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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Without water there is no life. On this lush island of Dominica where we are surrounded by stunning sea water, and where more than 360 mineral-rich rivers weave their way from coast to coast, it is easy to overlook this simple fact: the more we know about water, the more we may know about the
essence of being human.

Some say our water is one of the primary reasons why Dominica has enjoyed a world record number of centenarians over the years. The healing waters just flowed endlessly through their veins.

Did you know that Dominica is emerging as a destination for health and wellness travel? So what are these sources of joy and healing? Where can you experience the powerful waters found on this Caribbean island paradise?

From sinus soaks to sea spas, the island’s plentiful sea water can be used to draw out toxins released by tired muscles during a post-hike soak or help clear up painful, clogged sinus cavities using a technique dating back to Victorian times. Several warm and cold sulphur water sites on the island provide a natural setting where weary travelers can relax while letting the natural sulphur content help to heal skin ailments. And finally, consider nature’s massage. Visitors can cleanse their soul by standing under one of Dominica’s many hidden and known waterfalls which are found
throughout the island.

Other wellness activities on the Nature Island include: hiking, diving, yoga, massage and meditation, and island cuisine grown by local farmers and served at the island’s eco resorts. Dominica is an emerging destination for health and wellness travel. Here are some of the water experiences awaiting visitors to the Nature Island.

Dominica waterfall - Discover The Healing Powers of Dominican Waters

Sea Water – from sinus soaks to sea spas

Many hikers swear that a soak in the sea will draw out toxins released by the muscles which have been tensed and stretched by traversing some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean. With a post-hike soak, the dreaded stiff leg or muscle hangover is a thing of the past.

Another suggested water remedy is inhaling sea water – a practice known as a sinus soak – which was well known by the Victorians. The salt-water ratio provides natural anti-bacterial properties to rinse out painful, clogged sinus cavities. Not only do sinuses feel renewed, but the mind has
greater clarity and balance when you open the more than 60 million autonomic nerve endings in your nostrils.

Sulphur Water – a natural path to smoother skin and sound sleep

Several warm and cold sulphur water sites and spas that dot the island have earned Dominica an enviable reputation as being a place to relax while helping to heal skin ailments. Since many medical skin treatments contain sulphur-based ingredients, modern medicine affirms a secret that
Dominicans have known and used for hundreds of years.

Whether you choose the sulphur water rock pool in the sea in front of the church at Soufrière or hike up to the mountain village of Wotten Waven, Dominica offers a broad selection of sulphur water spas where you can soak, alternating between warm and cold sulphur water, and finish off with a
sulphur mud massage. And don’t forget the distinct added advantage of the healing stage being set in the stunning natural beauty that is Dominica.

River Water and Waterfalls – nature’s massage

Stepping into the silky smoothness of Dominica’s White River is an unforgettable experience. Its cool caressing torrents flush away any negativity, smooth the skin and pummel the wobbly parts, leaving your mind calm, your body relaxed and your spirits rejuvenated. Alternatively, visitors can
cleanse their soul by standing under one of Dominica’s many hidden and known waterfalls which are found throughout the island. One of the most popular sites is Emerald Pool, which provides nature’s massage using the force of a forest waterfall.

Learn more about health and wellness on Dominica by watching the new video, “Are You Breathing…?” or visit

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