland and build her name and ours.

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-05-08 18:19:12

I had meant to say the natives people of Canada or American natives.

Comment by Black Carib
2010-06-21 18:05:15

Dominica was not discovered by Christopher Columbus we should know. I agree with changing Dominca’s name to Waiti Kubuli that is Dominica’s real name given to it by the first inhabitants.

Comment by Harvey
2010-07-05 20:39:50

I am a French citizen living in Dominica . I love this country. In my humble opinion, Waitikubuli would be a wonderfull name change for all the reasons you gave. Anyway, unless I am mistaken, this is the real indigineous name of this island. It sounds great and can be pronounced in most languages. And it would appear to me as being the best proof of respect given to the Caribs who were here far before anybody.

Comment by Pedro
2010-08-07 09:23:34

This conversation about the name change is interesting, sometimes heated, but lets get to the practical. Whether we decide on Waitikubuli or some other name…a name change would actually create more problems than solve. Oh and of course there will be lots of hidden costs to the state too. Marketing, world wide releases, changing of signs, stationery etc. Do you remember Telecommunications of Dominica. Many of you don’t. That’s exactly why. The change from Cable and Wireless to Telecommunications of Dominica was reversed in no time. Ask them what it took (financially and otherwise) for the name change and how successful it was. To be effective its not just saying from henceforth we are now Dominique or Waitikubuli. Another lesson closer to government: do you remember the change to the Metric system in Dominica. You don’t? Ah that says alot. We actually had a government office created to make that change. Where is the metric system now?

Dominica CAN be well known. Its not the name, its the fame. How do we become famous? How does anyone or anything become famous or well recognized? There are countless names that appear to be weird or uncommon but are now household names. The answer is in having something unique to offer or be associated with. Until we have that, we will be no where on the recognition horizon.

There is much more to it people. Dominica will not be well known just from a name change. In fact the name change would create more complications. I can well imagine the conversation I would be having..” I am from Waitikubuli. Never heard of it? Yeah its a small island in the Caribbean! It used to be called Dominica before…No, not the Dominican Republic…”….lol

Comment by Black Carib
2010-08-10 12:56:55

you make a very interesting point and i agree with you, but probably we should just say aka watikubli in parenthesis or something.

Comment by Jonathan Alexis
2010-11-15 10:04:28

I agree, the name change will not make much of a difference except for mailing purposes.
I have been in the states for 27 years. when I say i’m from Dominica, people say ” oh Dominican Republic”, I say, “no Dominik” then I hear “where is that”. I have to draw a map or explain.

I think the key is to get Dominik known to the rest of the world… ( some Ideas)

1. Get our youth sports involve with exchange programs with overseas and invite schools or clubs to spend a few weeks training and exchanging knowledge. Basket ball, Soccer..

2. Get education to compete like in spelling Bees and science projects.

3. I know we have talent in Dominik. Anyone intereted in competing at the olympics.

4. Extend our communication network on a wider broadband.

5. Our tourism department can get involve in advertising on national television network…

Comment by David
2010-11-18 12:43:06

I don’t think you should worry about ignorant people mixing you up with the Dominican Republic. For those in the know, there’s only one Nature Island and it’s the best.

That said, I could imagine a cheap and flirtatious viral campaign on the theme of pronouncing the name properly… “DominICa… it’s our little secret”, “DominICa… don’t tell anyone”, “Shh… DominICa”… You haven’t got the resources to outdo DR’s mass tourism industry, so don’t try, go for the niche…

Comment by Noxi
2010-11-22 11:45:39

No Name Change. What about a new marketing strategy…Let’s file a lawsuit at the Uinted Nations to force The Dominican Republic to change it’s name. We might not get anywhere, but the world would hear about a little island wanting its identity back…. is suing Hispaniola for name recognition. How about that? That could be an inexpensive alternative and great, relatively free promotion for Dominica. Them people world over would say, Dominica….Oh I know it, that’s the country that sued Hispaniola for its identity. At the end of the day, all we really want is recognition, isn’t it?

