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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

UpdateCalypso Semi Final Results

Just quick updates on the results of Calypso Semis, many Dominicans are considering boycotting the finals due to the Judges decision. I personally was surprise that Observer made it to the final; the word on the street is that Vigilante – (with a song entitled- for a dollar) gave the best performance on the night. As to what the judges are looking for when judging these competitions …I have no idea …can someone help me?

The Nine Calypsoans who will join the Dice (reigning calypso king of Dominica) are:

  1. De Hunter
  2. the Webb
  3. Daddy Chest
  4. the Bobb
  5. Tarina
  6. Sandy
  7. the Observer
  8. Son of the Saint
  9. leeandra

Here are some of the comments posted on Dominica Carnival website by internet listeners all over.

  • SemiFinals » “SP what do you want to say about Tarina singing?”
  • SP » “great choice for d finals”
  • SemiFinals » “what a rip off”
  • SemiFinals » To theVigilante – dont do any guest performances. You were really cheated tonight!
  • tam » I like the 9
  • ………Whats your comment?

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Comment by Abroad
2007-02-04 15:20:12

yah..finally we will have a woman king….er Queen..

Go leandra!!

Comment by vi
2008-02-04 20:55:36

the female calypsonians are coming on strongly…i do see Leandra as the first female Monarch of DA…She has the ability to surprise all..Go for it Leandra…..

Comment by Dan
2008-02-06 23:58:32

I can’t judge, but I really liked “Sail On” done by a lady whose name I can’t reacall at the moment; and she did not advance to the semi-final level.

Comment by Chris
2007-02-04 17:57:39

Tarina …… my calypso king…:):)

Comment by Crabs
2007-02-04 20:10:04

Daddy Chess for King 2007

Comment by D
2007-02-04 23:53:53

Well for me is DICE AGAIN…Nuff respect to the other 9.

Comment by Shane
2007-02-05 00:09:35

I understand everybody couldn’t make it, the judges had it rough i know that… But some good songs were eliminated while some questionable ones made it through … I believe they press Vigilante, another yout man in finals? they cannot have that … so it is in D/a man …Vigilante doh dig my padner better dayz coming

Comment by Crabs
2007-02-05 07:07:39

who is that buller dada people keep talking about?

Comment by TC
2007-02-06 01:57:24

Dice is my KING 4 Sure, n no one can’t take away that crown from him no matter how hard they try

Comment by VT
2007-02-06 02:00:50

Representing the Wesley Massive living abroad, well everyone should have a little repest 4 the King Dicy he is the to run the show forever. Just keep it up Dice n u know that no one can’t take ur place.

Comment by D
2007-02-09 01:25:55

i would like to know Who won the Junior calypso monarch?

Comment by marayah
2007-02-09 07:49:00

good luck to all qho made and to those who did not better luck next time

Comment by Chris
2007-02-09 08:50:03
D… Dutchess won the Junior Calypso Monarch last night
Comment by Phd21
2007-02-17 12:54:02

Boy, it tight tonight but is only seven people that can win de crown…bob, observer & saint…sorry. Dem woman really powerful but de new one might surprise…tension well high papa…dice…if u sing save the your furneral u singing for…it not strong…pat fooling u.

Comment by jomo sono
2007-11-11 11:20:48

sandy is the queen of calypso.

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