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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

While the Bush administration has not been committed to curbing the world addiction to oil, legislators from around the world are coming together to try to stop climate change from increasing and how renewable energy can help in stopping climate change. The United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Montreal, where world leaders are enacting the next step of the Kyoto protocol. The video will show you how some American mayors are taking the steps to stop carbon emissions despite the hesitations of the executive brunch of the bush administration.

Video Source:COAnews via Youtube

I can’t stress enough, that Climate Change affects everyone. We too in the Caribbean might not be aware of the effects of Climate Change is having on the Caribbean.There is evidence that we’re experiencing hotter days and rising sea levels. Please, watch the Video and learn how we can help in stopping Climate Change.

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Comment by mclauren
2008-02-03 00:33:30

All this climate change talk is a BIG HOAX!!! There is no evidence of man causing global warming. If anyone can show me scientific evidence that man is causing climate change, i am ready to pay them at least $1000.00 USD. Many scientist have already come out to dispute this nonsense, even the founder of the weather channel said last year that global warming is a hoax. Don’t you koolaid drinkers see this is another scam to raise taxes. Do some research on the internet about environmental science and in less than 30 minutes you will understand how the temperautre of the earth is regulated.

Comment by Dan
2008-02-04 20:27:21

Whether or not global warming is a fact seems to be a matter of consensus among responsible scientists (it is) and among political conservatives (it is not). I am a scientist. Since, unlike religion or politics, does not suppress differences in opinion — it airs and tests them. All the evidence and all tests seem to support the hypothesis that the world’s climate is warming.

Interestingly, the political conservatives try to have this argument both ways. I have seen circulation on the Web (where you can find any opinion, both valid and perfectly crackpot presented forcefully) of screeds claiming that global warming is some sort of liberal hoax and that is is real, but is a matter of a natural cycle having nothing at all to do with human activities.

One would have to be an utter fool not to see what human activities and population growth have done to nature.

As a scientist, I see little hope for salvation from renewable energy (biofuels), solar power or wind power. I have seen great environmental damage result from use of hydroelectric power. I see the greatest hope for nuclear power (but great danger too) and geothermal power (which Dominica has in abundance, but lacks the capital to develop).

As a social scientist (amateur) I see very great present danger in dependence on fossil fuels: pollution, global warming, local environmental disaster (high potential for that in Dominica if the refinery is built) and worst of all — war. It is no accident that the Middle East is a trouble zone. And that China is preventing the UN from doing anything to end the suffering in Darfur (China wants Sudan’s oil).

This is going to serve up a horrible legacy to the next generation.

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