Comment by zwazo dezil
2010-11-23 22:30:54

If you think Creole or French, or if you are from Guadeloupe, Switzerland or Belgium, the name is already Dominique and there is no discussion about changing the name of the Island in these languages. Dominique cannot be confused with Dominican in either in Creole or in French. The problem in English only.
Everyone got used to saying “Beijing” instead of “Peking”, “Mumbay” instead of “Bombay” or “Cote D’Ivoire” instead of “Ivory Coast”.
I don’t understand those too afraid to change the name, with such heavy negative critique!!!
For those who identify more with Brixton or Crown Heights , than yes, the name change poses a dilemma, but for those who kept up with Home Culture, no problem.
It seems some commentators think some foreigners are too impaired to learn the creole name “Dominique”, when these foreigners can so easily say “physique”, “boutique” or “oblique”?
What a great advertising campaign opportunities too: “Come to Dominique, the island so Unique” or “Experience true Mystique, the Nature Isle of Dominique”
Honest opinion: Dominica is le freak, but Dominique c’est chic .

Comment by Benjamin George Jr
2011-01-04 19:51:05

I totally agree, I have never like using the word(name) Dominica, because I know the reaction, “Oh Dominica Republic” I look strangely at them and think, WOW! you really don’t know your geography, it’s a shame, living in America you would think more would know the world, I have traveled to so many different countries and I can name them, so many, however, when I introduce Dominica, my introduction is “La Dominique”, they ask where is that located instead of “Oh Dominican Republic”, makes me just want to bow my head and shake it.. good heavens.. I think the name change would be totally awesome!!! and yes for those who have already said this, it would totally define “La Dominique” :-).
So as you probably already know yes I am and was born in La Dominique 🙂 my home land, wouldn’t trade it for the world it’s where I call home, my HOME!

HAPPY NEW YEAR La Dominique!!!!

Comment by zwazo dezil
2011-01-05 21:21:10

Great observations by Benjamin George Jr!
At the first mention of Dominique, some will already know the island the name stands for, while the others will not.
Those who won’t recognize the name will be puzzled at first, but then not confused enough to mention the “Other Caribbean Country”.
Later in order to understand, then they will ask for clarification.
These are the right ingredients to promote teaching:
1) interest
2) differentiation
3) arousal of curiosity.
These 3 are the best ingredients to promote learning what the distinguishing name the Island should have: Dominique.

Happy New Year to Dominique and to all the Dominiquais !

Also, Happy New Year to The Dominican Republic and to all the Dominicans (No hard feelings!)

Comment by ivana
2011-05-02 10:34:03

This isn’t relevant, but I’m adopted. I’m from Dominica but i now live in the u.s. i got adopted when i was two and i completely know nothing about my birth country. I want to know what its like, how it smells, how people dress, their customs and beliefs. Everything there is to know but ever time i look it up on the internet…nothing comes up, well DR1 but that’s a whole different thing. from what I’ve read they’re not even a true race their just a way of thinking they think everything “black” is bad. but they are very clearly black. but anyway i need help i want to know about my country a least the anthem or something

Comment by James derousseau
2011-07-06 07:19:34

It took 6 months for a letter to get to DOMINICA.I guess Dominica did not exist,may be they thaught it was a mistake and sent the letter to the Dominican Repuplic,then the letter hang around there until they decide to send to Dominica. What a confusion,6 months later I came to Dominica on a holiday and the letter arrived 3 days after I arrived on the Island.The ancients on the Island called it WHYKIBULLI, a dam ass spaniard change it to domini the french addded que=Dominique the english added ca.=Dominica,with so many changes by forigners it take a magnifying glasss to know where Dominica is on the world map.The first inhabitants on the island called WHYKIBULLI is ZION and JERUSALEM before the fall of BABLON.The anciant was put their after the flood to populate,we call them all on the island call ourselves caribbean trying to leave in peace and harmony before the final fall of Babylon in the world to stop the confusion for Peace.finally Whykibulli will be as it was in the begining,Paradise Gen2.8-10

