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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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We now live in a modernize society that allows us stay connected to each other 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week, and 52 weeks a year. Emails have become such an essential way of communication and staying connected, that in fact, many of us have a hard time staying away from email for more than a day or so.

In a recent article published by the New York Times, president –elect Barack Obama many soon have to give up not only his Blackberry, but all email correspondence as well one he become president.

Like for Obama — just as it would be for many of us — that is a huge sacrifice. In fact, some of us might opt not to become president if we had to stop email, Instant Messaging, Facebook/MySpace messages, texting and the works. What about you?

Could you give up email for five years? How about for 2 weeks?

And if you have done it, what have your experiences been?

I’d love to hear your experiences! Share in the comments.

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Comment by Joel Halfwassen
2008-11-20 14:38:52

This one would admittedly be tough for me. It is honestly my most vital connection to my friends and family as we are all working professionals moving all of the world at all points in time. Nevermind my friends and family, my business NEEDS it!


Comment by Joel Halfwassen
2008-11-20 15:02:33

That being said…I am having a real struggle between myself and my IT staff. I would like my IT staff to actually do face-to-face visits with people when they have technology problems. I am a big fan of the idea of “good bedside manner”. However, my IT staff would like to do everything remotely from their desk. They don’t like their day being broken up and raw productivity being driven down by having to get up, go to someone else’s office, exchange pleasantries, and answer question about the computer as they work through the issue. Also they tend to get a lot of “Oh! While you are here…” issues when they go to someone’s office. I had to lay down the law with, “You know what? I am the boss and this is how we are doing it!”

I agree productivity does go down on the IT end, but I feel like it is worth my money to have my entire team (IT and all) knowing each other by their face.


Comment by Iggy Pop
2008-11-20 16:43:22

On a few occasions I lived without a computer for extended periods of time. It was nice. I met with friends more, got out of the house more, got some interesting things done. 💡

I say yes, ditch the email – if you’re on vacation.
At work? No way. We rely on it even more then on the phones. It’s like electricity – hard to imagine world without it. Business is about efficiency, vacation – not quite so. 🙄

Comment by claire
2008-11-21 07:26:14

Yes for two weeks on my vacation to dominica but after the second week i got withdrawal sypmtoms. all things should be used in balanced

Comment by Dan
2008-11-22 17:39:07

No problem, other than when I need it to communicate quickly. In other words, there are times it’s hard to do without.

President Obama will have no problem keeping up or getting in touch with anyone he needs to. But his communications relation to his office must be preserved and become part of records. Note that Bush and Cheney destroyed records, Reagan “forgot” them, and Nixon erased incriminating records.

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