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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

With hundreds of students immigrating from Dominica every year in pursue of high education; is it really worth doing a university degree?

In these difficult times with more unemployed graduates returning home and higher tuition cost leaving more and more of these graduates in debt. Doesn’t make you wonder if it’s really worth it?

Not everyone thinks a college degree is valuable; business tycoon Donald Trump, thinks experience is better than education.

“I talk a lot about education because I think a good college education can really take you far in life. At the same time, however, some people are incredibly book smart but are clueless when they deal with the real world. Others are street smart but can’t handle anything other than what they’re accustomed to.”

Most people choose a degree because they’re interested in it or it’s the appropriate thing to do, but for many children coming from middle-income homes throughout the region don’t have that luxury.

And if it’s a choice between investing in small businesses and sending people to university, is higher education a luxury our small island society can afford? I personally believe in investing more in small businesses – young entrepreneurs with ideas that can stay back and help develop the economy.

Don’t get me wrong, knowledge is essential, but knowledge alone certainly isn’t enough. You must be able to act on your knowledge. You must put it to work because doing is how you learn and how you ultimately prove yourself. But then again that’s just my humble (no degree) opinion.

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Comment by Francisca
2009-08-08 12:12:19


An educated society is a better society.

Investments in higher education benefit all of society through service to communities, healthier citizens who live longer lives, more productive workers, regional economic growth, and innovations in science and technology.

In addition to preparing individuals for employment, higher education prepares students to be responsible citizens and produce innovations that fuel economic development. Students learn to think critically and solve the problems facing our country.

* College graduates volunteer more, vote more often, and participate more in community and civic organizations than people without college degrees.

* Education has significant spillover effects on voter awareness of public events, such as more frequent reading of newspapers and journals, and increased awareness of issues such as schools, city and county council activities, and state and local tax policies.

Comment by caris
2009-08-09 19:38:20

I also share your view, that college degree is over rated. I think certain things like being a doctor, engineer you have to study for these things. Others are basically to decrease the country figure of unemployment. The more people you have in schools the less you have on the job market. It has become more expensive to study and now seeing a lot of bachelors degree has become so common now you have to continue to study to get a masters or doctorate. So these guys are so much in debt by time they are done they have no idea how manage their finances properly

Comment by Canadian College
2009-08-10 08:32:16

True! With limited resources, it’s better to take the plunge. I mean these days, even a college degree isn’t guarantee enough of a secure income.

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