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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – the long awaited Cable and Wireless Creole in the Park 2008 line-up was finally release this week. From October 27th to October 30th 2008 the annual Cable and wireless Creole in the Park will roll back into the Botanical Gardens, bringing promises of an even bigger, better show that the last six years – a true explosion of Creole Food, Art and Craft, Creole Music and Dominican Culture.

CITP History: For the many folks who don’t know or never been to Cable and Wireless Creole in the Park; the event is in its 6th year and was created from the need for a daytime event during Dominica’s National Independence Celebrations. It’s a four –day family oriented event at the historic Botanical Gardens in the Capital Roseau, from 12:00 to 7.00pm and highlights performances from local, regional and international artists. Dominica Cable and Wireless team managers the entire event.

Having enjoyed substantial success, this year’s Cable and Wireless Creole in the Park feature headliners are Triple Kay International, Red Hot Flames, Midnight Groovers, WCK, Fanatik Band, MFR, Nelly Stharre, Ricky-T, and Swinging Stars.

CITP Lineup

creole in the park 2008 lineupImage – Design by Image Area

I’m a huge fan of Creole in the Park, if only because it is (hands down) one of the best-run event I’ve attended for the last six years during Independence Celebrations. I’m even more interested in the many Dominicans who will be attending – some who have not been back to Dominica for many years. Dominica–Weekly blog will be bringing you lots of CITP coverage of all the performances. If you’re coming along for the ride, hope to see you there. As long as the rain holds up, this should be yet another amazing Creole in the Park – all lights on Cable and Wireless Dominica, heavy on the event!

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Comment by pete
2008-10-15 10:03:11

I love everything about the Creole culture: the customs, language, dress, music, food… Needless to say, I will be one of the many returnees who will also be taking in the Creole in the Park. Kudos to the Festivals Commissions and the sponsors in putting this on every year! Likewise the public’s participation has been excellent. I hope we have space for the massive crowds expected to descend on Roseau this year! It would be nice to link up physically with any of the regular bloggers though.

Comment by Dan
2008-10-15 11:12:26

We love it too! We are 8 weeks from moving permanently to Dominica in retirement. From then on we’ll never miss Creole in the Park, J’Overt, or any other musical event. And I hope to enjoy making music with friends around Calibishie (I play harmonica). I’m even hoping that some Dominican musician will take the words I’ve written for the two songs below, Dominican Mud Blues and The Fish will Bite Your Bo-Bo (below), and set them to the wonderful and unique Dominican beat.

Dominican Mud Blues (Muddy Lovin’)
By Dan Tanner
© 2008

Come to me my baby,
I’m a man of flesh and blood.
But you’ll enjoy my lovin’
It’s like Dominican mud.
If you don’t believe me,
Let’s make a double bet.
That tropic muddy lovin’,
Is the best a girl can get.
Mud starts out hard and dry,
When my situation’s hot.
I’m strong and dark and fertile,
Let me show you what I’ve got.
And we become slipp’ry,
Until the stormy rage is through.
You’ll slide and shout and love it,
While I’m clinging on to you.
When our storm is past we’re sticky,
No matter how you try.
You just can’t shake me off you,
I’m your Muddy Lovin’ Guy.
You want the good life baby?
Use this very simple plan.
Shack-up in Dominica,
With a Muddy Lovin’ Man.
Chorus (repeat 2X):
Oh Dominica,
My Nature Island,
Give me your muddy love.

“The Fish Will Bite Your Bo-Bo”
By Dan Tanner
© 2008

Down at the Chaudiere*, early in the morning,
See the lovely vieux*, all in a row.
The stream is running swiftly, my mother says it’s danger,
“Don’t go in the water, the fish will bite your bo-bo.”

(1st Chorus)
Chaudiere, bo-bo, what the heck do I know?
I’m just a Dominican boy, but my bo-bo is my pride and joy.

Down at the Chaudiere, early in the morning;
See all the vieux all in a row.
The river is a no-no; the fish will bite my bo-bo,
If I go where my momma tells me not to go.
(Repeat 1st Chorus)

Something always happens to my little bo-bo
When I take him out to play he begins to grow.
The fishes they all swim away, they don’t bite, they’re too afraid.
What a fearsome sight must be my mighty bo-bo!

(2nd Chorus)
Chaudiere, bo-bo, what the heck does mom know?
I am a Dominican boy; my bo-bo is my favorite toy.

Someday when I’m grown up, down at the Chaudiere,
See all the pretty ladies all in a row.
The river’s where they’ll all go, because the ladies will know,
That I’m all grown up, and so’s my bo-bo.

(3rd Chorus)
Chaudiere, bo-bo, what the heck do you know?
I’m now a Dominican man; I use my bo-bo when I can.

(*Note: Chaudiere is pronounced “show-dough”, vieux [snails] as “vee-oh”.)

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