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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

As reported news agencies armed forces of Venezuela had arrested more than 500 tons of foodstuff, which agricultural producers tried to smuggle from Venezuela. Milk and eggs are not drugs. But in terms of building socialism, it is an important strategic resource, which must be under state control. According to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, it is necessarily to control market prices or to nationalize the strategically important spheres of the economy, such as eggs and milk.

In trying to solve some problems, the Government of Venezuela, together with the Government of Dominica has decided to build a refinery in Dominica, although on the island is no trained specialists. There is a less obvious solution: build on Dominica agricultural enterprises, such as a poultry and dairy farm, for which to find and train specialists much easier on Dominica. And send the products to Venezuela for remove the arose deficit.

The question may seem obvious, but smart government members of Venezuela and Dominica may have a different view. Let’s take a poll.

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Comment by Dan
2008-01-25 18:20:51

The survey itself seems biased. I don’t take a political position, but offer the opinion that a survey should be objective. Also, some of the questions don’t even parse as English language sentences, for example the first question: “Will be help the construction the poultry on Dominica and exports of productions to solve the problem or shortage of eggs in the Venezuela?” What is the question asking?

Comment by Vlad
2008-01-26 10:06:23

Dan, thank you, for you opinion.

The survey itself seems biased.
– Yes, it is. 🙂

I don’t take a political position, but offer the opinion that a survey should be objective.
– In fact, results of this survey can not play the role of sociological study. Questions was asked by a very naive fool, a child of the Andersen fairy tale, for the reason that everybody could open the eyes and say: “A king is naked”.

On those questions that you ask, I have the answers in my article, which I am translating now into English. If you are interested, I could send it to you. Moreover, feeling your interest, I would be grateful if you will take-up the role of editor to make my english more comprehensible.

Also, “some of the questions don’t even phrase as English language sentences”

– Sorry! I was born in a socialism country and English is not my native language… but I believe that I care more about Dominica than people born in a socialism country and speaks “good english.”

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