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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

A difficult challenge in accomplishing goals is simply remaining aware of them and staying on track. Honestly, how many times have you set a goal, started working on it with the best of intentions, and then couple days late, you become conscious that it somehow slipped through the cracks?

Even here in Dominica where it’s under populated and under developed, outside influences apply forces to knock us off track. And if you have a busy life, these influences can come many times each day. Phone calls. Emails. Postal mail. A new memo. A drop-in visitor. New items to add to your to do list nearly everyday. New things to think about; but most are just distractions from what’s really important – your goals.

We therefore must apply a countering force to get back on track, pointing ourselves back towards our goals again and again. Reviewing your goals once a month or once a week is just too infrequent. I find I must review my major goals every single day, and if the day is filled with a lot of distractions, then I must do it several times a day. Otherwise I start getting too far off course, lured into working on what’s merely important instead of what’s mostly important. It’s a process of constantly re-checking your actions and figuring out the correct next step.

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Comment by Joel Halfwassen
2008-04-02 00:08:14

I hear you. If I don’t write things down in a list format I lose sight of everything. Even if I don’t get everything done in a day I at least have everything in front of me for the next day. Goals and accountability are crucial to having a productive life.


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