Comment by kathleen bruno
2011-07-08 19:42:51

Look this is silly
Dominica isn’t its name
its a name given to it
when it became independant
why on earth did they not give it back the orginal name taken away from it and call it Waitikubuli,

If someone steals my child and renames her I don’t keep the new name given it by those people when I get her back thats disrespecting the child and my heritage and the family history passed on by the family name isn’t it

so whats the differents the Europeans hated the original people and hated us by treating us as slaves

what is this discussion
give it back it’s name and identity and its true history ( which is not its history began with colombus discovered an empty land …. there were people on it and it was there and our home befor the Europeans came there

this discusion is such as ‘slave’ mentality Dominica is not its name that was the name give by the slave owners give it back its history and idenity and call it Waitikubuli .

Comment by kathleen bruno
2011-07-08 19:55:35

Just to add
there are loads of countries that have changed there names

and here is a few:-

Western Samoa to Samoa
Persia to Iran
Rhodesia to Zimbabwae
Zaire to Democratic Republic of the Congo
Abyssia to Ethiopia
Ottoman Empire to Turkey
Transjordon to Jordon
New Herbidiee to Vanuatu
Gilbert Islands to Tuvalu
Gold Coast to Ghana
Belorussia to Belorus
British Hondourus to Belize
British South Asia to split, India and Pakistan
Eastern Pakistan to Bangladesh
Burma to Myanmar

there is many many more
and loads of these we don’t even think of the old names anymore

Comment by James derousseau
2011-07-10 19:12:04

The people in Dominica dont know the problem dominicans have overseas,when they go to a post office,the letter is clearly writen to Dominica,the post office counter ask is it D/ republic,No you say its the Commonwealth of Dominica,do you mean the D/Republic,you feel like an idiot haveing to explain where Dominica is,but they still send it to the D/ write on the letter please Post man dont send this letter to the D/republic but they still send it to the D/Republic.when a Dominican apply for a job and ask where are you from you say Dominica,O D/Republic I was there on holidays, you say no not D/Republic Dominica,then they ask where is this one.Ive never heard of this one.If Dominica have an earthqake all the aid will co to the D/Repuplic.When the Prime minister go and an ask for aid or money for Dominica and he dont speak Spanish he must have a hard time to explain where Dominica is,Then he will be asked what is the population of Dominica or the dgp and because its a small population he will get peanuts/small change.Well what can we do to put things right,firstly stop being a carbon copy of D./Repuplic and be Whykibulli people with a proud Identy and not suffer humiliation by foreigners thinking we are aliens with no ID, so when ministers go overseas they get respect and positive help for the Republic of Whykibulli

Comment by James derousseau
2011-07-10 21:19:43

When Christopher columbus landed on the Island Whykibulli he saw the ancients their he said let us go ashore for this holy water and said Lord domini the people are peaceful they have a king and queen on the island,Its the Lord who brought them their not Christopher Columbus Dominicans dont speak Spanish,to be Identified as spaniards,neither is partoir french or Dominicans are Identified as French,Dominicans speak English but we are not English their fore all on the island are foreigners waiting for the Lord to baptise us as his Whykibulli people to stop this confusion of Identity.and to move away from foreign eliments and be positive who we are and who we serve and no other but the Lord.for peace and prosperity and not hell of alot of confusion to add on to our daily life.Praise the Lord he is the King in the Kingdom. and all who want to be on the island Whykibulli bless His holy name for living on paradise island with exotic fruit,thermal springs clear water in abundance an Island Mountain surrounded by deep blue sea hot as hell and cold as ice the far away island of Zion and Jerusalem since the days before the fall of Babylon so much history attached to this island a place of refuge to escape from barbarians and slavery to live in peace and harmony, finally be as it was in the begining with no confusion.

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