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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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Yes, Dominica is a paradise island and it is famous for the fact that people live long here 🙂 Much of this is contributed by clean air, water and food.

When I came to Dominica for the first time, I couldn’t determine the age of the people – only the shine in their eyes you might suspect that something is not usual. At first I would always guess wrongly, for example a guy who looks like 16 – in fact was 23, a woman who you think is 37 years is maybe 50. It’s only now I got accustom and better predict peoples age. It then became clear to me that is more better live on an island where modern civilization is still minimal. In the big cities around the world, the average people at 50 -50 are already suffering with lumber spine, making difficult for to more around freely. In Dominica people at 50 can take part in the local carnival.

What I’m trying to say many people might object with it, long live is bored and not interesting, and most to all is hard and painful. Who will be caring for me at this age? Well then, here is a good example for you.

Not to long ago, Louisa Joseph, at the age of 108 years. The woman was born in August 8, 1899. She never drinks alcohol, didn’t smoke and ate only local food, which she grown in her garden. She was only two times in hospital: November 29, 2007 and in the Christmas time the same year. (Account how old she was at that time?)

Louise also is mother of 10 children, grandmother of 48 grand children, 95 great grand children, 27 great great grand children and countless great great great grand children. Try to die here alone? On her funeral was presented the Prime Minister himself. 🙂

In the last few weeks, four Dominican centenarians have died, leaving the total number of persons over 100 living in Dominica at 16, still an impressive ratio in a population of just 70 000 people. The oldest living person in Dominica today is Violet Joseph from Roseau, who is 109 years old.

Dominica’s reputation for longevity was enhanced with the discovery of the world’s oldest person Elizabeth “Ma Pampo”, which died at the age of 128 years in 2003. Although the Guinness Book of World Records refused to recognize her, because evidence people are not satisfied – give them a paper, which wasn’t extradite to the locals in those early times.

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Comment by Dan
2008-03-12 15:11:56

I also credit the hard physical life that Dominicans live for keeping them in great shape and extending their lives. They walk up steep hills, often with burdens and work hard all day, every day. This exercise strengthens them and is known to increase the high density lipoproteins (HDLs) or “good cholesterol” in the blood that keeps arteries clean and clear thus preventing the coronary artery disease that causes most heart attacks.

Comment by Diane Corriette
2008-03-15 08:30:12

Wow! I didn’t know that about Dominican people. I know my grandad was quite old – in his late 90s when he died.
Exercise, regular movement, fresh food and good area helps. Its a shame now with all the taxes and cost of living that this pressure is being put on people – money!

Comment by Beverley Popo-Daniel
2008-03-16 14:23:45

The money pressures will increase if the proposed oil refinery is built on our beatifully blessexd island…Will effect the air, forestry, wild life, beautiful rivers, soil, food and much more…What do you think about that…I’m concerned..

Comment by Veselo
2008-03-16 17:55:07

What do I think about oil refinery?
You can find here and here, here, here, here, here, here.

And we have a good news: oil refinery on hold and now goverment consider to use geothermal.

BBC news in brief: Dominica going geothermal

Dominica says it is receiving EU support in a project to develop its geothermal resources with the intention of selling electricity to its closest neighbours.

According to a government paper, the island has exhibited strong potential for significant geothermal power generation.

Studies carried out over a 20-year period suggest the exploitable potential would reach a value superior to 100 MW.

Moreover, the government believes that Dominica’s its geographic position allows it to sell electricity to nearby Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The Dominican energy minister, Charles Savarin, said the the two islands, which are part of France, are also required to meet European Union targets on clean energy.

If it will not have success, we will try again to contact with Goverment about another alternativities. You can take action too! Everybody of us.

Comment by Beverley Popo-Daniel
2008-03-16 23:55:39

that is what I’m talking about…Geothermal instead o f oil refinery…We have to be the producers of the energy to be exported… Espaecially if it is safer for the environment.. thankyou for this inspiring information…I pray for the good of Dominica that the government is able to deliver on this issue… I also agree with the last comment about not losing the electicity and storing in cylinders and shipping it…

Comment by Dan
2008-03-16 21:20:22

Exploiting the geothermal energy will require a huge capital investment; one which could never be repaid solely by Dominicans. Therefore, some of the energy must be exported. But the capital cost of cables to neighboring islands may also be prohibitive, and huge amounts of the energy would be lost in the cable. Electrical power is hard to transport and even harder to store, unfortunately.

Perhaps using the electrical energy to separate water into hydrogen (fuel) and oxygen (a commodity) and shipping energy in the form of tanked gases is feasible. Cars, homes and factories burning hydrogen would not produce any carbon emissions, the emission would be water vapor.

Comment by Dan
2008-03-17 11:12:01

Thank you. Of course, I don’t know if my suggestion is feasible. I hope that it is.

Comment by Beverley Popo-Daniel
2008-03-18 17:00:20

I hope your sugesstion is feasible…I also would hope that we do not export to the demise of our own country’s supply…We could also do what Chevez is doing a barter system of trade for resources or commodities…Martinique and Guadeloupe are very affluent islands… Anyway keep me posted on developments…

Comment by Dan
2008-03-18 17:38:34

Don’t worry about using anything up. Both the geothermal energy and the water are virtually inexhaustible. There’s more than enough fresh water, but even seawater could be used (producing salt and mineral by-products that could also be sold). The challenges would be to obtain the capital and ensure that investment benefits flow back to Dominica, not just to the investors, and to upgrade the port and road infrastructure as required.

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