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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

With Christmas right around the corner, and people everywhere are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

But there is one question which continues to run in the back of my mind – “Is there one true Religion?” And is there any truth among all of this religious confusion?

According to Ron Fraser – a columnist for The , the are three primary religions of man that are considered Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Fraser believes that all three religions revere the city of Jerusalem as a holy city, but none agrees fully one the way to worship the one God they all support.

It’s no different here on our nature isle, various divisions of Christianity lay claim to the same book, the Bible – incorporating both the Old Testament and the New Testament as the basis to their religions. Yet they disagree on their interpretation of its teachings.

The question arises, is there one true faith? If not, then based on the assumption of all three of these religions that there exists one supreme God over all, has that God destined mankind to a life of confusion over the very basic questions about His nature, His religion and the reason He created man?

These are deep-seated questions with which countless generations of thinkers, philosophers, religionists and educationalists have wrestled for 6,000 years of documented human history, but are to yet to come up with a clear and logical answer.

I’m curious hear you opinion, on whether or not there is there one true religion? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Comment by Suki
2008-12-22 16:12:15

Is there one true anything? The question is impossible to answer because of the very definition of the word religion. There are various definitions of the word religion but generally speaking it is a set of practices and beliefs. That would mean that all religions are “true”. The beliefs are true to the people who practice the religion. You would need to ask a more specific question like, are the words written by the Buddha “true”. Even then, you will be confronted with a number of opinions on the matter. In the end, it is irrelevant whether or not you believe religion is true but rather what you do in the name of religion and whether after inner reflection you are comfortable with what you do. During the Crusades, many died in the name of their religion – was that “true”? When these men and women looked down at the blood on the hands, did they feel satisfied that they fulfilled the true meaning of their religion? Maybe – I don’t know. What I do know is that religion has been used most often as a force for division in the quest to prove your very question – that the religion they believe in is the one “true” religion. Perhaps the issue is the religion requires the participants to believe that their religion is the one “true” religion. This is of course not true of all religions, Unitarians ( do embrace believers and non believers alike and promote acceptances of all beliefs. Perhaps this is a model to follow.

Comment by zirabamuzaale
2009-02-13 06:17:25

I believe that there should be one true religion which man should subscribe to. However, because of the various individual perceptions of God. What God or for others god is and should be. One important conclusion i draw from The Word of God,the Holy Bible; for those who believe in it as holy and authentic and practice its teachings: God will not save an individual( or mankind) according to the religion he professes or subscribes to, but will save us as regards our faith and belief in His only Son Jesus Christ as our(your) SAVIOUR and that He is the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN and the hope of acquisition of another life-life eternal after this current one.
True religion should be that based on the study and faith in the bible and implementing its teachings accordingly with the guidance of God in prayer and The Holy Spirit from a Christians perspective. A christian who believes in the holy bible as the sole main source for universal reference as regards religion and as a book in which to find out the true religion in this world with multiple religions.
May The Living God Bless you.

Comment by unanimous85
2009-04-30 21:37:12

I have to agree with the comment about the bible being its true source of finding one true religion, however many people today has given up looking into the bible for answers and have relied too heavily on the traditions and teachings that clergy men has created such as the celebration of christmas, easter, birthdays and many other doctrines that when researched can be traced back to pagan origins. So in order to find the true religion you would have to study the bible and all that it teaches accurately, for that I would highly recommend the New World Translation of The Holy Scriptures published by Jehovah’s Witnesses as this bible restores the name of God that is Yahweh, or Jehovah, to its rightful place in the bible, which originally was mentioned over 7,000 times in the ancient manuscripts. You would then have to compare all of the main believes of every religion to what the bible says for accuracy. Such believes as the trinity, hell fire, the human soul, and life after death. By comparing what the bible really teaches about those believes, than eliminating the religions that practices these believes, you would be able to drastically narrow the amount of religions left. then Matthew 7: 16 states you would recognize which is the true religion by the type of “fruits” that religion is producing. to help understand the basic teachings of the bible, i recommend the book “What does the bible REALLY teaches?” Or if you’re looking for insight on all sorts of different religions and their believes i recommend the book “Mankind’s search for God” both also published by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Comment by Ghazali
2010-06-05 00:52:47

God gave brains to use I think and search to find his’s god’s way that with all his messangers that he sent they brought with them books for mankind

I’m a Muslim but I have read all about the two other religion . And I found how clear is it for Islam to be a religion to complete the other two.

Usualy in this life what’s new got more truth . And that’s it all of the non understandable things on the bible are been corrected on the Quran witch is the book of the Islam . All those who been christinans and converted to Islam found that Islam is the final true religion to correct what man have changed in the other two…Ian willing to answer any question you need an answer for…and believe me it’s all starts with asking where is the true religion ..

Thank you

Comment by rusty
2011-04-23 19:28:08

if you are muslim , tell me if the your religion is true because people say prophet mohamed is a false prophet ,allah is false and islam is false , i thought it was righ t but now im a little bit confused

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