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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Once again the idea of an oil refinery in Dominica came under scrutiny. BBC Caribbean News (in brief) reports that the Dominica government defends the oil refinery and that the Dominica tourism sector has nothing to be worried about.

Our government believes that tourists will continue to visit Dominica, even if the oil refinery is constructed. But it is not so, a poll is being conducted over on, and it clearly shows that foreigners will stop visiting Dominica as tourists destination.

Why? You ask yourself. We market Dominica as the Nature Island of the Caribbean but turn around and propose something that can destroy the only thing Dominica have over the other Caribbean Island – it’s untouched beauty.

I strongly believe that most Dominicans don’t realize the dangers of an oil refinery and how it can destroy the livelihood of may Dominicans. It’s so unfortunate for Dominica Island. For example recently we posted an article about the poll which we are presently conducting on We only had 40 Dominicans participating in the poll, unlike the 400 Dominicans we got when we did the same poll for the Carnival Queen Contestant. Just goes to show that Dominicans just done care or they don’t understand the dangers of an oil refinery.

Visit to take part in the ongoing poll.

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Comment by Dan
2008-02-12 00:06:17

With only 40 responses, the poll is statistically insignificant. And as I commented earlier, the poll’s questions are tendentious, not objective.

That said, I oppose the refinery.

Comment by Bird
2008-02-12 02:03:46 is not only survey. Everyone can say what they think about the refinery at the forum. But not many Dominicans say aloud. They once to stop and think about the future. Apparently, in real life all the same. On the island of foreign travel environmentalists, some local enthusiasts are trying to do something, but the majority of all the same. Sorry if my English is bad, I am not English-speaking.

Comment by Vlad
2008-02-12 03:36:34

With only 40 responses, the poll is statistically insignificant.
– Fully agree with you. Statistically, it is important the silence of the Dominicas residents.
By its silence the Dominicas society approve its government intention.

That said, I oppose the refinery.
– Not Big deal! It is important that residents of Dominica have nothing against the construction of the refineries.

And as I commented earlier, the poll’s questions are tendentious, not objective.
– Maybe.
I had hoped that everyone can provide an objective answer to any tendentious, not objective question.
And who prevents engage in a debate on the forum?
I have built the questions, to encourage every resident to think about the place that it will be takes for a new life, after building refineries.
Is objective and not tendentious the position of the Dominicas Government? What do you think about it?
Conducted it any poll on our desire to rest in Dominica after the refinery will be built?

Comment by Vlad
2008-02-12 03:44:07

P.S. What objective reason to build unprofitable refinery by 10 thousand barrels a day?

Comment by Steven
2008-02-12 18:05:01

There’s a real problem with this survey.

Apart from the poor grammar, there are forced choices where many of us will have no correct answer.

The whole section on qualifications for jobs in the oil industry is irrelevant if you already have a job and don’t want to work in the oil industry. Your results will be meaningless.

Further, the next sheet asks how my income will be affected, but offers no option to say it will be unaffected. Again, your results will be meaningless.

Thus, I quit the survey at this point.

I agree with most of the arguments against the oil refinery, but a survey of this poor quality strengthens the argument of the supporters of the refinery, who can quite rightly point out that the survey against them was rigged and meaningless.

Comment by Bird
2008-02-13 04:54:47

You proposed changes. Okay. Someone with good grammar can offer the full version of the survey? Put a good variant – it is done quickly.

Comment by Chris
2008-02-13 05:07:44

You will be amazed to know that the survey and the website was not developed by Dominicans, but a Russian family who loves Dominica and wants to help protect it anyway. This explains the poor grammar.

Seeing that you share the same arguments against the oil refinery, maybe you can help formulate some questions and answer which will be appropriate for the survey; which will help the survey from being “rigged and meaningless”.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-02-12 19:27:37

i am shamed of my country men and women who don’t object to having an oil refinery in this country. There is better forms of development and if we vote for he appropriate government or demand that they find a us better representatives we can make a difference. Its okay to take the help of Chavez he wants to be a school sure! hospitals sure! But this refinery won’t be brining any kind f jobs to Dominica. Refineries blow up every day amongst the industrial world, killing man of its workers. There will be air pollution, land and sea come on people give me a break Skerrit is incompetent!!!!!

Comment by Dan
2008-02-13 10:00:23


I know that the poll’s creator, Vlad, lives in Russia and reads English pretty well but admits to having difficulty writing in English. In fact, I edited his recent posting “10 Questions for the Government”.

I would be happy to help by editing a new poll before it’s posted. Meanwhile, I do agree with Vlad that it is a shame that only about 40 people (not all of them Dominicans) responded to the poll on this most crucial issue.

Thank you.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-02-13 14:21:34

who care about how someone writes english. This is the problem with many people who comment about views facing tis country. They always resort to the minor details, attacking how someone speaks or write because they have no better comments to give. Well too bad I “is a” Dominican, I speak and write with bad grammar all the time and I speak English as my main language. Do you expect an individual who don’t speak english as their main language to speak even better English than some of us who do? Lets just hope that you will always speak and write proper english. Remember when we disagree with something, we have to be a shining example of the side we choose. Come on thats not the point, the point it surveys, no surveys this refinery is a bad idea! The supporters of this refinery wants nothing good for this country. Skerritt only wants to put more crap on his very weak resume of things he supposinglly did for this country. I don’t care for any of the policies this government makes and before you comment I am actually a labor party supporter, but I didn’t vote for this dude. I had him for a teacher at CDCC and he was incompetent then as he is now! The problem is the government!

Comment by Dan
2008-02-13 18:24:55

Vlad and Chris knew I wasn’t belittling anyone’s language skills.

I am saying that if we hope to use a poll result to convince anyone of anything, then we had better be certain that the poll is clear, unbiased, and easily responded to and analyzable.

Comment by Vlad
2008-02-13 23:38:04
BBC Caribbean News:
“Dominica suspends refinery plans

PM Skerrit says more time is needed to consider the refinery
The Dominica government has suspended plans to build an oil refinery on the island.”

I want to congratulate the residents of Dominica: they have a strong leader. A good leader must be able to defend their beliefs. A truly strong leader able to renounce their misconceptions. This is much more difficult than constantly climb resolutely.
The time to criticize the government is passed. A criticize is easy. Now the time has come to real cases. Looking for ideas of how to help to the government. They are waiting for your initiative.

Comment by Albert
2008-06-05 14:59:57

I believe that an oil refinery would bring some sucess in the development of Dominica like Trinidad and Tobago but in terms of environmental de struction it could be most suggested that the oil refinery should be built in venezuela where Dominicans could go to work and return to Dominica with the benefits.

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