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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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I like talking with children. Unlike adults, with children their dreams have no ceiling. It’s inspiring to listen to their goals and ideas. Kids start dreaming at an early age. They think about their future career, their wealth, their education, and so on. And their dreams can be huge.

When it comes to choosing a career, some will choose the characteristic police officer, fire fighter, or doctor. Others will choose Astronaut, Olympian, or President. If we’re talking about wealth, some will aspire to simply “have money”, while others will seek a business empire or the ability to retire at age 45 or younger.

As a parent, you have more control over whether or not your children achieve their dreams than we might think. For kids, parents are inspiration, motivation, and leadership.

You might think that your child’s dreams are unrealistic. That’s the negative adult inside you. No wonder so many kids in Dominica are failing at the secondary education level, because they’re presented with this unsolicited advice at an early age. These children grow up with this stigma that certain dreams are unachievable. You should believe in your child because they believe in themselves; and you’re probably the only other support they have.

Photo By:Carf

Children dream big; that’s what’s so great about them. When you were a child you dreamed big (assuming you’re human 🙂 ). Many of you probably didn’t realize the dreams you had and therefore feel your children won’t either. If that’s the case, please shut up about it.

Your child’s dreams aren’t about you. As far as kids are concerned, anything is possible. And that’s how it should be. If you deny your children’s dreams, or their right to dream, you are undermining their chances for achievement.

It’s common for adults to make decisions based on probability rather than possibility. However, I can say that this is one case where we all need to think about possibility and throw probability completely out the window.

If your children are going to realize their dream of being the first Dominican Astronaut to land on Mars, the last thing they need is you screwing things up. Your goal as a parent is to meet your parental obligations and provide a path toward success for your children to follow, likewise setting a good example.

Help Them Take Action, As children grow and develop they’ll begin to show interest in many different things. They’ll start to give more attention to certain things that really interest them, some of which will turn into dreams.

If your goal is to help your children achieve these dreams, you should show them how and help lead the way. Achieving is a process of motivation, organization, intensity, and determination, the importance of this process isn’t really about the initial dream. It’s about teaching children how to achieve anything. As a parent you should want your children to learn the process so that even if their dreams change, their chances of success do not.

Last but not lease, show your support. Be a haven of positive thoughts and outlooks, provide support without offering negative advice, and help them persevere when they’re looking down. If you’ve any ideas on how parents can help kids follow their dreams, share them in the comments

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