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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Once again, Dominica continues to be recognized for its attributes and responsible tourism efforts. It’s for these same reasons Dominica is recognized as the 2nd most “Pure Island,” in Islands Magazine’s April/May 2010 issue.

Out of the 10 islands honored for their natural beauty, Dominica was the only Caribbean island that was acknowledged.

Dominica’s rippling waterfalls, freshwater lakes, the world’s second largest boiling lake and thick rain-forests, give reason to why this island is known as “the Nature Island” of the Caribbean.

Islands Magazine ranked the top 10 islands based on the destination’s efforts to preserve culture and ecology with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national parks, sustainable opportunities for responsible travelers, and from their firsthand knowledge and experiences, along with Sustainable Travel International, local tour operators and Islands readers.

It’s clear that Dominica’s pristine environment continues to shine as “the Nature Island” of the Caribbean.

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Comment by Dan
2010-04-18 09:34:36

More great news! Thanks for finding it.

Comment by Ian R Clayton
2010-04-18 19:15:03

Well done Dominica! Up their on top of all special places even the Galapagos. Glad to see that the Carib Territory is also credited in the reasons for Dominica’s selection in number 2 spot.

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-04-18 20:35:00

Thanks to you Chris, for finding these news and passing it on to us. I hope that the majority of us will also find and receive this news with the conscience of wisdom and understanding.

Domininca could not be pure if her people did not aslo have the attitude and conducts of purity. May we continue to embrace that state of conscience as our Nature Island continue to reveal our hearts through her enchantments.

Comment by Terry Neal
2010-06-07 17:03:20

Hi there,

Wonderful news and well deserved I might add. Such a wonderful Island and the people are so friendly. How can it go wrong?

I saw this that might interest a few people. It’s a new Eco resort in Portsmouth.

Manicou River Eco Resort I am sure that they will keep up the excellent standards set by the Island itself. I know them and they love the island so much.

Terry Neal
Brighton, UK.

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-06-07 17:59:53

People of Dominica, I hope that you are reading or hearing about this great news of our homeland. And if you are, whether you are there or away, your comment is an important contribution. In the first place, I am sure that it is an encouragement to our writer Chris, who finds the news and passes it on to us.

Dominica has done what she has to do; that is, to demonstrate the natural beauty that is hers to world. So now you, her people, with the ability to reason, it is your responsibility to express the opinion of your hearts on behalf of your country, Dominica.

Dominica shows that she is a pure country, now her people must speak the pureness of her nature through the pureness of their heart.

While some Islands of the Caribbean are defaming the tourist industry there, through their stupid attitude and conducts, we need to make sure that Dominica remains steadfast with her virtue of beauty and purity, as we assure outsiders that regardless of what goes on around her, she will not be moved.

Let us give thanks to Almight God, for the blessedness of our beautiful Dominica.

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-06-07 18:26:11

Terry, you do not sound like you are from Dominica, as you said: ‘the people are so friendly.’ And if you are not, I take the privilege to thank you on behalf of the people of Dominica, for your comments, an encouraging invitation for outsiders to visit our lovely Dominica.

I live outside of Dominica myself–Toronto, Canada; don’t intend to stay away much longer, but I was there in 2008, after being away for 35 years. Dominica has grown in beauty and enchantment, to look like the Garden of Eden, as I imagine it to be, since God was its Gardener. So I know what you are talking about; I saw it with my own two eyes, and grasp it with all of my heart and soul.

Thank you again, for your word of encouragement.

Comment by Terry Neal
2010-06-10 10:49:27

As you guessed Elizabeth, I am from the United Kingdom.

I am gobsmacked at all your responses to my post. So positive.

I wish I was that passionate about the UK right now. It’s a very bad time economically (in the UK) right now. Still I can’t wait to be back to Dominica as soon as possible.

Terry Neal
Brighton, UK.

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-06-10 22:38:37

Terry, Dominica may not be much different from the United Kingdom, as far as economic crisis is concerned. The land is pure in nature, but the economy is affected by social and political conflicts just like other countries of the world.

But our people are a God fearing people, a down-to-earth attitude, that causes our homeland to glow through it natural beauty. In other words we are just as pure in heart as the land itself.

Having lived in Toronto, Canada, for 36 years, and comparing its environment with Dominica’s, I do not think I would have the passion I have for Dominica right now, if it was a country like Canada. And yet, Canada is one of the richest countries in the world.

I can understand why you do not have the passion for the Uk, which I have for Dominica. And I am glad that you are willing to choose her as your refuge from the noise of your own country, and the rest of this world. Try your best to keep peace within yourself, for it is the state of Life in you.

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